2010 Streamy Awards


As much as it pains me to even write about this show I attended last night, I feel I need to because I owe all of you who watched because I told you to an apology. I left this event feeling confused, embarrassed and a bunch of other emotions that I still have yet to put my finger on.

As a web content creator, this show last year was a huge step in the right direction for web video producers.. and now, sadly.. back to step one.

Now, if you didn’t watch the show and have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s probably for the better. The show started out just like any other awards show. It was funny and the host Paul Scheer did an amazing job working the crowd even when things turned disastrous. I’m going list style just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

? The host nominee skits felt like they were never ending. Not only were they way too long, but most of them weren’t very funny and made me feel a little uncomfortable.

? In addition to the longs skits which I think most people could have handled, there was so much unnecessary vulgarity and sexual references that I cringed knowing young kids, my mom and my grandmother were at home watching this trash. I have no problem with a few vulgar jokes, but they took it way too far. Just because you can swear a lot since this isn’t airing on TV, doesn’t mean you should.

? Technical difficulties happen. All of the nominee montages would play before the winner was announced but at one point the DVD player froze and we only saw half of an amazing video by the Fine Brothers. Shortly after, the DVD started back from the beginning showing clips we already saw of other nominees.

? Now the technical difficulties would have been fine but two dudes who couldn’t bare the awkwardness, decided to make it even MORE awkward and run up on stage completely naked. No, that wasn’t planned.

? Did I mention how vulgar it was????? There was a point in the show that I was like “Is this really happening?” I can’t even imagine how the brands and sponsors felt being a big part of the event. This is one of the biggest hurdles in online video is getting brands to trust the content they are advertising against. Now, they can’t even trust a show ABOUT online video!

Chris Hardwick in this video did a pretty good job summing up what the event was like. Also, no.. it was not planned that Rawn and Shay run up on stage like and makeout with them!

The last thing I’d like to say comes from a tweet by Buckhollywood “All of the technical problems were one thing but it seemed like the jokes were picking on the internet – not CELEBRATING what we do.” Honestly, last year was a celebration of great talent and great people and I have no idea what happened this year.

Thank you guys for always being so supportive of me and again, I’m sorry for those of you who watched it. I know a lot of people’s time and hard work went into this event and I can only hope that if they do this again next year, that it will be completely different.

On the upside, I did have a lot of fun hanging out with friends and fellow youtubers. :) Plus, we had a pretty awesome bus to the event there!

Congrats to all of the winners and Shane Dawson for best vlogger!

Please feel free to leave comments with your thoughts on the show! I look forward to reading them.

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  1. it was so funny i live in the UK so i was up till 4:30am watching, but it was okay there was boring bit but it was very messed up with the streakers and power cut or what ever happened then but i herd shaycarl scream when the brothers came on. iJustine i loved your dress!

  2. From what I heard and saw, it seems like they went for crude over funny and were even that successful. Even Felicia Day was apologizing for it on Twitter and she was only a nominee.

  3. Wow, Justine, that is so disappointing! I didn’t go to the event but I heard from people and saw in the twitter chatter that things went poorly – I had no idea how much the tone of the event was an actual embarrassment to online video.

    On the upside, you look smokin’ hot in the picture above, so I hope you had a good time all dolled up and rockin’ the event with your YouTube pals. ;)

    And Danny striking the GQ pose in the BG. Priceless. HAHA.

  4. The show was a train wreck. I can imagine this being the death of the Streamys. It was simply painful to watch. Maybe it will raise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

    Also: Very little of the show included Youtubers. Do these other shows actually get many viewers? I had never heard of most of them. I can’t imagine they get the millions of views that some Youtubers get every week. They did look professional and well produced, though.

    They were running their videos off of DVDs? A 12 year old with an iMac would have been more reliable. smh

  5. True Justine!
    I was watching this yesterday. So i was waiting for this all day.
    The show was really vulgar, and way too much talking about gays etc.
    I thought it was a joke or something..
    i am disapointed..

  6. Of the 10 minutes I watched, I was shocked. It was unorganized, people weren’t controlled.

    I am disappointed in Shay and Rawn, Shay especially he has freaking kids and he does that.
    Some YouTuber’s such as Buck, Shane Dawson, You (Justine), Philip DeFranco want to get respect from this industry but then you get people like Shay and Rawn oh go ahead and ruin it for everyone.

    I hope everything goes better next year, I am sure there were a tonne of other contributing factors but as I said I only watched the end 10 minutes.

    Oh and your hair looks awesome.

  7. Good for you, Justine! I have to constantly police my kids because the internet trashmongers can’t seem to control themselves. I’m all for free speech, but I also have huge respect for folks who can create clean humor without stooping to crude vulgarity just to get a laugh the easy way. Keep doin’ whatchoo doo! We love ya here in the San Diego suburbs.

  8. i was watching online and i couldnt agree more. every other minute the thing kept freezing or something, it was not very professional which upset me because people are going to hear about it and not even take it seriously at all. i stopped watching after the 2 streakers, or after the fine brothers i cant remember which one came last. but anyways, i’m with you on this Justine, it was a trainwreck. :|

  9. I didn’t get to see it as it was early in the morning and I had work today but from what I’ve heard it sounds really dissapointing, I really thought it was gonna be a normal fun awards show and hoped you’d win! Xxx

  10. I’ll try to be constructive (it’s hard to do on this, really).

    I started watching the red carpet portion at around 4:00pm PST via UStream on my office Mac Pro. This is has two 23 inch screens and it let me go on the guild chat (browser based), go on Ustream on a separate window and monitor, and still monitor twitter with Tweetdeck. After the break (more on that later), I moved to my living room where I have Apple TV with Boxee added to a 37inch TV. To compliment, I used twitter and guild chat on my Sony Viao 17??? laptop.

    The red carpet was generally quite good. I liked the format they used where they had two areas and would switch between them. I understand the branding, but thought it was a bit heavy at times, and I think the interview with the Kodak representative not needed as much. Ikea???s bed setting was significantly different than other awards shows, and it kept things a bit more interesting. So I think that banding mechanism was a plus.

    What I though could be improved is that they should have been able to stream some interviews from inside the theater as well. This would be for people that had entered before 4:00. Even if it showed them just sitting we would know people we wanted to see were around.

    I disliked the cutting off of the red carpet so early. This is why I think they should have permitted some inside interviewing. It would have permitted people to keep coming in while those arrived could be interviewed inside up to the start of the show.

    As to the show:

    For a positive slant: I think every one of the Nominated groups that arrived were prepared in some way or another. And all of them that were at the show did show that they do care about the Web and their shows. They do not take it lightly (nor do you). I may not agree with some of the picks, and I do worry that it is already starting to go to big money, however that was not a major issue.

    I think the Streamys did an excellent job trying to keep the streams going. I had hooked up Boxee and had one flaw, that made me exit and restart Boxee. When I reconnected, I found that the stream was about 2 minutes off from before. I found myself cheering seeing Felicia when other people in the chate room started doing groans. This was when Felicia lost in best writing. I then synchronized on the laptop with Ustream and things got better (but more cluttered). I do not blame the Streamys for this type of problem in general. I do understand these difficulties and they are massive. I am a System Architect so I know these are not small issues.

    I believe the streamy organization focused on the technical side and ignored the creative side. And I would say that whoever created the script for the show had not seen or been involved with many web shows.

    This is apparent because when you had the web performers themselves coming to the system, they did a great job. The Auto Tune segment was well thought out, carried an excellent message and was perfect for the event. And you have to cheer for Felicia???s speech going to all the Fan Girls who want to create their own show. It doesn???t pertain to me, but I understand why she said it and empathize totally with the message. You go girls!

    I worry that there was not enough creative thought given by either the first time presenters or the director of the event. Please note I have done awards show work in the past. I worked stage in the Hugo awards at three Worldcons: Philcon (audio), Balitcon (lighting) and Denvention III (varied backstage). I know how they should be scripted and the scripts need approval. It seems they asked some presenters to do things, and they were green light without review. The host did prove he knew what to do when the streakers ran on stage. It was the best comment he made for the night. It is sad when streakers actually help a show.

    Last what needs to be improved is stories that improve the process. The Streamys should promote web series. Not try to ding it. They could have had similar premise where they went out with ipads (or similar devices, even a zune) and showed people some of the episodes after they said they had never seen a Web series. Then asked them questions if they liked it.

    The only thing that made it worthwhile is that I did watch it with online friends in Chat. A collective rant is still collective. And we will continue to have stories about it. I did have to calm some of the people in private chat (or provide reassurances). There were some that were very upset.

  11. Hey Justine,
    I agree with all of your comments in this post. I feel that those in charge of the event simply didn’t have control over what was happening! It was just a shamble. Seriously though, why feel so upset about us viewers at home? You had no idea what was going to happen. Stress Less!
    Keep up the good work!

    Ps:I’m hanging out for a new iJ series!
    :) Carl

  12. I couldn’t believe when they had the porn guy come up on stage, it didn’t fit with the event and was disgusting. Also youtube is the centre and start if webseries etc, and seemed ignored for most of the night. Reading @buckhollywood’s tweets after the show almost made me cry.

  13. I think it just goes to show you that Shy Carl is not funny. In fact most of these presentations with these YouTube partners kinda prove how they are unfunny and lack entertainment value.

  14. I haven’t seen it but from what I hear it seems it was an unfortunate confirmation of stereotypes and the way critics view internet content. Vulgar seems the right word. Critics say that youtube content and it’s comments is nothing more than underbelly and gutter talk. This award show sadly seems to confirm that. Luckily a lot of people know better.

  15. You looked so pretty last night Justine. and although i didn’t watch all of it i did watch the last hour and a half or so. and i totally agree about the vulgarity. when i first started watching and heard all the swearing i was a little shocked.

    but on a side note it was nice seeing all you youtubers all dolled up.

  16. I personally thought the awards show started out slow. The jokes weren’t that bad or great. When they had the “fight” for who was going to hand out the awards I thought it was very cheesy.

    As for the technical errors. I totally understand that happens. When you have technology involved in something it is always pron to fail on you. It’s rule!! So there was nothing they could of done about they. The most they could do for next year is have a back up in case that happens again.

    As for the streakers.
    Well there isn’t much about that you can do. I do think afterwards though they should of had security on the ground around the stage. I like Rawn and Shay but after the streakers and the show already not going well they shouldn’t of done that!

    And the vulgar stuff!
    That was totally unnecessary. The jokes were dirty. And they weren’t even funny dirty. They were raunchy and inappropriate! I think they should of not had speeches that were dirty and gone over that before the show and if people started to go off cue they should of just played the music to end it and have someone walk them off stage.

    Overall it was falling apart and I feel bad for the people who worked so hard to put it together. A LOT goes into something like that. So overall I really don’t blame the people who were putting it on, more as the people who were in it. They allowed it to be dirty and followed the crowd. I think they have a lot of work and improvement they can do for next year and hopefully they learned a lot.

    So once again.
    The technical problems were the Streamy’s fail but stuff like that can happen. They should of had a back up though. The vulgar language and skits and stunts are the people who attended and should of behaved and realized this is an adult event. Yes you can be as dirty as you want on your webshow but you’re at a fancy dress place so act your age. But I am very proud of the people who continued on with the show and tried to make it work and weren’t vulgar at all!

  17. It was a show, I wouldn’t care to see again. You hit all the points, Justine.. I did laugh at some things, I was excited to see friends and people I’ve talked to on the Net, get on stage.. but over all it was a disappointment. Hat’s off to those that had to make the best of what they had to work with. I really hope next year they get some professionals to do the show.
    Celebrate… don’t hate… The Internetz. For ‘you are the Internet’ :) Thanks, for all you do Justine.

  18. Honestly I could get over the technical difficulties, but like you said it was extremely vulgar and that bothered me. People already don’t take internet content seriously and this award show just highlighted what people already assume.

    When Ian and Anthony from Smosh came out it really saved the show for me, because it showed how professional and pulled together people of YouTube are.

    Whenever anyone from YouTube was mentioned on screen you could hear in the audience (mostly Shay!) but all of you out there! No matter how unprofessional the Streamy’s were it doesn’t change my feelings toward web content (especially YouTube).

    You all put so much work into your well work, and I am so proud to be a part of this community!

  19. PLUS!
    You’re right iJustine the sponsers, like Ikea, I know probably aren’t happy they were part of it.

  20. @osiramon thank you for the great comment! I couldn’t agree with you more. I did have a lot of fun prior to the event but spent most of the time afterwards sick that I ever even tweeted anything telling people to watch it.

  21. I was very excited about the Streamy’s because most of my entertainment comes from youtube these days. I think it’s awesome that people have the chance to create their own content themselves and put it out there for people to enjoy. I only watched for about 45 minutes. All of the nerd and masturbation jokes got old very quick and honestly I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t watch last years Streamy’s but I heard how awesome it was. If online content is going to be taken seriously as viable marketplace then a certain amount of professionalism needs to be in place; and from the little bit I saw last night that isn’t what happened. Thank you Justine for your apology but it wasn’t necessary. You are always classy and funny. I just hope that whoever produced the show this year is learning from this lesson.

