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Ooooh lookie here! A new askij. This is probably my least favorite askij I’ve ever done because I had so many interruptions I kept freaking out inbetween takes.. I should just post that!

Enjoy! ..and see ya in the next episode!

19 thoughts on “Ask iJ

  1. Great video Justine! I can’t wait for when you record another Vlog University, hopefully this week? Whenever it is, I’m sure it’ll be great. I just watched you and Breanne rummaging through her purse – unbelievable! Have a good rest of the day!

  2. Wow, one of the most…interesting?, Ask Ij videos yet, lol, you went just a little crazy there, with all of the distractions, haha, oh well that happens to me ALL THE TIME. :P :P

    Marigail :P

  3. Haha. I think leaving in “bloopers” or distractions adds a bit more “funny-ness”.

    and is it bad that I’m more excited about the next Vlog University episode than I was for actual school, a couple of years ago? How do you like them oranges, former teachers!? Those lessons were worthless!

  4. Weak.
    The monotone Bre comments were pretty funny.
    The next ask ij needs to be extra long and awesome to make up for this! Perhaps another rapid-fire questions edition?? :)

  5. Hi justine tu fais du super boulot les francais t adore mai le public reste limiter a ceux qui comprenne l anglais essaye de te faire traduire et repost les sous titres francais voila en tout cas super boulot i like you lol bisous de france

  6. glad you got through this one :) …. actually the first thing I thought was “i love the lighting!” whatever you did for it you should do for some of your other videos

  7. Justine–what kind of monopod do you use for your vlog camera and what brand and model is your camera–love your energy and vlogs–keep up the good work

  8. great show Justine but being a twin myself i would have to say no its a treat and a joy having a twin but when one does something the other gets the blame haha thats life lol but if u had a twin would she be identical to u and would she luv wat u do and all of that :D just asking coz i am an identical twin but we are so different but still luv my twin sis big time :D

  9. IJustine 4 questions 1:what celeb would u want to marry?2:wha animal do u like other then a panda?3:what is your favorite color?4:would you want to marry ketchup??????????????????????????

  10. If you met Steve Jobs and you could only say five things to him, what would those 5 things be?

    iJustine please put this on ask ij

  11. Made me smile about the pickle/Cucumber question. ” do i prefer cucumber over pickle which i kind of don’t like pickle because it is a cumcumber i think” :)

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