Steve Jobs - Official First Look (HD)

  • Ali Aljoubory profile image
    Ali Aljoubory

    Any movie about Steve Jobs will be worth watching. Only because you can learn tons from a man like him, so finding out every part of him is so important.

  • Jose  Ventura profile image
    Jose Ventura

    I dig this movie! I mean the one with Ashton was when he was young and this one when he got older? Still seems interesting!

  • Benjamin Remy profile image
    Benjamin Remy

    It'll be good since Danny Boyle is directing it, but the casting seems a little weird, i love Fassbender and Rogen, but i don't know something seems off. But after all this is just a teaser so i might be wrong. Anyway i'll be seeing this in ...

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Caseless iPhone?!

  • Ilan Roberts profile image
    Ilan Roberts

    I have like casless phases, like for three weeks ill not have a case and then no case!:)

  • Ilan Roberts profile image
    Ilan Roberts

    Where dose justine get that camo case?????

  • Kim Top profile image
    Kim Top

    I go caseless when I'm at home, which is mostly carpet. In the wild? Heck no!

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iJustine on Price Is Right

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    I recorded it and watched it immediately when I got home. You were such a great model. I also watched the video from when you were on the Prices Right the first time a long time ago and loved it. That's amaz how you won all that stuff. Also ...

  • Paige Davis profile image
    Paige Davis

    I made everyone at work watch this episode because iJustine was on it!

  • Dylan Desjardins profile image
    Dylan Desjardins

    i still remember when you said $1 it was the only time i seen anyone do that lol

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New Gold MacBook iSight Test!!

  • Ben Keyser profile image
    Ben Keyser

    I thought the laptop was WAY overpriced, but I still liked it because it was really good looking. Now that it isn't as bad as I thought in the performance category, it is the perfect machine for me because it is stylin' and a performs surprisingly well. I am ...

  • Joey Trevino profile image
    Joey Trevino

    Yay for the give away!

  • Christopher  profile image

    I must admit I thought this laptop was just going to be an over priced ipad with a keyboard but it actually seems like a good laptop for people like me that just go on the web, light photo editing, and some writing

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How To Get a Man

  • Seth Gilfillan profile image
    Seth Gilfillan

    Hi ijustine im such a big fan i wake up every morning and watch your videos And i will be buying your book straight away when its out Keep making videos Ps your awesome

  • Mike Bates profile image
    Mike Bates

    The videos of libby are always great haha. Excited for part 2 :)

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    I'm SO HAPPY that Libby is back.

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