  22. Wow, why did they have to turn it into such a vulgar event? Why couldn’t it be classy? And after seeing what Shaycarl did on stage, I’m contemplating no longer watching anything he puts online.

  23. I watched almost the entire show and completely agree. Vulgarities aside, it’s unfortunate that the tone landed in a place where internet entertainment is not yet quite celebrated. Particularly sad???although I’m sure it’s true???was the clip where a comedian dished that appearing in a web series was akin to “jury duty”. It’s clear that entertainment is forging a new path. As with anything new, some people get it and some people don’t. I see nothing but opportunity for both advertisers and talent.

  24. I only started watching between whatever I missed of the Fine Bros up to whatshisname in underwear, when the feed froze. And I don’t know what I was sitting through, but the jokes were in bad taste. I can’t think of anything good of what I watched. This is my 1st time I’ve watched the Streamys, and if I were up there, I would have behaved way better than that. But in any case, it wasn’t that great.

  25. My internet connection isn’t the best but, I watched as much as I could. What I did see was a lot of bad jokes/skits, unnecessary swearing, and eventaully the people I wanted to see.

    I just started on youtube and yes I have used bad language in my videos. This does not mean I’m going to do that in every video and it definitely does not mean I want to hear it in other videos or at an awards show. I know this is the internet and not regular TV but come on, lets at least act like adults.

    This awards show was a wake up call for me. In my future videos I’m going to swear less and work on content. I know that no one really knows me on YouTube yet and by the time they do, I hope it’s good thoughts.

    Congrats to all the winners and Shane Dawson. He really is a great vlogger among other things on YouTube. I was hoping that Michael Buckley would win but oh well, he’s still great!!

    As Ray William Johnson would say, “Keep on Trollin”

  26. sucks it was so bad :/
    It really is so disappointing.
    I’d be so frustrated if I was there!! The web has so much potential and this disastrous show kinda gave web content creators a bad rep. It will all turn around though I’m sure.

  27. It was over the top with language and inappropriate events and i thought u should of won for best vlogger. Sorry that it was an uncomfortable event for you this year. You should manage it next year. :)

  28. Last year’s “Felicia Day” Awards was much better. The only good parts of the show were Micheal Buckley and the Fine Brothers video(what we saw of it). Then the speeches of Felicia Day and Shane Dawson. I agree with all of your points, not a good night for online video. Hopefully if they have a Streamy Award 2011 it comes out much better.

  29. I started to watch but it was such a joke. I thought it’d be more fun watching the grass grow in death valley.

    It was the most tasteless awards show ever. it goes to show how some people who get some publicity think they are above the rest and what they do doesn’t affect them.

  30. You summed it up really well! I was wondering how many young kids were watching this because youtubers thought it would be a great event! Yes, sexual jokes are funny, but it was taken wayyy to far. Most of the vulgarity was NOT funny unfortunately. I was confused throughout 90% of it with all the technical difficulties, at first I thought it was my computer haha. Im also sad that youtubers didn’t get more credit. I feel like it makes up a ton of the web videos out there, and like u said in ur clip with shane, it actually gets views! haha. ALSO, I wish yall wouldve been included in more categories :/. I was angry youtubers were only nominated in the vlogging category, besides Buck for best host (he def shouldve won!)I mean you guys do more than just vlog…u spend time editing and making hilarious parodies, comedy shows, etc. haha oh and yea i knew the shay and rawn bit was not planned haha it was funny since I actually know them. Im sure everyone else in the aud was just like oh well, another crazy thing at this show! :) thanks justine for ur thoughts

  31. I watched the first few hours of the streamys and i dont agree that all the vulgarity was in poor taste, some of it was the funniest part about the streamys unfortunately. But if i dont miss my guess, those skits may have been part of the Net Neutrality theme. I am pretty sure we have seen worse vulgarities in movies/news and it was really nothing new as far as humor. the Skits definitely Dragged on SOOOO long it was absurd, they seem predictable and unfunny to the point of uncomfortableness. i also couldnt help but think they invited youtubers there for Exposure more than praise, when you add the amount of subscribers sitting in the room represented by the youtuber, that was a pretty good number. i infact felt very much thought they treated the youtubers there like second class citizens. so many people were asking WHO are these shows getting awards when i think they thought it woulld be a more youtube friendly award show? I hope they consider making Buckley the host of the show next year and they plan things out better. you can dress a horse up to be a princess but the botom line, itz till a horse. :P

  32. Hello,Justine. I agree with all of your points. As a viewer, the audio was poorly mixed. This made the listening part less than pleasant. I do not know how it sounded htere in the venue.
    The skits ran long. Many were as you said, vulgar. Though this is to spotlight “internet” talent, over the air suitable content is best, so young viewers will not be offended.
    The DVD technical issues point more to a low quality player, or no one working as a dedicated video operator (with a back up machine).
    With any luck, who ever produces the next event, can look at this show, and make adjustments.

  33. I have to say that rawn, and shay ruined my viewing pleasure of seeing Lisa Nova…I have since stopped subscribing to the dummy and the ass…Acting or not…total jerks…Love u Just

  34. I came home from work in a pretty ticked off mood last night and posted this after reading Micheal Buckley’s review of the evening:
    @buckhollywood It is sad that the awards show was such a joke. I didn’t watch it cause I was at work, but from following @ijustine, @Lisa_Nova and you, I got the impression it was not worth it. We (and I use the term We loosely as I’m currently making my 4th video) are becoming a major component in the entertainment industry, and it saddens me that a ceremony that should be celebrating the acheivements of those who bust their asses to produce quality self produced media instead treats it as a vulgar and lude joke. That you, who I consider to be one of the kindest and hardest working people on the internet was treated so shamefully (that your husband was shoved aside when others walked with their wives is, in my opinion, flat out bigotry) infuriates, no let’s call it what it is, it pisses me off!!! You deserve so much better then whoever these cretans who threw the awards are. Your fans have your back, we know you’re the best, and we will continue to support all of your endeavors

  35. Very disappointing show. I am not surprised by the vulgarity. They are pandering to a younger crowd who thinks that type of behavior is funny. That is why you see so much of that thing on YouTube. Most of the Station video’s they just cuss because they can and it takes away from the humor.

    Shay’s behavior was very disappointing and he owes Lisa, Chris, and everyone else a huge apology. His behavior was juvinile at best.

    Its a shame class acts like IJ, Phil, and Buck to name a few have to be lumped in with the losers that were involved in this embarssment.

    Hopefully next year will be better, but I think it would be best to just avoid it.

  36. Justine,
    You are a class act, like anything new there will be growing pains, as long as we have Pioneers like yourself with standards, we will get through these silly shows..
    Thank You for your excellent insight.

  37. Justine, this sums of my feelings about that disastrous show. They had a huge opportunity. I was so excited for it, and I was let down. I can understand all the tech issues and everything, but the tasteless jokes and pointless vulgarity weren’t even lightly amusing, and that is something they could have done right and made everything worth it. It made internet content creators look like the laughingstock of entertainment.

    Congrats to everyone who won awards though. Hopefully the Streamys issue an apology and take drastic measures to make next year’s better. We don’t want this award to die so soon!


  38. The thing was a train wreck, unfortunately will happen with the whole thing being done by volunteers! They went overboard on the vulgarity! Glad a vlogger I know actually won, although I was personally hoping for ijustine or Phil, cause I follow them more closely. I was glad when shay and Rawn broke up the total blahs and crashed, and yeah it was planned at least a little, Lisa knew they were gonna do it, cause shay tweeted it.
    Hey guys! Spread the word? This is shay! We are gunna be on stage.! Rawn and I are going to make out with LisaNova when she goes on stage!
    So I don’t wanna hear that ‘it wasn’t planned again’!

  39. I’ll say I checked it out via your tweets and I was stunned at how poor this show was. Out of curiosity I looked up clips from last year on YouTube and it appeared to be much better.

    What is a shame is the YouTube / Internet / tech community is really full of some great creative thinkers and this event seemed to celebrate everything but that. The poor execution and overwhelming profanity simply overshadowed any positive message that may have been intended.

    The great thing Justine is you, and the rest of the YouTube community don’t need an awards show to push your medium forward. Keep doing what you’re doing and push yourself to get better and better and the things that are great about what you do will stand the test of time. This disaster of an awards show will be forgotten by next week.

    Zak :-)

  40. It was difficult to watch — not just for the content (and vulgarity) but the technical problems were inexcusable. So many missed cues, bad audio, camera coverage — and online, sections of the show “doubled over” which was maddening (like instant replay) and for what seemed like most of the show, muddled voices were constantly heard talking in the background.

    The worst “joke” will be, “This is about what you’d expect for the internet.” But from what people have made of the territory, this type of event should be a bar-setter. So many talented production people are bringing their wares to the internet — couldn’t any of them be involved in this production? You’re absolutely right about how this should reflect the BEST and not the worn-out public perception of the internet as a poor distant cousin to other types of media. Everyone interested in it should be working to step up the game at every turn, and sadly, this heavily promoted event (by all the participants looking forward to it!) just failed on so many levels. It should have helped things and, as you said, it only hurt things.

    I believe this is the territory worth some of the best attention. For the talk show I produced, I booked Marina Orlova alongside Tom Bergeron and Steve Wozniak, and later also had LisaNova as a guest. You and so many others are blazing a path here, where even large companies have failed to pick up on the zeitgeist. Last night should have been a proud moment for all of the people involved, and one befitting their growing stature — and they need the right support to help these little empires grow. Instead, it ended up being a bad reminder of the many obstacles that are still yet to be cracked… and that many thought already were.

  41. I only saw bits and pieces (European timezone.. was asleep, otherwise would have watched it), and I am pretty disappointed too :( It could have been a really funny and creative event, since most of the nominated people are, but from what I have seen it was very poorly executed. You really don’t have to apologize though Justine, you were nominated, you didn’t create the show or write some of the crap that was said.. and obviously didn’t know what it would turn out like! But I applaud you for speaking out on your blog about it! I hope they will learn from this years mistakes and make an awesome show next year.. and I hope you win next year too! =)

  42. it started at 2:30AM(europe) i watched till 3:30 and i haven’t seen anyone i know except WTB. they should put youtube before that crap

    bad english sorry i’m 14

  43. I watched the whole thing. I didn’t even know what the Streamy’s were until 3 or 4 days ago. And from what i saw yesterday i STILL don’t know what the Streamy’s are. I felt like the whole show was a joke. It was very raunchy, NOT funny, and the technical difficulties were too much. Watching it on Ustream, you could hear a background of voices and music that did not sound like they were a part of the show. Ustream would black out and the camerawork overall was horrid. I really only watched it to see what disaster was next and to hopefully catch my favorite Youtubers on there. Even i was embarrassed and i had nothing to do with it! I really hope that if there’s another one next year, that they invest in security and rehearsal time. I did enjoy the lame Ed Hardy Clothing boys, they were pretty funny. And although Shay and Rawn were hilarious when they rushed the stage i feel like they contributed in the wrong direction. Knowing them from Youtube you can understand where they’re coming from when they did that but for the people who didn’t it might have been a little awkward. So i’m going to stop now since i’ve already written alot. lol. (:

  44. I wasn’t able to watch the streamys because I was at work and now I’m glad I didn’t. Ha. But I did see a youtube video of Shay Carl and Rawn running up on stage and pretty much molesting poor Lisa Nova and Chris Hardwick. Now I know Shay, Rawn, and Lisa are all great friends and work together, but it was not amusing at all. It was completely unnecessary and gross. These were grown adults that were acting like 7th grade boys. I’m sorry you had to sit through all that, but can I just say you looked so beautiful! :)

  45. I was very disappointed. The Shay and Rawn bit would not be as bad had Lisa and Chris known about it and if they had toned it down a bit. Rawn should not have dropped his pants. The 2 streakers were way out of the line and the vulagarity of it all was not that great. Considering this is an award show honoring INTERNET shows and personalities, I was quite SURPRISED with how many technical difficulties arised during the program. Overall, I am disppointed. I was hoping it would help bring the internet community to the next step but as you put it, I think it’s back to square one. I really do hope that they do this again next year but I hope that it is a lot more organized and the orginization exerts a lot more control over the event. Sorry about not winning the award Justine, you looked wonderful and hopefully things go better next year.

  46. I was a little disappointed, however, it was still somewhat entertaining. I was shocked at how vulgar is was and especially the guy who talked about porn and the guy who interrupted Paul Scheer with inappropriate ad bits. I think that was even planned!! The guys naked on screen just was way too much and then Shay and Rawn attacked Lisa. I’m kind of upset that they would act so unprofessional and I think they honestly made this award show seem like a joke.

    It is a great new medium and work, but if people who make these web series and videos don’t respect it, then how do they expect the viewers to?

    It was a mess. I’m sorry that you feel so ashamed Justine. Just remember that it wasn’t your fault and you were probably one of the more mature people in there.

