Crazy Town


Coffee shops are the new office. Joe was kind enough to join me at the office to work (aka we ended up playing dinglepops and blockles).

There was a conversation going on behind us for about 2 hours that made absolutely no sense. Every other word from the couple was like nails on a chalkboard.

I simply said, “This is crazy town..” and from there we started singing.

33 thoughts on “Crazy Town

  1. real funny, but painfully long. I officially apologize to all who waste minutes of there day watching this. haha

  2. @JB I’m not sure.. I wasn’t really looking around :) I’m sure there weren’t looking at us normally!!!

    @smojo: I am, actually!

  3. Well I watched it with my cheapo earphones from my Walkman, and well, it had me jumping but really I did learn that the featured animal at Cafe Mocha is not a lamb, but a goat, or is there a difference at all. Yes, Lambs have fuzzy, curly fur.

  4. lip dub = old skool !

    ok so i have my own website

    i use lots of web 2.0 stuff
    lots more just search lukeb3000

    i write 3 blogs one of which is apple and os x related

    so my question is when do i get to hangout with you to make a video like this ijustine ?

  5. Awesome song… great lip dub… and PERFECT timing. Because when I heard this song, I looked them up on Wikipedia (to see whatever became of them), and guess who’s back?!?

    That’s right! CRAZY TOWN is back sometime in 2008 with an album titled what else? “Crazy Town Is Back”!

    Strange days, indeed!

  6. That was *crazy*!!! I’m starting to realize just how awesome iJustine (& Joe :) ) is! I can’t believe she did that in a coffee shop though…

  7. that song sucked when it came out, and it sucks more now, sorry… all I can think of is the scene from Orange County when the freshman college girls at Stanford hear it and go, “OMG IT’S OUR SONG AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” *Shoots self in face*

  8. If you ever come to Texas again, you and the Instructions Girls need to meet up and do a song… it looks like you’re getting a hang of the whole lip-dubbing thing LOL.

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