First iPhone 4 video


Here it is! I used the front facing camera which is why it’s not hd :)

22 thoughts on “First iPhone 4 video

  1. omg ! SO EXCITED for you, the iphone 4 doesn’t launch in norway in June but July :( i don’t know when in July, but wow ! but anyhow enjoy yourself… oh and should i buy the black or white one ! i kinda like the white one, but i’m a little skeptic on the fact that it has a white front. anybody who reads this pleas comment on wich i should buy :)

  2. What weirdo has if you cares if you gotten this buggy iphone 4. wait until you have problems with it LOL… Please get a real life.

  3. iJustine!!! Today I realized that I am IDIOT! And you know why? Cuz I loveD Sony devices and i just bought a Super expensive Window Mobile phone!!!!!! ARGGGGG!!! Just say that I’m IDIOT ok?

  4. Oh geez! I want one, but then again…At&t. Maybe I’ll be better off with a new ipod touch? This is a serious problem and I don’t like it.
    BTW, did someone yell out “you’re gonna fall?”

  5. Hahahah! What a video!!!! I have had girlfriends less excited in bed than you were with the iPhone! Nice touch with the t-shirts! Just don’t drop it, I hear that they don’t survive even 1ft falls :(

  6. U lucky girl.. Congrats with ur new iPhone. Next month it will be in the Netherlands :-)
    Always great to see a happy pretty iPhone fan..

  7. Were you controlling your enthusiasm for Bre’s sake? I wanted to see “crazy iphone lady” :( Anyways I’m happy for you getting a new @ijustinesiphone.

  8. Awsome please do a review about what you like dis-like and what would you change about the features. See ya.

  9. WAAAAA iphone 4 dosnt come out in New Zealand until freakin july the bloody 24th!

    CURSE this tiny country at the bottom of the world.
    I am so moving to the US soon.
    WAIT FOR ME IJ!!!!

  10. I was so happy to finally get mine after no reservation and 12 hours of waiting that I actually forgot to take a video of mine. Yes 12 hours(after the store opened) and I almost didnt get it because the person on my family plan didnt pay the balance yet so i almost didnt have enough. Did they serve food at yours? We had pizza, mcdonalds, cladaugh irish sandwiches and amped energy drinks.

  11. ummm you activated your iPhone in the store? You?re an experienced user? You mean you made other people wait around needlessly to get theirs? Activate at home? that?s part of the beauty? *sniff* I got mine and came out screaming ?Home Activation? and everyone cheered!

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