  47. After looking forward to watching this show for weeks… after so much hype from all my favorite UTubers, (Michael Buckly-WhatTheBuck, Shay Carl, IJustine, Shane Dawson, WillofDC, MGM, DaveDays, KassemG, Lisa Nova, sxephil, and many more).. I too was extremely disappointed. The show itself as a production looked so amateurish, so second class, so badly produced, so poorly managed and scripted that it was actually embarrassing and PAINFUL to watch. After 2 1/2 hours I couldn’t take it anymore and turned it off. I’d figured that the digital internet community would have taken strides to be accepted as a mainstream media. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case Sunday night. It certainly didn’t portray to me at least that these hard working and dedicated people deserve the respect and affirmation that they deserved. It was a poor attempt to say the least. At points I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated that it was not more of a celebration rather than what it turned out to be. A vulgar, juvenile, unenterprising, mockery of your achievements. Case in point, when the 10 Craft winners were brought out for their recognition, no one bothered to even mention their names. This COULD have been more than what it was. An opportunity wasted all around. Nonetheless, congrats to all the winners, and Justine, you looked even lovelier than ever in your pink dress. Congrats to Shane as well. At least he showed a little class during his acceptance speech. The producers of this fiasco should take note.

  48. I had never heard of most of those shows either. Extremely disappointed at the crudeness and vulgarity that started from the beginning of the show. I was making some food so I was in and out but for the most part what I saw shocked and disappointed me and I am glad I turned it off before those guys ran out naked. What a disappointment! I’m glad I didnt tell my friends to watch. Ugh. Extremely disappointed. Plus the stream online had double speak sometimes and delays and a couple times I just got a black screen with words but no picture.

  49. Sorry it was a bum night! Good friends are hard to come by and I am so glad that you have great ones! Its sad that people sometimes don’t know when to quit and what “too far” is. I hope it goes better next year!

  50. Justine, good for you. It’s nice to see some people have standards nowadays. I was completely shocked seeing the likes of shaycarl join in. I know nowadays it’s considered normal (unfortunately) to swear, but thank you justine for keeping your videos clean!!! you’re the only DECENT video blogger around with a genuine entertainment factor! And by the way, you looked gorgeous!

  51. I would describe the show as a vortex death spiral. 9 minutes after the show started the twitter feed Streamys had going next to the player was chalk full of #streamysfail tweets, and it got worst from there.
    I would even say the YTer’s saved the night..started seeing alot of tweets in the stream saying #YOUTUBEAWARDS You were great on the pre-show!
    If we want to know why the show was the way it was, go right to the people at the top of the chain, line ‘em up and you’ll have a pretty good idea.
    The streamys should feel privileged if they get a sponsor from “The Lucky Tug” massage parlor next year.

  52. The Porn Industry’s AVN Awards have more tact, class, and professionalism than that embarrassment of a show. I’m sure the sponsors are simply ecstatic that the producers allowed the Streamys to represent the community as nothing more than vulgar, infantile amateurs – exactly what “Hollywood” believes they are. Pathetic.

  53. I started watching because of the buzz from iJustine… I CONTINUED to watch for the same reason you stare at a car wreck. Just so horrific. Or maybe simply laughable. I’ve seen better technical and comedy work from 16 year olds in high school.

    The quality of this award show does a true disservice to web content. Ironic.

  54. I live in Estonia and i had to wake up at 2am to watch it..i really don’t think it was worth it(that i didn’t get any sleep tonight ) ..and i had school today..so it kinda sucked..but i at least saw how Shane won the award(sorry that you didn’t win !)…anyways..if they’re gonna do it next year i really do hope that it’s gonna be better !:D

  55. Wow. I’m definitely glad I did NOT watch the awards. No one should have to watch that although I’m sure there were a few who got a kick out of it but no one should have to see anyone run up on stage completely naked. I’m glad you had the courage to stay there even if it DID make you uncomfortable.

  56. I appreciate your candor Justine. I have always enjoyed your internet conduct and morality. (Im sorry..just up front..Im a horrible speller) I think Shay probably wanted to add to the funny aspect, but as usual Rawn took it a little too far in that clip above. I personally am not a fan of PDF or Shane Dawson, as their content is usually vulgar anyway and I dont expect different from them. Shaytards have changed over the past few months and where that disapoints me, I am still a fan of them because I think their hearts are in the right place, just like you, Justine. Keep doing what you are doing and one day you will recieve the appreciation you deserve!

  57. I also was discussed by the vulgarity and sexual references constantly thrown at me. I was lucky I missed most of it and only watched until I found out who won the Vlog Award (Wrong person of course) I know you aren’t blogging becuse of not winning, and you are not alone, Twitter was about 95% what is going on, and the other 5% perverts were laughing at the FAIL of the technical issues.. I mean I can understand the Technical issues. After all that is to be expected with only a 2nd year award show.

    Some will argue that this is fht Internet and FREE Speach Reigns, but this is an AWARD show let us show some professionalism, the people who win these awards take them seriously, they are not a JOKE, so Do not make the Award show a JOKE!

    At least respect the people getting the awards.

    I not only felt sorry for those that made fools of them self on stage, (I was also shocked by Shay’s participation, however he was just trying to fit in and play along.) But Kodak who sponsered this, Will Kodak want to put money up for this again? WOW….

    To me this was not an Award show to show the hard work that people like you do for the world, but a Joke show of rude people that want to prented they are funny by spouting perverted stuff in hopes a cheap laugh.

    A True Comedian does not have to result to vulgarity a perverse language to get a laugh…

    And after watching the Streamy Awards for the short time, there appears to be very few of them at the award show.

    Sorry Streamy Awards, I give you a F minus. Please clean it up and keep it professional, the people getting the awards deserve it, they are not a JOKE and deserve some respect.

    I say Congrats to the winners, because the only loser was the Streamy Awards them self…

    Note: you know it was bad when David Faustino was supposed to be saying lines, but even he knew, This has gone too far we need to pull in the reigns. (And for him to say it was too far you know it was bad.)

    And Justine you did look really nice…
    keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

  58. The show sucked, pure and simple…I won’t bother watching it every again. That includes Shay who’s video’s aren’t worth the time it takes to watch anyway…he’s off my subscription list too!

  59. I saw one minute of the pre-show or something online then I had to go to bed to sleep =D

    Good thing I missed it I guess ;) … But I did see this video just yet:


    It’s probably the best part of the whole show, and you smoking hot ! ;) :) =D

    Even madonna doesn’t look that hot in a pink dress ! =D <- True story check here:


    You a bit cocky during the interview and have a very big (fake?or true?) smile on your face but it’s very much fun to watch… it’s clear that you were very excited about it and probably looking forward to it… to bad, sigh, that it sucked so bad, for you, and the rest of the hopefull youtubers ! ;)

    I guess youtubers/viewers will now have more appreciation for shows like mtv-awards, or maybe mtv sabotaged it ? who knows… ;) :)

  60. I didn’t have any issue with the technical difficulties. I had an issue with the vulgar language and references. Also pop-up Adam and the streakers if it was planned.

    I suppose I could choose not to watch, which I did after Chad’s award.

    You were lovely. :)

  61. I can’t believe we all wore our best denim outfits to the Streamys last night, only to be met with that kind of filth! The nerve of some people!

  62. I watched the first 30 minutes and I couldn’t watch anymore. It was just as everyone else here has said. I didn’t even see the part where Shaw and Rawn ran up on stage till I saw it linked above and I was very surprised and sort of let down that Shay did that. I had high hopes for this show and was left feeling strange even after the 30 minutes…cuz I have been keeping up on it all on Twitter. Anyway, YOU ROCK Justine! Keep the good stuff coming!

  63. I agree with you. This was my first time watching. I didnt even know what the streamy awards where. The only reason why i watched and found out about it was because of your tweets and shaycarls. I will watch next year only if you guys post up to watch it again.

  64. Not much too add, since you summed it up pretty well. I sat there at 5am German time and thought “….” The forced vulgarity was, what ticked me off the most.
    Also for me it brought up the question, how a show supposed to pay tribute to innovation could be so NOT innovative. Why don’t the Streamys have their own face or identity? Why did it have to be a cheap rip-off of every other boring award show? I don’t care for beautiful locations and evening gowns! Where was, what we love so much about the internet – i.e. interactivity, cutting edge technologies, fast content and the community? Instead it was like the media club trying to pull off an award show for school festival to prove that the are not just nerds – with spectacular failure, that is.

  65. U give people the open freedom and they run way too far with it. What a shame! There are outlets that any of us can go to for that vulgarity and obscenity, but NONE of the people tuning in were looking for that! I listen to the Opie & Anthony show on XM radio and love stuff that people might find offensive. But I’m fully aware of what I’m gonna hear. People watching those awards weren’t prepared for that, which only makes it worse.
    I must say though, JUSTINE, YOU LOOKED STUNNING :-)

  66. I watched because I know one of the Fine Brothers and wanted to see their nominee video (last years was great) and bc I’ve seen videos that you, Shawn and Felicia do and it’s great work! The video malfunctions and streakers were unfortunate, but I completely agree that they shield seriously reconsider the tone of the show next year. Not all or even most web content is raunchy, and it gives web content a bad rap. Even if it was like that, it’s still not what an awards show celebrating the content should be about! A few dirty jokes are one thing but it was flat out embarrassing. I feel bad because it seems like part of it stemmed from nervousness over the extreme technical difficulties, but it was really out of line.

    Congrats on your nom anyway Justine! Here’s hoping next year is better :)

  67. Total Internet Video Abortion would be the words id use to describe this mess. Good God, it was an absolute embarassment to both the industry as a whole and a disservice to the good people who had to put up with this crap. Hardwick said what needed to be said and did it right. I have a feeling the “Streamys” wont be back in their current form next year and hopefully will actually allow “real” viewers choice in nominations and winners, not a bunch of canned nomination board.

    Lastly, I know your friends with both shay/rawn, but that stunt was a epic fail and totally classless on both their parts, they should both be ashamed of themselves, especially shay. He should issue a statement concerning his behavior, as he’ll lose subs over if he doesnt.

  68. I totally agree with you iJustine. Luckily, since I live in the UK, I wasn’t up when the Streamys actually took place. If I couldn’t bear to watch even 31 seconds of the video you embedded, I am not sure if there would be anyway of me being able to put up with the vulgarity that was displayed. This just emphasises the bad name and stereotype that the internet has given; people doing ANYTHING to get attention, hiding behind usernames and thinking that just because it is easier for people to choose to watch it than mainstream TV, it is acceptable to be vulgar and disgusting! This was meant to be an AWARDS SHOW: you do not see big name stars at the Oscars or Grammys acting like this. So finally, I totally agree where you are coming from and also share your idea that the internet IS a new form of media, and although “free”, people should still leave themselves with SOME dignity.

    PS, not even the picture you attached could be kept clean. There was POLE DANCING for goodness sakes! Sometimes, I feel ashamed in myself to even grant these people views on their YouTube videos. You, however, I would always have the pleasure of “upping” your view counter

  69. good write-up, Justine. a couple funny moments last night, but overall web series and online video deserve more respect than what they got last night. a little self-deprecating humor is ok in my opinion, but last night was belittling and embarrassing. hope they get it better next year

  70. Justine –

    I already told you my thoughts at the after party last night. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head here and I’m going to do what I can to make sure that the IAWTV / Streamy Organizers see this. I feel embarrassed and no longer wish to join the Academy or be nominated for a Streamy if things do not change. Guess I should look into the Webby awards and see if those are higher calibur.

    [ Aaron Matthew Kaiser ]

  71. The awards “show” was terrible. This was the first year I had heard about it and was looking forward to watching. I keep staring at the screen in disbelief. It reminded me of a show that drunken frat boys would put on…only worse. I am still stunned at just how awful the whole production was. I’m sorry they disappointed you and a lot of other great talent.

  72. Very good points, Justine. I’m glad someone who was actually there did a review such as this. No need to apologize, either. Sure you suggested others to watch, but you would have no idea that the show would have been executed the way it was. I swear a lot. I don’t think swear words are really truly a bad thing. BUT I think with a ceremony such as this, it wasn’t appropriate at all. The sponsors right now are probably either crying themselves to sleep or punching a few innocent puppies, and I can see why.

    I crazy respect you for keeping your videos clean, I smile a WHOLE lot when I watch them. Please don’t take that creepy either, haha. You looked crazy awesome last night.

    Basically, this thing was an unhot mess. It was just a pile of garbage. I did make a video about it, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aky1lGQMteM

    Please watch? Thanks if you do ;)

  73. Justine, I really appreciate you writing this, someone has to speak about what atrocities were done at this vulgar-filled show that does nothing to celebrate what the internet is. It was a pain to watch from the beginning without knowing any of the people aside from the YouTubers, but I felt even more annoyed about all the technical difficulties especially with the sound, I didn’t know when the high-pitch was going to go out of control. The preparations were a mess, and it seemed to me that no one was prepared, as good as it looked online and with the promotions.

