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I like the flexibility of having regular USB and USB-C ports on the surface book 2

The apple store layout looks just like the one near my place that was renovated earlier this year.

They're so cool when interacting with each other! Please make a video on how they react when watching a movie. Thanks!

Can you battle each other with the lightsaber? That will be fun

I'm so scared by the thumbnail that I haven't watched the video. lol

My favorite part about the camera is the slo-mo and the portrait mode.

Great video! Would you mind doing an augmented reality demo on the IPhone X? Thanks

That is an absolutely neat and well thought video! I really enjoyed watching it

Congratulations on getting the IPhone earlier than the release day! I enjoyed the video and will get one for my sibling.

I am new to youtube and thanks to this video, cause now I know sort of know what it takes to build a channel from scratch

Thanks for making this informative video!

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