Ask iJ – So many fishes!


New episode of Ask iJ! Thanks for watching :) Leave me some questions below and maybe I’ll take a few website ones for the next episode.

17 thoughts on “Ask iJ – So many fishes!

  1. Weird? Boring people. I only watched 2 of your videos and I’d say you’re just flat out fun XD

  2. Hi Justine I just love to death I would do anything for you Even Jump in front of a train for to just to save your precious life I hope I get to meet yopu one day because that has been my life long dream ever since the day I was born to see your beautiful face in person and I would do anything just to get the chance to do that but until all I can do is just look at the posters of you in my room and the shrines of you in my living room and smell the napkins I got from the garbage can that I saw you wipe your very mouth with and just fanticise aboout the day we finally meet and how we would become soul mates and possibly get married and have little Justins and Justines and how we would YouTube videos togethor and just live the rest of our lives togethor in harmony. Don’t mistake my love for creepiness on Instagram. And last night when you mentioned me in one of your comments on Instagram even though you were being a little sarcastic and rude it just touched my heart and i was on a date when i recieved the message and i just broke down in the resturant

  3. Hey I Justine ur the best youtuber ever I was wondering if u have ever been to Disneyland in California cause I have and did u like the rides

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