    As much of a disappointment as this was, I stayed to watch the people I wanted to see — the YouTubers, although I did not expect such acts from Shay and Rawn! Anyhow, I am also kind of sad, as much as I love Shane, that you didn’t get best Vlogger. Shane is amazing and popular, but when it comes to vlogging you are the queen of it all — I have a feeling Shane only won because of a popular vote, but don’t worry, you are still the best vlogger in my book. :)

  74. I was really bothered by two things: the vulgar comments, and the lack of youtube! It seemed as though they ignored the youtubers, honestly. It was like, yeah, sure, they were all there but only a few were even nominated and only one won. That really bothered me, because youtube is a huge reason for the new social media type thing going on nowadays. I didn’t understand the vlogging category at all – there should have been two separate categories for skits/videos and vlogging, because those who were in the vlogging category weren’t even vloggers, or if they WERE, they showed clips from their main channels which feature their skits and such. I was sincerely surprised and somewhat hurt that SHay wasn’t included in best vlogger because I believe he truly is the best vlogger on youtube. Phil, Justine, Olga, (I think Shane vlogs), Charles Trippy, they’re all vloggers, and they all do regular fun videos too. Definiteyl should have had different categories.

    Oh, and one more thing: the dead pets sequence. They definitely showed Cory (smpfilms) cat Sparta aka Mean Kitty as dead, and used a weird name for him. That was upsetting and I know Cory and his wife Stephanie were upset about that as well.

  75. It wasn’t your fault, iJustine. Just put it out of your mind.
    The Vulgar ones, including @Shaycarl made complete asses of themselves.
    Maybe next year everyone will be sober. Who knows?
    To me, you are a class act.
    YOU are the true winner.

  76. Justine, as horrific as this experience was, you shouldn’t apologize for what happened. I mean, the reason that you wanted people to watch wasn’t because you were expecting to be plastered in dirty jokes and crude behavior. Yes, I am sure that many people are disappointed and perhaps felt that they wasted their time. But it isn’t your fault at all. When I first saw you on youtube, I saw one video and immediately subscribed. You’re always classy and modest. I respect you a ton and your fans will not hold it against you that you asked them to watch what you assumed would be a light-hearted, fun event.

    The technical difficulties were unfortunate and rather annoying at times but it’s not nearly as bad as what was going on through the other parts of the awards.

    As for what happened with Shay and Rawn… words escape me. I cannot believe that a married father would have the nerve to commit such an immature act. It is rather embarrassing and I cannot imagine how that felt for Lisa Nova.

    However, that said, all that we can do is hope for better things in the future hopefully some people will grow up or be excluded from these sorts of events.

    You’re awesome and you looked extra beautiful at the awards. =)

  77. Umm… I understand what you’re saying and everything, but I kind of loved it. Other award shows always seem so over- rehearsed and It was nice to get a break from that. Overall I think it was really funny, and I’m sorry if it offended you, but I’m glad I watched it.

  78. Oh my, it was terrible! The skits were nasty, the “Pop Up Dan” thing was dragged out too long, so was the “kiss me, kiss me” skit. The only part I found genuinely funny was the two guys that kept saying “very cool, very very cool!”

  79. @Bib Easy

    The Youtubers were the only good Part of the Show without them nobody would have watched this crap.

    Shaycarl and Rawn were funny, they didnt take this bullshit serious anymore. Ryan and David Henrie did a good Job presenting and AutotunetheNews was amazing.

    We need Youtube Awards!

  80. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the show, but it sounds like it was very wrongly managed, which I find weird. I can only assume a lot of people and a lot of work hours were involved in planning this event, so how come nobody stepped in? Vulgar jokes are fun, as long as the emphasis lies on the joke part, not the vulgarity.
    I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time at the Streamys and I think it would only be appropriate of them to make a public apology.
    Let’s just hope that YouTube’s and your name didn’t get that big a blow and that everyone’s vlogs and videos will still be surrounded by positivity. =)


  81. The event was really disturbing and way to vulgar and it also made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed knowing that companies have finally started to take some seriousness in online video and this makes it look terrible. Shay and Rawn are awesome and they made the event 10x better! But it was gross and a train wreck. While I am happy that Shane won I would have not wanted to win after all that stuff because it would make me look like I am a part of it and that I’m one of the weird people (even though Shane isn’t).
    Those are a tidbit of my thoughts.

  82. Sadly iJ you are 100% correct! A show that could advance webcasting instead shoved it back into the niche of a bunch of juveniles sitting in their basements playing with their computers. How do you not take precautions to NOT have technical problems on a web tech show? Why do you toss out any sense of good taste just because you can? How sad that your poor family and the families of other nominees had to be subjected to such crap! The show was a true waste of time and to add insult to injury, how do you not win? Who votes on these awards?

  83. You know what is an all too common phrase on YouTube these days?

    “That’s _:__ of my life I will never get back.”

    In this case, that clip was 2:52 of my life I’ll never get back. I understand now what you mean Justine. ShayCarl usually acts goofy, but the makeout session with Lisa Bimbo Nova was just tacky. Not funny, just tacky. I guess Katilette knows it was all for show, but I hope to God their kids weren’t watching. Especially the little girl Tards.

    That, Hardwick’s profanity and all the other stuff I’m glad you didn’t show iJ, means I’m very glad i didn’t watch that show. Plus, I’ll go out here and get flamed for this, but I think Shane Dawson is overrated. There’s just way too much trashy crap on YouTube anymore. I was there a few minutes b4 coming here and was frustrated cause once again I was refreshing the home page several times trying to find something new worth watching and it was mostly all waste of time crap! All that, plus YT’s crappy new layout is turning me off more every day. Before long I won’t be watching it anymore. Goodbye ShayTards, PhillyD, and others.

    I’m tired of Kassem G’s fixation on pornstars, Lisa Nova’s airhead bimbo act, HotForWords posting a new slut act every day, etc. I’ve quit watching them already. It’s getting very old & tiresome. Just like those skits in the show last night you were referring to iJ. Apparently the people who wrote & performed them didn’t know when to end those stupid skits. And too many on YT don’t know when to stop either.

    Most everyone involved last night only made the Net look bad instead of good. Especially YouTube. Several million channels and mostly nothing on. I am sorry your family watched that Justine. I’m glad I didn’t.

  84. Hi iJustine,

    I did watch the whole thing and might blog about it myself. There is no need for YOU to be sorry. I agree, Jokes were too hard and too long. too Vulgar. I think Youtubers need to distance themselves away from the Streamys. I know YouTube had some kind of awards in the past but online. There needs to be some kind of vLoging/YouTubin Awards. It seemed like the Streamys were focused on shows that were online only and were pretty much shows that did not make it to TV. There has to be some kind of research of what “Awards” would be best for YouTuber. The “YouTubies”?? But stay away from the Commercial channels & the Channels that already have other sites like “FunnyorDie” & “CollegeHumor”. TRue YouTubers.

    PLUS there was no Puppet/SockPuppt Category. lol Besides that, My goal is to make whatever Awards are next year. This SockPuppet is going to kick butt and I started from the beginning of this year.

    I’ve already written too much so,
    Keep on YouTubin!


  85. Glad I didn’t see it……stuff like that doesn’t do much for me at it’s best……At it’s worst, it makes me go away and not come back…..Take it with a grain of salt, stuff like that show tends to implode and eat itself away from the inside. Just don’t get too close or you’ll get hit with the fallout. When hosts of a show have to resort to such over-the-top vulgarity and screaming, it shows their complete lack of talent and originality….it also shows their insecurity and vulnarability…..That being said, you need to be ready to move through the galaxy at warp 8…….something big is coming your way and you’ll leave all of this behind you in a trail of ozone……In The Wink Of An Eye.

  86. I have enjoyed watching my favorite youtubers for years now and too see something like this happen is really really disrespectful to the audience. I feel like all you youtubers were invited as the butt of the party. Seriously, non stop bashing hidden with laughs.. they seriously need to reevaluate this entire award shows or no one is going to be a) watching or b) showing up. It would be just a bunch of douchers sitting in a giant venue alone.

  87. I was really excited about this event! But I sadly have to agree with you, a quarter of the way through I could not wait for it to be over. Honestly The only reason I kept watching was to see some vloggers, which sadly was not till close to the end! I felt bad for the people that had to be part of it, because it doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment although alot of work was put into it which I respect. I am sorry you had to be there!!

  88. Dont worry Justine, you couldn’t have known. I’m from Sweden, so the Red Carpet began at 1am. I quickly realized everything you have written about, so I left pretty soon, about 3.30am, only like 4 awards in or so. The bad thing was that I had to go up for school at 7am. It’s not your fault, not any of all the people who really put content on the internet’s fault.
    It was so obvious that all these people from tv ruined it. They just make a show and have someone put it on the internet because they will never make it on tv. They dont understand.
    Next year the youtube community should have it’s own awards, run by some of you guys. I’m pretty sure everyone from youtube would want a paper where it says they won, rather than putting up with all these people who dont know anything about what you really do.

  89. Why would kids watch this? Basically most of your “friends” on the station use vulgarity, sex and violence in a lot of their videos. You are suddenly taking a stand. Don’t you condone it by going on the show?

  90. I watched it online, it was pretty shocking. I mean, a guy in underwear, two naked dudes (I didn’t see that, since it froze), etc. Also, it kept freezing, or going black, so I had to restart the page. It was really annoying, and I was getting really mad about it. Yeah, only the second year, but still, they should have all these technical things figured out. I’m a HUGE Shaytards fan, but I was pretty pissed when Shay and Rawn went up and made out with Lisa. Shay has kids, and he’s married. How is Katilette feeling about this? And he said he will make out with Lisa when she goes up there on twitter, using KATILETTE’S TWITTER! Oh my god. I got so mad. What if their kids are watching back at home? Aren’t they gonna question Shay kissing Lisa? The jokes sucked, it was a really unplanned and unpredictable show. I’m really disappointed, they should give consideration to a much better show, especially since all these Youtubers and such worked so hard. But all this hard work the nominees have put forth, just so see a shocking and disappointing show? It was not worth it, they could have done much better. I hope that next year (if there will even be a next year for the Streamys) they will reach a great improvement, really.

  91. @igebadia I can’t control what my friends post but they all know that I won’t put those types of things in my videos. I went to the show because I went last year and it was the complete opposite of this one.

  92. i unfortunately wasted a few hours of my life watching it. i was disappointed that there wasn’t more youtube stuff just internet shows. it was soooo lame and not funny and gross and epic train wreck. i got so made because the minute i decided id had enough right when i clicked i saw something about ijustine ahhhh and it was gone. the one decent reason to watch i missed. sigh..

    but i tell you what ijustine i respect you very much for taking the time to apologize for it. i watched with rhettandlink fans we were all offended because we are used to family friendly programming.

  93. All I’ve seen of it is the YouTube clip in your entry here. If that was truly representative of the entire lame affair, all I have to say is it reeks of FAIL. I don’t think I know of anyone who would want to take part in that, audience or otherwise. I have no idea who any of those people are, what the awards are about, or who they went to, and thanks to this exposure I probably never will. And I’m grateful for that.

  94. I didn’t watch it, but I wish I did because everyones talking about like it was such a trainwreck! From what I heard, it sounds like the event organizers had little to no respect for all web content providers out there, which most of them have double the viewers a top tv show would have, so I dont understand why they wouldn’t go all out for you guys and give you all the professional award show you deserve.

    but I really just wanted to comment and tell you how BEAUTIFUL your dress was and how GORGEOUS you looked! looks like you had a team of 10 stylists working on you! lol

  95. Train-wreck would be kind. It was the worst awards show ever. A disorganized mess with bad sound, bad camera work, bad video presentations, bad directing. The frat-house over-reliance on vulgarity was one thing but considering “new media” people always whine about “old media,” all this show proved is that you people are the amateur hour slush pile that is not ready for prime-time and not good enough for old (read professional) media.

  96. I was pretty shock at some of the jokes and words that was used last night at the award, I am pretty sure it could it been better with a little better management, we can only hope that the next year’s will be a success event for people of all ages to watch, even tho it went down like it did, there were people there, that made the transition worthwhile watching and that includes you my Justine ;) ! xoxo

  97. I agree with you Justine. This award show made fun of the online community. I am big fans of Shay and Rawn but what they did was totally wrong. They took it too far only adding to the horrible lack of respect for the incredibly talented online community.

  98. Your absolutely correct Justine. Unfortunately, I happened to be one of the people to actually watch this entire event and after reading this I am starting to think that I might need to blog about it. I stayed up till about 11:40 watching it and soon regretted ever even turning it on. You really did have some great points about the awards. The host skits were WAY longer than they had to be and some of them weren’t even funny. I feel bad for the people that had to watch some of these, including you, because it seems like they would have been so uncomfortable to sit through. And I was so shocked at how vulgar the awards were. I mean like you said, a few jokes are ok here and there, but they were just taking it to the edge. It made me feel weird just watching them from my house and I cannot imagine what it was like for all of the people seeing it live. I can only hope that when they do this next year that it drastically changes from what I just saw last night. It was sadly, a step back for this new media. Also, theres no need to apologize as you as well as everyone else has no idea how bad of a train wreck this show was going to be. Just a little of my thoughts. Well, keep on youtubin justine!

