Dolphin kisses



While on our cruise we stopped in the Bahamas at the Dolphin Cay and played with the dolphins! This was my first reaction.


He gave me a little push across the water!


Kiss kiss!!


Family dolphin pic!


Ryan’s dolphin kiss!


Ryan getting his dolphin push!

10 thoughts on “Dolphin kisses

  1. OMG i loooovvveeee dolphins they are sooo cute and that looks AWSOMME! by the way i live in england not america but i still luve u IJ xxxxxx

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  3. Omg I looooooove dolphins! They’re sooooooo cuuuuute! They’re my most fav sea animals. I would love to go in the water and to play w/ one……Justine, u and Ryan we’re soooo lucky. U guys r awesome!

  4. OMG, that is SO cool! Swimming with the doplines is the best the best things in life you can ever experience! I actually got to experience swimming with the dolphines once. It was at Sea World (in San Diego). My girlfriends and I were at the dolphin show and when the time came to ask for a volunteer to come in the pool to be a part of the show, I had my hand up and was selected! I was so excited! My dream was coming true. Yes, I of course went fully clothed and walked around wet for the next couple hours, but it was an experience of a lifetime! I’d TOTALLY do it again!!! :-)

  5. what the heck!!!!!!! this is soo cute i love dolphins i wish i have seen one but ive never seen one or bin to a water park or something like that to see those dolphins and where the heck is that place

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