Farmville Halloween Costume


I couldn’t decide what to be for Halloween and I only had about an hour to figure it out before going to a party on Friday. While harvesting my crops on Farmville, I decided that I would in fact go as the game.

I simply printed out their logo, slapped it on my back and proceeded to put a bunch of animals all over me. Like I tweeted before, I can’t quite say if this qualifies as a Halloween costume but whatever!

20 thoughts on “Farmville Halloween Costume

  1. You seriously need to go to FarmVille Rehab! But nice costume, if you can call it one :) But FarmVille is scary when you forget to harvest your crops so it can sort of qualify!

  2. It defiantly looks like a halloween costume to me and a very good one indeed very creative and its FARMVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who seriously doesn’t love that app it should come pre-installed in every iphone lets have a farmville mania lol

  3. I actually went as Facebook! High five for geeks, iJ! I wrote BOOK across my face and wore a blue shirt. Some people thought it was great, others not so much. :)

  4. Justine, why must you make me cry?

    When I saw the first photo on Flickr I just figured you went as a poor farm girl.

    When Rachel just linked me to this post my jaw dropped and I cried.

    Give up the farmville/town/city/blah before you end up like your character on L&O: SVU ??? all moo’ed out.

    Your Aussie Husband.

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  6. the new green alien-cow would have done lovely on your costume… unfortunatey it came out on nov 1st *lol*


  7. hey justin! i know you’re addicted on farmville… and i’m too addicted to that game.. so.. can i have your e-mail address in your facebook account.. and i will add you in my neighbor list.. “Justin.. plays farmville.. and her farm is ugly….Justine:”My farm is beautiful and it is amazing” heheheh…

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