  99. First and foremost, I did not see the show, by the time the part I wanted to see was on I was too tired to watch, also, the iPhone app for the streamys didn’t work well, when it started, the iPhone app didn’t realise and said to check back at 5:20 PST, which I did, and it still said that. Also I realise that it may have been bad for Shay and Rawn to do what they did but I think they might have been adding some humour to an otherwise crap (by the sounds if it) for a lack of a better word, show. I think there needs to be an award show JUST for YouTube, as that’s the only reason I wanted to watch it, and I kind of got the impression that it was just about user generated content from YouTube, as that’s how it was advertised, in my opinion. I don’t blame shay and rawn for what they did, sure, it may have been wrong, but so was the whole night from what everyone else is saying. Where I am, the UK, I would have had to wait until gone 4AM just to see people who I have heard of loose to much more popular people, on the exception of Shane Dawson. I didn’t watch it last year either but from the comparisons, that show was a LOT better and MORE organised. I accept, like many, that the show is still young, but if they still have spnsors for next year, the show will be either much better but with hardly anyone turning up because this year was a big failure, or the show will be just as bad as this year but with more people there… They have preety much destroyed their name. As Michael Buckley said, he felt ashamed to fly him and his husband out 3000 or so miles to see show, with so much potential, to end up to be a huge embarassment. And also what you said, we all feel bad for advertising it, especially as you have such a large child audience and they are subject to vulgur jokes with sexual themes, and also to your parents who you knew would be watching you, as the naturally do, because you were nominated for an award in what you do best.

    Rant over! On a brighter note, congratulations to Shane Dawson and Justine, you have nothing to appologize for, they are the ones who need to appologize, but aleast you had a good time with your fellow youtubers.

    And everyone, stop hating on Shay and Rawn, they probably wanted to add some minor entertainment the show, by the sounds of it they were fairly clean compared to the jokes being made…

  100. i watched the streamy’s awards show mainly for the youtubers. i hadn’t ever heard of the streamy’s before so i was excited to watch, i did not know what to expect. the technical difficulties began at the red carpet live show on ustream.tv when the show began i instantly regretted even watching. the jokes where too vulgar i was watching with my nephew and i had to make him leave my room, i don’t think i will be watching the streamy’s next year if there is one, i mean it was kind of a train wreck.

  101. It’s clear that quality was thrown away and vulgarity was mistaken for comedy. There were plenty of people (including you) that were too good to appear at that amateurish crapshoot. The people who were behind the “organizing” of the Streamys should not even be let near the future of online media…I’ve seen better production quality on community access television.

  102. I was also really dissappointed by the Streamys, and the fact that it really didn’t celebrate new media at all, but rather made all of us look like idiots or people who can’t behave.

    I have a lot of respect and admiration for what you and other YouTubers do. (Charles Trippy, Alli, Phillip DeFranco, etc.) I feel that the Streamys kinda gave you all a bad name, and was way too inappropriate, not funny, vulgar, and boring. I would be much happier with a YouTube only awards.

    So congrats for the nomination, since you deserved to be recognized for the countless hours of work and editing. Here is to hoping the Streamys are a
    much better representation of new media than the trash they produced this year.

    Thanks for all you do.

  103. Where to start…

    I watched the entire event sadly. I was only watching it to see what the Youtubers won and there was only 5 minutes of Youtubers. Who where these other people. Youtube needs to have it’s own awards. The vulgar was reeeedddiiiccclllooouuusss. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for that kind of stuff, but to much of it is dumb. Shay making out with Lisa was funny so I find that ok lol. To finish up, I will be surprised if these people get sponsors every again. Congrats Shane Dawson.

  104. I tuned in about the time Shaycarl started making out with Lisanova… and after 30 seconds of the show…I knew You would never stand for something like that because you are a remarkable smart lady! I respect you a lot. I am so proud you wrote this blog and stood up for your morals! ..aside from the awards show now honoring you. I would love to honor you by saying…I think you are a fantastic person and I really enjoy your vlogs and tech related stuff.Have you talked to shay after the awards ?.If you have time I would love to know your reply.

  105. If would be as if I( a black man) were to get on a bus, then be told to sit in the back of it, and did it with a smile. Honestly after watching what I did, I wanted to distance myself from the web content creators community. Prayfully we can bounce back from this travesty of award show

  106. I kinda like how the bus ride becomes one of the best things about this event for you :P that alone say a lot about the general experience. I watched a bit of it, from 15 minutes before the two naked guys had to run on the stage and distract everyone from technical issues… then I kinda just went to bed after that…

  107. It was even worse watching on ustream. They had audio problems you couldnt even hear them half of the time. They had a mic on backstage so we could hear all this chatter in the background. The whole show was sex jokes and naked men. I just thought it was funny that we couldnt curse in the chat room but there could be naked men running on the screen.

  108. The Streamy Awards broadcast was an unmitigated trainwreck. Extremely masturbatory in nature and vulgar. For an industry that wants to be taken seriously, it just shot itself in the foot.

    But, then last year’s Streamys were more about independent content and DIY vanguardism. This year’s Streamys seemed to be all about starf**king and lip service. It’s amazing that it only took a year for them to sell out. Sad, really.

    I bet it would’ve been a more reverent, classy occasion had it honored the independent spirit of web TV. Those people would’ve been grateful to have their achievements recognized. Instead, you got spoiled brats pissing in the pool.

  109. I started watching on streamys.org — the stream was constantly messing up and repeating bits I’d already seen. I gave up and downloaded the app and started watching it on my iPod — it worked a little better there but it was uncomfortable and the quality wasn’t the best. I then went to ustream to see if it was being streamed over there, thankfully it was, and was the best out of the other two streams. Also, I’d think you’d agree here Justine when I say Leo Laporte does a better job of hosting his podcasts whilst switching cameras and manipulating skype interviews over at TWiT than what they did at the streamys. Although when I saw your package roll, I was a little disappointed they didn’t refer to you as your real name as they did with everyone else. — I’d tuned in just at the right time — Congrats for being nominated! :)

  110. I’m sorry iJustine but I never really understood the appeal for the Streamies because it’s just so unprofessionally done. Also, maybe it’s just me but I really don’t think 90 percent of the youtubers/internet comedians there just aren’t funny and focus WAY too much on sexual appeal bits. I love watching stuff like Black20, College humor and Shane Dawson,Peter Chow and Zach Galifianakis but stuff like TheStation, LisaNova, Kassem and Ryan Higa just unfunny, uncreative and very cringe worthy to watch.

  111. My favorite part was a shot of the audience where you could see Meme Molly yawning in the background. Said it all.

  112. Talk about an Epic Fail.The second i tuned in on the streamys i saw the streakers with their junk hangin.That was a great sight

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  114. It was a pretty bad show and it will come back to bit them. also Shay and Rawn behavior was uncalled for. Thats all I have to say.

  115. I cannot agree more with this statement:

    “Just because you can swear a lot since this isn???t airing on TV, doesn???t mean you should.”

    I have promised myself not to swear since I was 12, after my father told me not to swear. I’m 35 now, and I don’t swear, even if somebody else swears at me.

    And people around me dont think I’m a geek. They say I’m quite cool, actually. Like when a hot young Hollywood celebrity girl proclaims chastity until marriage.

  116. I don’t watch you iJustine, but I am a fan of Shay. I can say that the way they bounced up on stage seemed really out of line, especially Rawn though. I never liked him from the get go, but seriously, pulling down your pants and doing that? Unacceptable. I’m not saying Shay’s behavior was acceptable either however, but I think he is closer to Lisa then the other guy to the other.

  117. I also watched last night and was also very disappointed at the crassness. I watch Rhett & Link -(who introducted me to your site!) and couldn’t have been more surprised…I should have turned it off..but I couldn’t believe my eyes. I agree that this is a big step back for your profession…kill the Streamys and come out with a new more professional awards program. I am happy that I didn’t let the kids stay up. Your endevours will not be tainted by this!

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  119. That video you attached with Shay & Rawn is appalling. I feel bad for Katilette, I don’t think she would have agreed to that. I used to be an avid Shaycarl fan, but over time he has become annoying. I’m not being a hater, that’s just what I think.

    p.s. You looked great!

  120. That was the most disgusting thing I have seen. There was no excuse for what they did, unexpected glitches will happen and can be over looked but there is no excuse for the vulgar content particularly from so-called professionals. Justine you have nothing to apologize for but I am some what surprised you did not get up and leave even though you were a nominee. I would have been embarrassed to accept the award if I had won knowing family and friends were watching.

  121. Okay, I didn’t watch them myself, but judging from what you said, it must’ve been horrible D: Seriously, two guys running onstage- naked? That’s taking it TOO far.

  122. Overall I’d say it was a disaster compared to last years show. However, it did meet my expectations if I were to compare it to mainstream awards shows.

    For one I couldn’t access the earlier red carpet show. After a little searching I discovered others were having a bit of a problem themselves. No biggie, really.

    Finally the show began. Boy was I surprised. I actually used this show to introduce my little cousins to the YouTube community (they find some of your and other YouTubers funny, albeit they might not totally understand everything that’s going on. At least the content is safe.) Big mistake. I went from sharing the feed on my 40″ TV to pushing them to watching cartoons and resumed on my 17″ Macbook Pro.

    Personally I could care less about the vulgarity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s twice as hard to gain any popularity or sponsors next year. If there’s anything I would ask it would be: “Why did they have so many empty seats?” Are locals able to buy tickets, and just didn’t? Are that many people invited but choose not to show their presence?

    Perhaps something like this should be made a little more public? Or, perhaps the YouTube community should have their own awards show?

  123. Justine, I agree with you. At a time when the Internet/youtube community is trying to gain traction and credibility as a stand-alone medium, the behavior of the participants and non-participants (Shay/Rawn) forced those communities to take a giant step backward. I’m in marketing/advertising and I can tell you that youtube advertisers were paying close attention. I wouldn’t be surprised after seeing this display if they insist on paying MUCH less for their ads knowing that youtube partners cannot deliver credible ad views. Unfortunately, this will affect all youtube partners.

    Shay’s poor display is no better than what Kanye West did at the Grammy’s. Shay is nothing more than an attention whore and couldn’t stand the thought of sitting in the front row for 2+ hours and not getting any attention, so he screamed every chance he got and when that wasn’t enough, he rushed the stage.

    Justine, I know they are your friends, but you should seriously consider distancing yourself from that vulgar youtube crowd. You are embarking on a legit career and the only one who has any real talent, Lisa, is ruining her chances of making it to “Hollywood.”


  124. i have a really strong bond with all the people i subscribed to over the years (i don’t make any videos myself) and I really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into making videos and the balls to broadcast it world wide.

    Having said that I was really disappointed, no shocked and hurt is more like it, about how the streamys were rolled out. I didn’t see them last year, so this is not very encouraging for me. I really felt like a slap in the face.

    I wasn’t bored, especially with twitter’s trending topics and all the commentaries, but I was really confused most of the time. I am really grateful for this post.

    Bottom line: You guys deserve better.

  125. I pretty much watched the whole thing waiting for your category to see if you’d win. Fortunately, I was cooking chicken, so I never saw the streaking naked people. The inconsistent audio and video blackouts made watching a hassle. I expected to see a unique presentation format, but all I got was the worst bits of an old-school TV award show amplified by a million.

    I do feel kind of sad for you web video folks as this would seem like a graduation ceremony of sorts with everyone???s families watching. Well, I like IJ because she’s a hot dork who???s got a talent to creatively produce video content that makes me smile without using foul language or missing clothing. I???ve decided to seek such qualities when I’m checking out the ladies elsewhere, as the last hot chick I met freaked me out with her insane smoking and drunken ways. If you’re every bit as the person you present on the web, your family must be quite proud of you and wouldn’t care about lame award shows. They probably called/text you and were like “Don???t be embarrassed, it’s all good Justine! We???re proud of you! Don???t forget to buy your sisters an iPad and cupcakes that you keep tweeting about!” My dad/mom text me sappy things like that and I’m not even as nice as you.

  126. I watched the tail end of the red carpet and the beginning of the presentations live broadcast, and personally i was expecting more youtubers to be shown. I was reading some twitter feed after the show and I was surprised to hear what when down after I stopped watching. I just watched the above video clip now, and I believe the stunts with the streakers, and Rawn and Shay; were taking it too far. I am a shaycarl/shaytards fan but that was too much. I was new to the streamys this year, but i hope that next years streamys (if they are held) will be more put together and appropriate. Justine, you said it all in your post.

  127. On behalf of the art department for the 2010 Streamy Awards and myself as the Production Designer for the show, I too feel the embarrassment of the actions of behalf of the host and for some of the actions by those whom acted on wild wild west mentality of humor. It was my intention to provide a setting to exemplify the artistic talents of those nominees whom have made amazing achievements in their field, while setting a look of excellence. Myself and my company have been a pert of the entertainment industry for over 30 years and as most new things go, everyone has their growing pains. While the content of the writing and the actual production of the show are that of the Director, writer and Producers, the sponsors like ADOD, PRG and others understand their growing pains. To see the efforts of those who worked behind the scene, we offer a glimpse behind the curtain. http://www.kimbailey.com/streamy/
    Thank You
    Kim Bailey

  128. I have unsubscribed to Lisa Nova, Hotforwords (for some inexplicable reason she thinks she’s a comedian now. She is not funny.), Shaycarl and his Shaytards.
    If I were you, I would divorce yourself from those people.

