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Any book stops in Nashville, TN?

I preordered but Amazon said it won't be shipped until the 8th or 9th! I hope I get it soon!

I love you Lego videos! Can't wait to see some more.

Can't wait to see who won! Good luck everyone. Only 7 hours left

Only 6 more days!! It's getting close!

Uh oh.. Time for another update.

Those fatalities are serious!! Yikes!

OMG.. That was too much! So funny.

I made everyone at work watch this episode because iJustine was on it!

So excited for the giveaway! Please post more lego videos soon.

I have that set too! I really want Benny's spaceship spaceship spaceship. Have you done any larger sets lately?

I do the same thing! Our minifig game is strong!

I love that necklace! Where did you get it?

Looks very fancy. I love watching your unboxing videos, they are my favorite. I do not own a smart watch but I can't wait to see the review on the Apple watch.

Uh oh give away!!! I'm excited!!

Already preordered! Can't wait to get it.

I loved watching the R2-D2 build. You inspired my Lego addiction and I couldn't be happier about it. It all started by searching for iPhone 6 plus reviews.. Then I fell down the iJ rabbit hole.

I cannot wait for this movie! Every thing Chris Pratt does is awesome!

I am so glad you posted this video with Becki0. After this post I started watching her on Youtube and I absolutely love her! She seems like such a wonderful person.

OMG so beautiful!!

I love those came outfits! Where did you get them?

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