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I was just hanging out on Apple’s website (like I do most days) and spotted this little Macbook desktop stand by twelve south called the BookArc! I was a little skeptical after reading some reviews about overheating and the computer not quit fitting into the stand so I didn’t get it. Upon visiting the Apple store today I saw it again and thought I’d give it a spin!

As for it not fitting in the stand, it seems to fit well enough.. as long as you don’t have a terribly wobbly table I think you’ll be fine. It also comes with two other sized rubber slots for Macbook Air and 13 in Macbooks.

Their official review says it’ll actually help increase performance with your Macbook because “your system automatically dedicates 100% of its video memory to the external display rather than splitting it with the built-in display. You?ll see a noticeable speed increase when working in many graphics-intensive applications” — I’ve yet to do any video editing or intense photoshopping, but that sounds reasonable enough :)

I’ve been using it for a little while today and so far it’s pretty cool and it’s cleared up my messy space a bit. Actually, it really just gave me some more space to more my mess into :)

It’s a little more than I wanted to spend on a stand $49.95 but it’s pretty and matches the rest of the Apple goodies!

They also have an iPad stand as well… but I think I’ll be okay without that for now.

Do you have or seen a better/comparable stand? Lemme know! I’ve never really looked for one of these before but I’m such a messy person that anything that helps me stay a little more organized is okay in my book.

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  1. I wished PC hardware designs were as neat looking as Apple stuff. I’m a PC and we get ugly hardware cases and dopey keyboards. You guys are all sexy and stuff. Hey, I’m talking about sexy hardware here, not that Saturday Crazy-Claire-LOST picture you posted on right side-bar. -ha-ha

  2. is that an iphone in the second pic? if so, what kind of case and stand are you using?

  3. Hey Justine,

    What is that little stand that is on your hard drives? (2nd pic)

    Link Please???

  4. I enjoyed watching you as a guest on MacWeekly with Leo. That was a great show. You guys have to do one on the ipad in Canada right now. Big screw ups today with data plans. I am a huge Apple fan also. My 9 year old, my 12 year old, my wife and me all have iphones. We have apple tv 2 of them, imac and macbook pro and tons of ipods. We just ordered a ipad and we even have a scale that sends data to the iphone ( check it out amazing Thanks again

  5. Another really cool dock is at . It holds your computer as well as your cables. It’s a bit difficult to explain but they are awesome.

  6. overheating: you really shouldn’t put your macbook on that stand like in your picture. make sure the back of the macbook is facing UPWARDS, so the hot air can exit the macbook.

    even if your macbook might not overheat right away, the components inside will die much faster.

  7. HEY HEY I can ask iJ, I was just wonderen what your opinions are on the LED Display? I dont no whether to get the Apple Display or another monitor and yes i have the MacBook to work with monitor

  8. I’m thinking about getting this for my MBP 17 inch. Would you still recommend it? I would think having the lid closed would cause MORE heat? No?

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