    I have heard a rumor that the Trident Company was so outraged they have demanded their money back, an investment of $100,000.00.

    The only winner of the entire travesty was you, Justine.
    You came out ahead of all of them.
    You are beautiful, intelligent, talented, humble
    AND you have class.

  129. I watched the streamys from start to finish and although it had it’s genuinely entertaining tidbits there we’re moments when I thought the humor was forced and uptight. Then the tech difficulties. I didn’t find it to harmful as you said it was actually quite amusing but the streakers and the vulgarity did go overboard. I’m new to vlogging and although my stuff is nowhere near as good as yours, SxePhil’s or Shane’s I feel like with time and hard work one day any one of us first timers could be up there, except it went haywire and it was a pretty bad example of what to expect or even work toward. I just feel like it should’ve been better planned and organized. As well as had better security. I’m whole heartedly sorry it went so bad on your big night… Hope next year is much better and that you win.

  130. The whole show was a trainwreck, as it has been stated many times before me. The only reason I watched was to see the youtubers and because I love the Guild, which happened to be the only thing I had heard of (besides the youtubers) prior to the show. I now believe more than ever that there should be some kind of ‘youtube only’ award show. They treated the youtubers like they are second class and you know what, that’s the respect they are getting back in return. Stop hating on Shay and Rawn for what they did, Shay twittered ahead of time that they were going to do it so its not like Lisa didn’t know and lisa is a close friend of both Shay and his wife, and I am about 99.9% sure Katielette was there and he would not have done that if she had a problem with it. Shay and Rawn were just continuing the epic fail that was the streamys, I don’t blame them at all for doing it.
    Sigh. IJ, I am sorry you had to sit through that madness, especially the streakers, that was not pretty online either.

    Let’s hope next year they actually do things right (if there even is a next year)

  131. I was really unimpressed by the Streamy’s. More so because Twitter was all abuzz (atweet?) about it, and that got me really riled up. For the first half hour, I had to keep on refreshing my page because of bad lag (funny, because my connection was great), and thankfully was refreshing when the streaking happened. I’m appalled that a nominee was responsible for that.

    The scripted parts were… ug. I was unimpressed with how raunchy and dirty the content was. Just because someone is censoring the show doesn’t mean that they should go all out.

    I was actually really impressed with Hardwick for not doing the bit. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t scripted because I actually LIKED what he had to say; he was right. Everyone deserved better; these people work really hard. Every one of the nominees put an entire year of very hard work into their webseries/vlogs/everything, and this is what they get? It’s a disgrace, and they deserve so much better.

    However, I was unimpressed with Hiimrawn. Really, the pants had to come off? It made me awkward to watch Shay making out with Lisa, but then when Rawn decided to take off his pants, I was just so uncomfortable. Watching an AWARD SHOW shouldn’t make someone uncomfortable.

    I stopped watching after Smosh presented. They were really the only reason I continued to watch, and I finally decided to just read who the winners were later. Saved me from having to watch all of the vulgarity spewing around after I stopped watching.

    (Oh, and side-note, this is your first blog-post that I’ve ever read, and I’m impressed with your eloquence and honesty. You write wonderfully.)

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  133. thank goodness i didn’t watch it! RhettandLink were apologising for it all they did was come to watch!


  135. One really needs to wonder who thought this would go over well?

    We have long called for more transparency in terms of how the @IAWTV is run and how it makes decisions. The IAWTV needs to engage in an active dialogue moving forward. The organization needs to open itself up to a frank discussion with the entire web series community.

    The @IAWTV cannot or should not continue to act as a closed ???society??? because in the end it is accountable to the entire web series community and we have just seen what happens if we just let those in power ???run with the ball???. Like it? No? Then we need to see a total change in the way the @IAWTV is run.

    I think we can be pretty sure that the majority of the members and possibly even some on the Board of Directors of the IAWTV had little knowledge of what was going to happen. That does not make them any less accountable.

    Those who did not like what happened need to step forward and work with the community at large to foster the change that is needed. We can move forward and we can make things better but only if there are substantial changes in how the IAWTV is set up and operates.

    An apology is only as good as how well the person making it understands and articulates exactly what they did wrong. So far there has been little more than lip service. We need accountability and that begins with those responsible stepping forward and telling us how things went SO far wrong.

    Then there needs to be changes. BIG changes. The day of brushing things under the IAWTV carpet is over. We are a world wide community and we need to take our genre back and make sure that this organization aligns itself with the entire community??? not just an insider faction.

  136. I’m actually really upset and disappointed by what Shay and Rawn. I love the shaytards videos, but that really shows me that he is just a big child, and I can not believe he would do that. This isn’t middle school where you can pull that crap. His family should be embarrassed.

    The worst part is that they are making a bad name for the youtube community. They had something big, having LisaNova up there and having the Station being mentioned, but her acknowledging that they are her friends and being all into what they were doing was not professional and made them look like a bunch of children just making stupid videos. On big step back for youtube in my opinion.

  137. i’ve tweeted about this aswell and i think that the streamys was terrible ! it was very unorganised and crude. I feel really sorry for you ( justine ) i love you vlogs and you are a great person but no-one deserves to sit through that trash i mean seriously 2 naked guys running on the stage that not even funny !. on the plus side you looked great.
    if i were you i wouldnt talk to shay amd rawn because they ruined the event i used to be a fan of them but i am not now i am not being a hater though. YOU WERE THE ONLY WINNER OF THE NIGHT ! YOU KEPT YOUR RESPECT AND DIDNT GET INVOLVED. well done justine ! we all love you !!!

    if you ever want to tweet or follow me ( please do ! ) my twitter is http://www.twitter.com/12ali34 please reply :D justine + camera +youtube = The best vlogger in the world !

  138. Being a fellow nominee, I was honored to receive recognition for all of the time and effort I, along with COUNTLESS OTHERS, put in to even get our web series to the level of acceptance by our “peers”; after this year’s Streamys, I most likely will not be advertising that “recognition”.

    I cannot comment on the Award show, since I was unable to view it; I CAN, however, comment on a number of things that have been addressed on this blog and others [the majority of which I agree with!!]. To some, it may have just been a trainwreck that people had difficulties taking their eyes off; to ME, it was a slap in the face, a kick in the crotch, a punch in the gut, and piss in my Cheerios!

    I have been part of a web-series, created by my boyfriend, for over three and a half years [I starred in the pilot]; many a weekend/day/month has been devoted to this. On top of that, my boyfriend works with other web-series, and has poured himself into this burgeoning field [occupationally, personally, financially, etc]. From involvement to creating and staring in a web-series, to distributing other shows, to obtaining said “sponsors” for the Streamy’s, he has done everything to showcase and highlight the talent that is out there, in this new media.

    I feel this was a very low blow, and one that was SO unexpected, that they had even their biggest supporters duped! I want to shake those who were involved, and ask them “Did you ever take the time to even remotely think about how this would affect others!?!” I would love to make the creators of this years Streamy’s aware of EVERYTHING that I have sacrificed, not only for this industry and my fellow entrepreneur, but FOR THE STREAMY’S!!!

    My weekends, that I shot the web-series on; the time I spent on production managing said shoots; the harassment of my family and friends to “become a fan” or “watch this new episode”; the contacts that I have repetitively reached out to, to gain support/fans; the hours of conversation devoted to my boyfriend, to convince him that his work is not for naught; the hours waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work, after dealing all day with producers/directors/talent/media/etc.; to that woman who physically lost her job over this awards “ceremony”; my credibility, my boyfriend’s credibility, my colleague’s [costars, guest stars, production crews, etc.] credibility, the industry’s credibility.

    I was once extremely proud to be considered within the same circles as Felicia Day, Bridgitte Dale, Joel Bryant, and yourself. Now I feel as though all of our hard work, the dedication to what we believe in and the productions we are able present were all shamed; for something that should be showcasing a burgeoning industry, and bringing more [positive] attention to this area, it played to the most pubescent humor and knocked the very individuals who made this world what it is [the sickening part about that is that it was TOO THEIR FACES!]

  139. Wow this makes me wanna unsubcribe from Rawn. Seriously un called from. I know Shay also was up there but Rawn dropped his pants.. Grow up.

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  141. Ok i LOVE shay and hiimrawn, but seriously SHAY??? I thought u were all about family friendly? what happened? well rawn is always either ACTING drunk or is drunk, i wonder if shay was too. I hope shays kids dont see this video, and poor kaitilette having to see her husband ‘makeout’ with lisa? And poor lisa! That was horrible!!!

  142. my post a few minutes ago as i was reading some of these… Im a 12 yr old girl and i frowned on this behavior. Even tho i can act immature i would never even THINK of doing that! I just feel terrible for his kids and his wife. If he was drunk, then he made the biggest mistake, and if he wasnt and him and rawn just wanted to make the show a little better, theres more appropriate ways to do it. So they totally embarrassed themselves and the people up there. That was half of the reason the show was ruined. And just a side note, WHERE WAS SECURITY? Did you notice they were up their for quite a while. If security was paying attention, they would have noticed and stopped them. What is this world coming to!?

  143. Good Job Justine, You say it like it is, and don’t hold back. I agree it’s a sad day for all people who look up to the many good people that launch inspiration, dedication, and talent over the lines of the Internet. You all are the first pioneers of a new outlet, an outlet that is “of the people” & not just one select country, *But the world. The gift given to all who stream is one that should never be taken for granted. The Freedom to set a focus, unobstructed from the powers of the world is rare. People in country’s where their people have no voice, let alone being allowed to state any of their own personal views, Get to use this outlet as their only true voice of freedom. To disrespect this right, “In their eyes” As they look up to many of the leading pioneers, is just plain wrong. It should be held tightly, and respected with grace. To not do so is a horrible injustice…. If it’s treated like a joke, It will end up being one… Everyone will loose in the end… The show was an example of what not to do ! When Government watch dogs look for reasons to tighten their authority on the internet, It would be a very sad day to see them using the content of “The Streamys” as the example on the nightly news. Moving public opinions into regulation. I say again, This outlet is a gift, The leaders (the ones people follow the most) Must be the ones to set the example for everyone. If not, It will be lost forever. Thank you Justine for all your hard work, insight, and most of all humor. Keep up the good work, on behalf of everyone!

  144. What the HELL is Shay doing!! omg. I’ve watched all the episodes of Shaytards…. I don’t know what to say

  145. This “awards show” was extremely disgusting, vulgar, and just awful.
    I started watching at the beginning of the awards, and honestly nothing was funny. None of the skits were good, and they were SO long.
    The majority of the show was for webshows that I didn’t even know existed. It was a waste of my night, really.

    The best parts of the show (if I HAD to pick something) was Smosh’s CLEAN presentation, the nominees for the Vloggers and Shane winning his award.

    About Shay and Rawn’s little jump on stage. Shay did not actually “make out” with Lisa, from what I could see he was just kissing her cheeks and maybe one or two kisses on her actual lips. Now, I can’t stand Rawn.. I never really liked him but, really? Taking his pants off? That WAS a little too far. And yes, Shay did act childish but it was all in good humor, that’s his personality. He’s a funny dude and lives for the moment. Everybody who’s saying that they’re unsubscribing from Shaytards is just ridiculous, seeming as if they were really into watching Shay EVERY SINGLE DAY, they wouldn’t even care about this. Something like that is almost expected from Shay, he’s crazy and everybody loves it. Katilette DID know about it too, because Shay posted it on her twitter. They were sitting together, obviously she would have some idea what Shay was about to do.

    Anwyay, this is already getting pretty long. But I’ll end my post with how much I look up to you Justine, because you don’t stand for this type of stuff and are publicly apologizing (which you really don’t have to :) . You’re the cleanest YouTuber out there, and it’s pretty great. You also looked flawless.

  146. Uhh really? I found what Shay and Rawn did was funny, they’re just having fun. But then again that’s just my kind of humor. People take things way too seriously.. come on now. Since when can’t you have kids and have a good sense of humor? Get off your high horse.

  147. I’m completely flabbergasted after reading this. I have not seen the award show itself, but thank you for blogging about it. At first sight it looked like an event that had a decent rate of companies willing to sponsor it, I’m happy to hear that companies are supporting online video production. I guess not all the people on the internet are as serious as you are about their future as producers.

    My mouth litterally fell open when Shay was snogging Lisa, with his pregnant wife sitting in the audience. You can’t call that funny or humorous anymore. Over sexualised jokes? I shiver by the thought of family members watching this show all cheering for you and getting vulgar ‘humor’ and appauling quality on stage in return. If my company would sponsor this event (note that the idea of this event is very good) I would definitly never not consider doing this next time.

