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New episode of Ask iJ :) leave some questions below if you have any for the next episode!

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  1. I know that you mentioned in one of your first vlogs that your favorite youtuber was “jaaaaaaa,” who is your favorite youtuber now?

  2. Justine, if it weren’t for you, my whole life would be different! Thanks for being hilarious!

  3. Donkeys or chipmunks?
    Turkeys or bananas?
    All the apple products or all the games?
    Which do you like better on a peanut butter jelly sandwich? The peanut? Or the jam?????

  4. askij# justine, have you ever been to Massachusetts and/or New York? If so, what do you think of it?

  5. is it a stupid idea for insurance med. to have there on pharmacy?
    can you make a mini vac for the top of my com.
    can i borrow a pickup truck so i can help my uncle don clean up from the tornados i cannot get anyone to help me?
    Have you ever had any apple pie moon shine? oh my g

  6. Lolz you rock!!! I have a tiny lil question I thought you could answer…
    How the hell are you so funny? And why did I only discover the wonders of iJustine today???

  7. hi justine follow me on twitter @harold233 and add me on xbox my gamer tag is zl Murder lz

  8. So, Justine.. i love you soooo much! haha you are like amazing & i would love it if you would check out my youtube channel! im new to it & would love to maybe get a shout out ?pleaseee pleaseee & i have a question for your next ij.
    MY QUESTION :How did you start making videos on youtube, and do you have any tips for new vloggers?

  9. Hey IJ !! Love your videos you crack me up all the time ! :D You should really come play League of Legends with some of your fans, I bet you would make their day :)

  10. Would you ever consider following me on instagram? I’d die if you did. Like no joke.

  11. Hey Justine! Love your show. Genuine question, would you rather spend time at home playing games or meet up with fans like me who won’t go absolutely nuts when we see you? :) Also on that note, do you prefer fans who go nuts? Or maintain their calm? :P

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