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Justine, when are you going to say the winners of your giveaway? I really want to know!

You're amazing Justine! I can't believe you would do a contest! That is just so cool! I wish I could actually meet you. I really hope I win something! I would love a MacBook! But I would be happy with anything! I Love you ij.

I really want that MacBook so I can edit my video's and just play with it! But I will be grateful if I win anything! God, I hope I win, it would be amazing to win something. Please help me! Amen!

I can't wait to get the book, it's probably amazing! But I'm not going to pre-order it. I am just gonna wait for it to come out. But I can't wait. I really hope I win. I need a MacBook or some tech stuff for my 2 YouTube channels, Fun With Besties, and Call me Nat! I also am obsessed with Starbucks! And, I want to collect autographs from famous people, and iJustine is very famous! Bye bye!

I really hope I win! I really want a MacBook, some tech stuff, Starbucks gift card, or an autograph! I love you ij! You are the best youtuber!

Hi ij! When is the giveaway? I don't mean to be anxious, but I really need a MacBook so I could make and edit my video's for YouTube faster. If you would like to check out my channel, it is called Fun With Besties. It should be the first channel that pops up. Bye, I love your videos Justine!

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