    My advice is to stay away from the people who screwed this night up. They’re going to screw this up again, and upcoming events, and you and other vloggers can say bye bye to a big carreer in viral video productions. And I really love watching your (and your sisters) videos Justine, you’re doing a great job, so I really want you to be able to keep this going.

  148. Justine i completely agree, im 15, and although i am used to that kind of vulgar stuff alot of other 15 year olds arent, and i absolutely hated the streamys the only reason i stayed up till 12am watching them was to see you and shane, just because you guys are great people that i completely look up to, and i inspire to be liek you guys someday. although i only stayed up that late watching the streamys to see you guys it wasnt because you told me to watch it, it was because i wanted to see you guys on it. But seriously i hated it so much, i almost turned it off and was going to find out if you or shane won form someone else, it was the absolute worst award show ever, biggest waste of time ever. But don’t beat yourself up for telling us to watch it, there was no way you coulve know. i actually feel bad that you were apart of it.

  149. Im only 14 and im not sure how my parents felt about me watching it they expected it too be clean and just affew things like Shane Dawson would say they didnt expect naked people i feel bad for all the younger kids listening too this just watching for justine too come on i cnt take some vulgr things but i didnt expect nything like that guy tlking about porn and that lisanova hiimrawn and shaycarl thing and i soo agree with you nd buck

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  151. wow I really don’t like Rawn. Was it necessary to take off your pants? I mean honestly kids are watching this. I feel Rawn is too inappropriate all his videos deal with sexual stuff.

  152. WOW Justine
    you looked beautiful!!
    The whole thing with Shay Carl and Lisa nova. LOL. was Lisa annoyed at Shay? because i love Shay i think he is great.

    yeah it kind of felt like they were picking on youtube :/

  153. I was really disappointed and irritated by the way Shay Carl was acting. He was extremely obnoxious and acted like those kids in highschool do, who feel the need to be loud to be liked. He was trying way too hard to be funny and it stopped being entertaining. Plus, I can’t believe he ran onstage and ‘made out’ with LisaNova – right in front of his pregnant wife! Joke or not, that’s embarrassing and disrespectful. I didn’t watch the whole thing, only saw clips, and I’m sorry that respecful YouTubers like you were represented that way. People like me who are already fans of yours know that you’re much better than that. I appreciate you taking the time to apologize for what a mess it was!

  154. I was a bit a uncomfortable watching what went on during this show. I am a HUGE Shaytards fan & I was EXTREMELY disappointed & embarrassed by what Shay did up there. I could not believe my eyes. Sure, sometimes it is funny to mess around like that. But it looked even worse when the guy with Shay started taking off his pants… EXTREMELY disappointed. I’m glad Shane, Philip, & you got nominated. Congrats to Shane. But this was a horrible show. Sorry.

  155. This is great :( Now how can anyone trust any of the YouTubers to go on live TV and not do this kinda stuff? I watched this with my mom and we were kinda shocked at what went on. :/

  156. Justine, you are a winner in my book.
    Who selects the winners anyway?
    I think they have people voting that haven’t watched any vids.
    There ought to be an exclusive YT awards show.

  157. I saw it. Almost the whole thing. I live in sweden, so i spend my night watching it, only slept like 2 hours before it was time to go to school. Would have been worth if you won best vlogger. IKEA FTW! bye..

  158. That was a pathetic excuse for a show. Only watched a bit of it and I see the rest of it was as bad as what I initially saw. Technical problems I have no problem with but wow, crude and juvenile gutter humor! These guys should watch some Marx brothers films or something from 70 years ago and learn what real comedy is about: clever and original dialog and quick wit, and some funny physical comedy; sure, as long as it’s not overdone (with an occasionally slightly suggestive bit here and there which can be funny if done with taste); not the same old revolting vulgarity that everyone and his uncle can spew out. What is funny about a guy acting like an idiot pulling down his pants and pretending to be gay?!?! My word what have we come to.

  159. Or for that matter, watch Rhett and Link!! Super funny, original, really intelligent, current, and well produced videos, and some musical talent thrown in- with out an F-word or gay joke or any mindless asinine shouting in sight- HMM, that’s a new notion! TAKE A LESSON PEOPLE.

  160. I for one will no longer be watching the Shaytards channel. In the last few months I have become less a fan as I see more instances of really obnoxious behavior in his so-called family videos.

    His passive-aggressive way he pokes his wife, pushes his hand all over her face in a dominating way.
    Vlogging constantly while driving the car in traffic.
    Until recently, never made the children wear seatbelts or be in appropriate car seats.
    Throwing his girls high up in the air, and thinks that is funny.
    Let’s his dog ride in the back of truck. Totally unsafe.
    Is often thrown out of stores, for his bad behavior, and this is usually with his family in tow.
    Takes an airplane with his 6 month plus pregnant wife, who really should not fly in the last trimester.
    His kids have gotten so used to having the camera in their face, they pose anytime there is a camera around. Talk about exploiting his children – he could give Kate Gosselin a run for the money.

    I could go on and on, but the last behavior of his at the Streamys is just so over the top. What could have been a nice evening when the youtube community could be adult and serious about what they do and lend some well needed positive aspects to the night. Shay decides to be obnoxious and degrade the show. Shay needs to apologize and clean up his act or he will be another has been on the web.

  161. wow! That DOES Look like Torture!
    Looks like they need to take a few lessons from @SDmatt’s latest Award’s Ceremony event held last week in Little Italy, downtown San Diego #InfluenceSD – it was a Killer Hit!

    Thanks 4 the honest review Justine!

  162. OMG I can’t beleive SHAY CARL would do that!!!!!Its was funny ye disturbing . But I love u I Justine !!!!!!!!! And shay carl ^_^

  163. I’m sorry you sat through that whole thing, it was a disgrace for sure. You, on the other hand, looked quite beautiful. I’m glad your evening wasn’t a total loss

  164. im sorry too. i wish i had seen it but i didnt really know how but im very disappointed in shay and rawn…i watch them and thats not the people i watch. im very saddened by this…

  165. i was wondering what was going on! you are so clean in your videos i knew you wouldnt tell us to watch something that was as crude as that award show! they did have quite a few mess ups. but at least you were there with your friends and stuff. what really sucks is that they didnt even show shay dancing up on stage during the autotune the news part :( that like made the WHOLE show! oh well…hopefully they learned their leasons about not making things so vulgar…but you gotta be proud of yourself for even getting nominated! thats a really big deal! congrats on that! :) you looked really pretty too!! :)

  166. I am disgusted and appalled with Shay Carl. If I ever saw one of his videos they were the last. How can this jackass have a pregnant wife at home with 3 children and act like an animal. Making out with Lisa Nova was unacceptable on all levels, even if he was just doing it to be funny…..NOT COOL!!

  167. I posted above also.

    So far the posts are about 10 to 1 against Shay. Since he obviously owes an apology he should start here. We know he will be reading this.

    Shay, your apology should be just an apology, not I’m kinda sorry BUT – leave out the “but.”

  168. I didn’t see the Streamy’s but from what you told me, I don’t think I would have wanted too. You see I’m a 13 year old, and I am around Vulgar a lot, because of School. Shane is good what it comes to some perverted things, he knows when to stop and how to make it funny, You do too. I think Shay took it over the top…he shouldn’t have done what he did. But he did, and now its over, we can’t change the past. I love Youtube, I love to watch your videos and Shane’s and Shay’s. But the Streamy’s seemed to be a little over the top this year. But it was nice to see Shane win, cause he has a dream.

  169. I’m so disappointed in shay…i can’t believe he kissed lisa…his wife was there with him and he has kids, not that he should do that when she’s not around but OMG shay…..how could you??? I’m so disappointed!!

  170. The internet as the medium that you are choosing to use it as is still in its infancy and hence quite immature. It reminds me of how today’s advanced HTML browsing used to be no more developed than an electronic BBS. So it seems (at least to me) that the awards show for this “under developed and under development” arena is as immature as the medium itself. After this year’s event, maybe all it will take is another year. Your generation is a smart generation, and will learn from its mistakes. It doesn’t make it right, nor does it excuse that the event turned into the debacle that it was. I didn’t view it, only the few clips that you have posted. Don’t get me wrong, I have very much respect for the foundation that you (& Phil, & Shane, & the rest) have been laying. I find much of your (collective) works to be very entertaining. Keep up the good work !!

  171. I’m sorry things didn’t go well. I watched it a little bit, heard the F bomb, then turned it off. It wasn’t even funny. :/ That’s a shame.

  172. I guess the people saying Katilette will be pissed didn’t watch the show and are basing their judgement off of what Justine reported because Shay’s wife was there.

    Secondly, Shay tweeted what he was going to do from Katilette’s twitter. Lisa knew. By that point, they all knew what a joke the awards was turning out to be.

    Minutes after Shay’s tweet, Lisa tweeted that she wanted to kill herself because the show was *that* awesome lol

    Third, Justine even commented that what Shay did wasn’t the most embarrassing part of the show. She also mentioned that if you really knew Shay, you’d know that’s something he’d do. And he did it.

    Agreed with getting your noses out of the air.

    Rawn on the other hand. *shudder*


  173. I think that Shane Dawson winning and then apologizing for his “dirty mouth” says everything about the internet show this year. Who chose these winners? Was there industry voting?
    (I find Shane creepy to watch. I have worked in the mental health field for many years, and he sets off my radar. I would never trust him in my work setting. )
    You are of course superior to him. I am sorry that you are identified with this fiasco.
    As for Shay, I have seen that he molests everyone most of the time he is at work. He has boundary issues at the very least. I would kick him in the balls if he put one of his nasty, pissy hands on my face and filmed it. His passive aggression is annoying, and the only reason I watch is to see the happy mormon family moments.

  174. Justine, you definitely have class, talent, and a great sense of humor. Above all, you have taste. I personally have not heard you say anything against yourself or anyone else. To me, it seems like you’re being yourself with the videos etc you create. You looked beautiful at the show, and conducted yourself with star quality. Simply, you shined.

    About the awards show? It definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth. I could have frankly done without.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and good things will happen for you. I’ll be watching! :-)


  175. Hi Justine! I totally agree with you, nice post btw!
    I’m from Brazil, and I had to be up til 12:00am to see the Streamys, I thought it would be like last year, but then I saw 2 naked guys running around on the stage that made my mom think I was watching some kind of porn movie. I felt embarrassed for those who were there expecting a great celebration…
    Ps: I didn’t know most of the nominees, maybe it’s because I’m from other country..

  176. Agree with the blog but while the actual event coordinators didn’t plan the shay/rawn/lisa/hardwick interruption, they tweeted they were going to do it on kattilettes (sp?) twitter about an hour before they actually did it so I knew it was coming, and compared to most of the night, that was way more tame.

    Rawn’s got some balls to just drop trou in front of all his friends and colleagues like that though, haha.

  177. Wow. I was shocked buy the whole debacle. I am sorry it turned out to be so lame. There is no reflection on you or and of the legitimate intetrnetainers. You were beautiful and funny as usual.

  178. I didn’t get a chance to watch the Streamys. All I got to see was from the vlogs on youtube, and from this blog. But from what I’ve heard, it was very vulgar and inappropriate. And the whole “Best Vlogger” Category gave you 2 people who you’ve never even heard of. Youtube is a major part of the internet, and created “vlogging”. So, why did it only have 3 nominees from YouTube? Granted Shane won, but there should of been a better selection.

    What Rawn and Shay did was tasteless. I will still watch Shay, but I have never been a fan of Rawn, even before the Streamys. He acts totally inappropriate at all times, and never has really made me laugh. But now, when I do watch SHAYTARDS, this video will always play in my mind. Shay has kids for heaven’s sake. He shouldn’t be making out with girls on a live show. And Rawn just totally ruined it. It was just wrong.

    I really hope that the Streamys get better next year. The whole thing was a complete disaster. They really need to focus on the internet as a good thing, and not something to poke around with. They made fun of it, and they were supposed to praise all the talents that rely on the internet to be known. Those companies were really stupid to even sponsor this disgrace of a show.

  179. throwing your “friends” under the buss much? i thought you were better than that ijustine…

  180. Justine, I agree with what u said but i bet u made the night a whole lot better just with your presents. You look stunning and flawless in that picture.

  181. Justine, I wonder if you would of had a different opinion or at least not so vocal if you’d actually won. Like it or not, there is a aroma of bitterness about your comments.

  182. @Maxwell I would have said the same things if I had won or not. By the time they were ready to give out the vlogger award the show has already fallen apart and I was getting texts messages
    from my disgusted mother at home. It was embarassing on so many levels.

    And to clarify a few things to people posting about Shay and Rawn. I agree maybe they shouldn’t have done that but this blog post is not even about what they did. It about the scripted things that were said and planned throughout the show. It’s also about what Chris said after he went off script… The things that needed to be said, he said them.

    I love both Shay and Rawn and can see how some might be offended by their actions. I know they are good people and didn’t meant to offend anyone. They did it for a hopeful laugh to all their YouTube fans watching online.

    But believe me, if you were that easily offended… Be glad you didn’t watch the rest of the show.

