There is nothing worse than wasting 20 minutes trying to figure out what the captcha says to register for a new site or post a MySpace comment or send a message. Granted, the massive amounts of spam that used to roam free on MySpace was also not very tolerable.

Regardless of that fact, I still can’t read these 45% of the time. I know I’m not the only one.

*hits refresh for new letter + number sequence*

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45 thoughts on “CAPTCHA I CAN’T READ YOU

  1. I agree, I don’t mind doing the short ones, but the ones that are a hundred miles long and I can’t decipher irk me and then I just don’t post a comment or what not.

  2. haha. Your totally right… but I def would give up spam for some nice capthca. I wonder if a rapper named it… anyway…

    p.s. yay for twitter and tinyurl.

  3. The worse is when you can’t read it, and you hit the option to hear it.

    -All I hear is a lot of chatter and a voice trying to say letters and numbers with the most background noise I have ever heard in my life.

  4. Well, captchas are designed to discern people from automated programs. Does the fact that iJustine has problems with them lend more proof to the robot theory?

  5. Oh so painfully true. There are some good Captcha-type that are reasonably legible. But some of them look pretty much just like your example and are freaking impossible to read. I’ve typed many Captcha codes incorrectly.

    The point of Captcha is that they’re supposed to be human-readable but not machine-readable. Such a system obviously can’t last forever as machines get better at reading and the images become too difficult for humans to read. The whole concept can only last so long before technology defeats it; it’s coming to that point, I think. We need something new to replace it.

  6. I agree, I hate that security code. For it to see who is a spam bot. But, sheesh they’re not clear. I love how it says WTF, DUZ THIS SAY. I thought you don’t talk like that justine. Like the way it has Duz….. spelled all ghetto ha.

  7. Y! is updating their CAPTCHA to take images from the National Center for Missing Children and instead of asking you to validate a garbled string, you will instead simply count the number of children in the image provided. Not only will it alleviate the frustration of the CAPTCHA system, but it will also hopefully also have an effect on finding missing children.

    Justine, being from Pittsburgh, you should know that CAPTCHA was developed by Luis Von Ahn at Carnegie Mellon. His office is in Wean Hall, go tell him it sucks in person.

  8. Oh, and get a new hero. Jobs is one of the biggest egocentric assholes to ever walk the Earth. Ask Wozniak about the Atari chips project. Or his own daughter..

  9. I have given up registering for a new site because I couldn’t figure out what these stupid captcha things said. My question is, if these websites really wanted you to join, then why do they use captcha?

  10. @tom: hahha, oh no!!! I never thought of that. Now I’m going to go cry in a corner.

    @dave: It may be a sillly entry, but I enjoyed your serious thought process :)

    @amanda: I know, I made this one as a joke hehe

  11. Captchas can be a PITA, however, since I put one on my blog, the combo of that and Askimet has cut down on the majority of my spam.

    Of course, I recommend reCaptcha if people are going to implement one, ’cause you’re helping a good cause with that Captcha system.

  12. I really hate captchas, especially since I never seem to get them right the first, or twentieth time I try them. I will say that it beats the spam comments and stuff on Myspace that I was dealing with. I kinda wish I could get one for my email, that way I won’t have to deal with all those spam advertising free or generic drugs…

  13. I can almost be certain there is a guy that sits there with crayons, dribbling, wearing a bib, drawing these damn CAPTCHAS. They should make a game or quiz based on these…

  14. I always have problems with it on certain sites, most recently has been the American Eagle site when i was trying to check the balance on some gift cards. And to think, people way back when thought our computers would be scanning our eyes and fingers for verification, if we went back in time and told them this is how it was in the future theyd probably laugh in our faces.

  15. I hate CAPCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you guys can’t figured out what is the code, but I have the biggest
    problem with that fucking CAPCHA security code cuz my firefox can’t even display the fucking image!!!!!! How am I suppose to see this fucking code ?????????????!!!!!!!

  16. I will have to give up sending emails. I was going to get another email acct and had to “read” another Captcha to do it. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo F*****G sick of this Sh*t, I don’t know what to do. I spend several minutes typing out a message to a friend or family member and have to “read” this crap to send it. I have cataracts and can’t see as it is. and then I have to go to this. I could just sit here and cry. You idiots are just making life miserable for those with vision problems. I hate you. and I think I mean it. Great Grandma

  17. What’s the point in those blurred letters anyway? Is this a joke? Robots can’t read images, so it’s enough, and letters on them can be big and clearc for everyone???

  18. I’m tired of captchas as well. I’d rather tolerate spam than be unable to access a site. Just barely.

    Btw, that “This” at the top looks more like “Th15″ to me. :D

  19. I am SO glad to know I’m not the only one that cannot make out these fuzzy, distorted symbols. I have mail accumulating in my AOL account and I simply can’t read ANY of the captcha screens that are displayed. Even when I am morally certain that I DID read it right this time, it says I didn’t do it right. (Sigh!)

  20. I seem to get easy enough captchas when I get them but what I hate is when I CAN’T F***ING SEE THEM!!!

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