Ask iJ #10 goes to the beach


Finally posted the 10th episode today! This was pretty fun to shoot but now I’m suffering from a bit of a sunburn on my arm. Not sure if you are aware or not, but I haven’t seen the sun in quite awhile. Judging by my lack of a tan.. I’m sure you were!

I definitely got a lot of weird looks while shooting this and made some new sea gull friends. Hope you enjoy!

..and about the contest, sorry guys.. Not point in sending you makeup when a girl would probably enjoy it way more than you!! Ladies, just make a video response to the above video on youtube and I’ll pick someone randomly to send them the bag of treats.

Last, congrats to brads1star for winning the props from the swine flu video. I got a lot of hate for that vid, but hey.. everyone loves controversy :)

Be sure to subscirbe to both of my youtube channels ijustine // otherijustine! I don’t blog a lot of the videos I post on my otherijustine channel, so that’s really the only place you can see those at.

27 thoughts on “Ask iJ #10 goes to the beach

  1. Hey, justine. LOVE ur videos i was just wondering how many apple products do you own? And what’s your favorite apple products so far? (have you heard of the “sixth sense” product made by ted? u should totally check it out! OH AND 1 MORE THING – i also wanna enter for recieving the goodie bag.

  2. I have a question for you:

    “What motivates you to make all these video’s ?”

  3. How did those people on the beach not know who you are?

    “do you have a web show” 0_o

    P.S I love your little steve jobs <3

  4. OMG!!! how BIG are the seagulls!!!! They are GIANTS compared to the ones we have here in Australia!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!
    luv ur work,
    Perth, Australia
    ps: Was that rubbish you were throwing at them? I hope you picked it up and put it in the bin afterwards!!!

  5. so if there was an IJ app for the iphone what would it do? what would it be for?

    I am an iPhone developer and hopefully we can put something together to make it fun and exciting. ;-)

  6. Ha ha ha! Great episode! Blind Melon for the win!!!! Was totally not expecting shirtless man candy on the beach…but then again…its the beach…most guys on the beach are shirtless. Love the episode!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. VIDEO ! 3:40 There is UFO which passes in the sky has right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creepy !

  8. I have a question. Have you ever heard the song ‘My Cherie Amour’ by Stevie Wonder?

    These are the lyrics:

    My cherie amour, lovely as a summer day
    My cherie amour, distant as the milky way
    My cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore
    You’re the only girl my heart beats for
    How I wish that you were mine

    In a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street
    I’ve been near you, but you never noticed me
    My cherie amour, won’t you tell me how could you ignore
    That behind that little smile I wore
    How I wish that you were mine

    Maybe someday, you’ll see my face among the crowd
    Maybe someday, I’ll share your little distant cloud
    Oh, cherie amour, pretty little one that I adore
    You’re the only girl my heart beats for
    How I wish that you were mine

  9. HOLY CRAP! i won?!?!?!

    I was Totally Flipping out when i saw your video

    justine, your Honestly one of the coolest youtubers i met!

    ooh shoot i still need to post
    You, me, and my sister
    at Pod camp last year xD

    Cant wait to get ahold of them props!

    “Your #1 Youtube Commenter”
    Brad :)

  10. VIDEO ! 3:40 There is UFO which passes in the sky has right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creepy !!!!

  11. Perv lol. I bet you watch every frame to spot ass LOL.

    Anyway I viewed it in HD and it’s a damn bird ! HAHAHAHA.

  12. Hi Justine,

    Love the Steve Jobs, it was too expensive for me, after I added shipping (I live in Holland).

    Maybe that same company can make an iJustine Doll, that would be great. Why not contact them and ask if they want too make it.


    Ps. That shirtless guy is cute ;)

  13. hey, iJ I got a question…did you know that the warrenty on your vehicle is about to run out? you should act know before its too late!

  14. Hey how are you? I have a question for you, and im not really sure where to put it.. so im just gunna ask it here!! echm..:

    What is your most favourite Walt Disney Movie??

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