  183. I agree with everything you said justine. I would also like to say that youtube is so undervalued with web awards. I wish there would just be a youtube awards show instead of some web awards show that gives awards to things most people watching have never seen. I know I had seen way less than half of what was nominated. I guess better luck next year.

  184. People who normally don’t watch web shows tuned in to watch the awards. First impressions count and people could not see Shay’s good heart or Rawn’s creativity so they may have been turned off.

    Now, if the awards were a closed event that would have been a different story.

  185. I felt the same way as you did. The host wasn’t even that funny at all, hopefully, next year they’ll look from what they did this year, and change A LOT of it! haahah

  186. i just saw the best vlogger award
    and when shane Dawson won
    i got out
    it would have been better if you both one
    sense your like a cupple now :P

    but i heard shaycarl and olgakay got kicked out
    is that true?

  187. I agree…glad I didn’t watch, that is ridiculous! It really makes everyone there look bad, glad to hear that you didn’t support it Justine. There are lines, and they all seem to have been crossed, I don’t know how something like that can even be considered professional and watchable…

  188. I thought shay freaked out and entertain viewers to do that thing. It is difficult to judge whether good or not. It looks like show. However, what does Katilette do at that time? She’s only person who might be able to settle down him. A little bit shocking. Hope that you’ll be next streamy-awards-winner, love justine!

  189. I heard this quote the other day, and I reckon it’s a pretty cool quote and could maybe fit this situation? It’s:
    “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”
    I luuurrrvvvee it.

  190. I did not get to watch the streamys I’m sorry or not sorry to say with all the talk going about it, but by what i hear i hope it better next year for our favorite vloggers! :)

  191. Justine I respect u bc of this blog. I think you summed this up perfectly. Only a bit of YouTube was really honored. The rest was a total fail. When Shay and Rawn did that it was like u could hear a cricket it was so quiet. Why did they act like that? Come on. Also was this the Streamy and Adult Film awards? Just awful. I think I’m done w a few youtubers after this. I loved vlogging bc it was to be genuine. Could not have been more fake. Maybe the porno guy was confused bc Lisa nova looked like a hooker finishing her shift. Ya got boobs Lisa. We see em honey I mean Shane has a pretty filthy mouth and some skits are a bit over board but I’m sure even HE felt awkward. I won’t lie I’ve never seen your work but I respect your
    words. Thanks for giving the show some class.

  192. I’m shocked wow i know how you feel i AMLOST went to a party like that ugh… Shay and what the what was that he has a wife ugh awards shows there supposed to be classy and rewarding not drunk and crazy. :) Some kids watch the stuff and yes am one i look up to my youtubers that i watch they should be inspiring me not teaching us vulgar things like really???

  193. I couldn’t agree more with what you say. It surprised me, and not in a good way, how a show that should celebrates new media, just showed the “ugly” side of the internet.
    The show, was overall boring, the funniest jokes where the ones that came spontaneouslly when the technical difficulties happened… :(
    I think the streamys CAN’T happen again. The show being a disaster this year will only mean, less viewers, less sponsors, less attendees, and less interest for next year. I also think, the streamys are not well thought trough, the categories don´t represent the state of new media, the show focused on high budget, high production, with known actors shows, that were made as web series, only leaving the cattegory of “vlogger” for youtubers like you, Shane and Phil. When you are most than just “vloggers”, Shane is a comedian, and Phil is, news, with a touch (not a little one) of sarcasm, but news none the less, and you, well you´re a combination of things that we have come to know and love! I’m not saying that the show should be only for youtubers, but I would like it to be more inclusive to them, and to all the “small guys” of new media. at the end of the day, that´s the internet i consume. —
    A new award show for new media, a serius one, one that we can all be proud of, that´s what the internet needs. The streamys are done, the brand has no prestige left to it…. —-
    But, oh well, congrats on the nomination, you deserve it, and I hope to see you next year at the Oscar’s! :P

  194. Blehh Really Sucks.
    Especially Since You Seemed So Excited to Get there & all. :/
    Bummer. But like Most People, I think You Looked Amazinggg. :)
    You Are Really Pretty! :D :p
    & i Love That Pink Dress :) <3

  195. What a total obnoxious jerk Shay Carl appeared to be. He has gotton to be an abnoxious fool which lacks class and needs to take lessons on parenting. I will never watch him again!

  196. Whoa, over 200 comments and IJ writing paragraphs! I???m used to seeing 20 comments max on this site and one sentence blogs LOL. Seriously, this award show is done and gone. Tomorrow is another bright day. As long as you artists don???t dwell on this distraction and instead continue to pump out quality work, every day is an award ceremony when your audience celebrates your work. An award show does not define a medium. I never took web videos seriously before, yet somehow I found my self here and I???m still here even after the Streamy fiasco. The artists, not an award show, are responsible for attracting and retaining an audience.

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  198. Its ok iJ. None of what happened at the show was your fault. It was bad, but not the end of the world. Nor is it the end of the streamies. It will live on. Hoppfully they will get their crap together and put on an award show that isnt based around shock comedy, but more about honoring the creators of good entertainment :) xoxo <3

  199. I had to wander over here after watching your video, Justine. It started off on such a positive note with the party bus, everyone looking classy and then BAM, total chaos. I didn’t watch the Streamy Awards in full but I could tell it was a mess from various clips I’ve watched on YouTube or in reading blogs. Never apologize for your craft because I consider you to be a class act among many other YouTubers, Justine. It’s just a shame that YouTube is made to look like a joke, that it isn’t something many take so seriously. It’s surprising to hear things got so raunchy in knowing that a majority of YouTube watchers are kids/teens. Nothing wrong with that but just how many witnessed every moment of the Streamy Awards?! Not like any kid hasn’t witnessed such crude behavior but it involves people they watch on a daily basis that they look up to.

    Chris Hardwick is honestly so much more awesome in my book for having spoken up and said something. Plus while I absolutely love Shay and Rawn…they may have overstepped the boundaries by a touch because Hardwick was not a happy camper, haha. I’m all for laughs and hamming it up but Rawn’s pants probably should have stayed on. However I’m assuming Hardwick’s buttons had been thoroughly pushed long before that happened onstage.

    While I am psyched to hear nominations of some of my most favorite YouTubers I sub to, overall this is not how many of you imagined receiving an award and being in the spotlight. I only hope that things improve in time but I understand what you said regarding taking a step back. Brands supporting this event I’m sure were not all too enthusiastic in what went on, but I’m sure they recognize just how fans certain YouTubers have. There’s a full army that keeps growing and growing so if a brand decides to not support future Streamy Awards, it will be their loss since the internet has become the main source of entertainment.

    I feel as though I have basically rambled out the same stuff everyone else has but in the end, I just wanted to say that your loyal fans will always respect you, Justine. Your videos express the kind of talented and sweet person you are, whereas this awards show had nothing more to do with you than making you feel awkward in your chair. I’m disappointed that people like yourself worked so hard to achieve such a goal such as this…to have it blow up and make you uncomfortable.

    At least it made me happy to see you are a force to be recognized with, so congratulations on your well-deserved nomination and kudos to Shane Dawson on his victory. Let’s put this Streamy Award show behind us and I greatly look forward to what’s in store for you and other deserving YouTubers. May the internet keep taking baby steps in a better direction.
    Take care, Justine

  200. everyone can SHUT UP about Shay! IT WAS PLANNED FFS go to his vlog! he talks to Lisa about it!
    so shut up and he really was NOT KISSING HER! he was kissing her cheek! god! im sure he talked to his wife about it. duh!
    grow up people its not like it was the Kids Choice awards???
    oh and Justine you should of won something, but yet i do love shane dawson lol but it should of been like a tie? x)

  201. Hey..
    I think that making this award show into a complete joke does nothing to promote the talented youtubers that deserve it so much! The youtubers themselves should have retained themselves and acted appropriately. I know how this sounds, but people like you should be promoted, not made into a joke. This certainly did not help any of you, and they know it…

  202. From what I have heard and read this morning…it is unfortunate that things turned out like that. But regardless, you looked gorgeous and hopefully had alot of fun with friends and such.

    From the video with Shay and Rawn…very dissapointing. I watch Shay’s videos religiously and have for quite sometime. His family is gorgeous, and that will be really unfortunate if they let their “Fame” harm their families.

  203. Well if I were to say how much of a failure this was, and how much of a disgrace it was to youtubers, then i’d just be repeating what the past 100 commenters said.
    But I have a suggestion: an award show for the internet is a step in the right direction, but obviously the streamys are doing it wrong. So maybe the youtube community could organise one themselves. Or even Youtube themselves. Do you get my drift?

  204. ok,
    so my opinion on the streamys is that it was not terrible,
    but it was not good at all,
    of course you cant really help technique problems,
    and cant help what other people do,
    besides have people on both sides of the stage so people cant run up on the stage,
    but for the language,
    and sexual comments,
    that was to much.
    they should have used so much less bad language,
    and no so much sexual words,
    i personally think they should have just stopped showing it live online.
    so thats pretty much my opinion on it: )

  205. Hi Justine,
    It looks like you had a good time over all. We were thinking about participating but decided against it since you at to essentially “pay” to even have a chance of winning. In this case, it was just a honor to be nominated. It does look like what they did have brought what we’re trying to do here on the internet back to step one. I hope they’ll turn this ship around if they decide to do this again next year..
    Thanks for the honest blog post!

  206. Haha Justine, Tom Green, even I’m friends with him just freaking start talking to him on Twitter, he’s doing his stand up tour this year so its hard to get a hold of him

  207. I think that youtubers should boycot the Streamys next year – Buckhollywood sums it up perfectly in his tweet!!

  208. Justine.

    i feel sorry that you had to attend an event like this as you deserved better than to sit through that trash !!. i think its a joke that shay or phil werent nominated for best vlogger!. i think you should of won but the way i see it you did because you kept your self-respect i mean 2 guys running on stage naked ! now that too far what shay and rawn did was a laugh but thats just sick !

    on a plus note you did look stunning!

    P.S if you want to follow or tweet me my twitter is 12ali34 . and youtube is aliyoung9

  209. Never heard of the streamys until yesterday or so.

    Anyway, if the clip above is a sample of the show, along with your comments… Then I would say that the people who ran the event really need to take a good hard look and decide what direction they want to go.

    Additionally, the youtubers who went overboard with their antics should realize that they do not always have to be “on” when a camera is filming.

  210. Justine,
    You really should have won for best blogger but i really agree with ur opinion on the streamys but was there
    any good things about the Awards?????

    All of luck,
    A person

  211. I absolutely love Shay and that thing on stage seemed really out of character or something. It just didn’t go well anyways. But I wouldn’t stop watching him just because of that I still think he’s a good guy.

    Also while Shane Dawson definitely deserves a crown I don’t really see why he won for vlogging – his strong point are his hilarious skits, not his vlogs! Sxe Phil and Shay do a better job at that. I think Buck was right when he said Shane was the token youtuber.

    Well put Justine.

  212. I’m astounded. All may favorite YouTubers/VLoggers KNOW each other? Do you all live on the same block?

    It’s like on big happy real-life virtual friend group. It’s like you’re all in the same company (Some of you are, right?).

    That large disconnected feeling of anonymity that I love about he internet has been shaken.

  213. u loookkkkkkkkkeeeeddddd sannniiinnnggggg!!!!!!!!! hope u get on to all those tv shows i luvvvvv all thm so looking foward to seeing u on allll of thm!!!!!!!!!

  214. Since you like how the Internet connects you to people, sharing and stuff.. SHARE YOUR BOOBS WITH ME NOW

  215. And this is meant to be a proffesional awards ceremony?? I’m sorry but i think even i could have organised the whole thing better, and i could organise a p**s up in a brewery! iJustine your amazing btw :)

  216. Justine, you should have simply left the show altogether. Early exit does not make it a failure, and we, the internet crowd, respect you and your work nonetheless.

    It is clearly the show gone out of control. I am surprised the audience did not take the matter in their hands and did not get the offenders off the stage and out the door into the nearest gutter whence they seem to come from.

    Also, a word of advise may help – sometimes the right crowd may turn out to be the wrong crowd to hang out with. If it is time to bolt out, do so without hesitation.

  217. This is my way,I guess you could say, of going up to bat for Shay and Rawn.

    Shay: Wow, this really sucks
    Rawn: Yeah, nobody seems to be enjoying this.
    Shay: Well, We could always go for a cheap laugh, it’s not like we could make it any worse.
    What I’m saying is it’s just their personality type to try to make light of a crappy situation, and goodness knows the streamys qualified as one.

  218. I know I’m a couple months late on this subject lol, but yeah, the show looked pretty bad. As far as Shay goes (him and shane are pretty much the only youtubers I’ve seen a good amount of content from) Shay made a mistake. He’s a good guy with a great heart, it seems like. We all make fools of ourselves at one point or another and alot of us act out of spontaneity. But yes, the show looked HORRIBLE. Sorry you had to witness it in person lol. Thanks for the blog iJustine!!

  219. I hate unorganized award shows, most of them are, then they just edit them to make them look like they were perfect. When I get older I will run the StreamY awards and hopefully it will be better for you.

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