• Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    Congrats Bre. Hope you have a lovely marriage.

  • Stacey Reiri profile image
    Stacey Reiri

    That's a really freaking cute puppy.😍😍

  • Ryan Gomez profile image
    Ryan Gomez

    I honestly love these videos with Bre. She's clearly not about that YouTube life haha

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  • Ryan Gomez profile image
    Ryan Gomez

    I loved the book, Justine. It was so thoughtful and entertaining, and really cool to learn more about you than what we see in your videos. I feel like we learn a lot about you from what you put online, but it's hard to get a grasp on your ...

  • Hannah Shiple profile image
    Hannah Shiple

    Hey Justine, I know you were just here but Pittsburgh misses you!

  • Darcy L. profile image
    Darcy L.

    I can't wait to see the book!!!!!!

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Caseless iPhone?!

  • Alexander Davies profile image
    Alexander Davies

    Rebeles don't use cases!!

  • lucas harper profile image
    lucas harper

    im not brave enough to have my iPhone 6 caseless its to risky although a naked iphone is like the best thing on earth lol

  • Jordy M. profile image
    Jordy M.

    I have an iPhone 5 and I don't use a case. Since I like the feeling in my hands from the aluminium.

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  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    Can't wait for you to post the dancing in the Apple Store video tomorrow. And for your book coming out tomorrow. I can't wait to read it. I pre-ordered it like over 3 months ago on Amazon. Therefore right when I get it im going to read ...

  • Hannah Shiple profile image
    Hannah Shiple

    Ijustine I just wanted to say your the greatest thing since sliced bread <3

  • Ryan Gomez profile image
    Ryan Gomez

    Oh, I hope you made it to FAO Schwartz before it closes! Fifth Avenue is my favourite Apple Store in NYC. The store they just opened up on the Upper East Side look beautiful too, though. You'll have to christen that store with your dancing talents! Hope you had ...

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iJustine book is finally out now!

  • Mike Bates profile image
    Mike Bates

    This book was amazing. Already listened to it all on audible. So cool getting to know more of your life on and off the internet. You are amazing Justine :)

  • Paige Davis profile image
    Paige Davis

    Any book stops in Nashville, TN?

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    It was such a GREAT BOOK. I read it in less than 8 hours. Your my role model, big inspiration, and I admire you SO MUCH.

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ZOMBIE BATTLE! Fight of the Living Dead!

  • Henri Sormunen profile image
    Henri Sormunen

    i love that

  • Basic Zeb profile image
    Basic Zeb

    I have seen all episodes and i love this!! I got extreamly sad when you died... =(

  • Kelvin Suryadji profile image
    Kelvin Suryadji

    I have been waiting for this, for over 10 months, every single day, ever since BlackBoxTV uploaded the mini teaser video. You were sooo amazing. I can tell how your Video Game playing skills really helped you in the competition. :D

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  • Zane Simmons profile image
    Zane Simmons

    Hahaha nice

  • Ty Johnson profile image
    Ty Johnson

    Oh My Geeez!!!

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    I can't belive Shane and Joey did that to your face. But at least at the end Joey did it to himself and Shane so it'll look like all you guys got plastic surgery. Great video. Congrats on the book🎊🎉🎈📕

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  • Jasco Kowalczyk profile image
    Jasco Kowalczyk

    I hope there will be some fans who will be able to take the "gifts" from You on one of Your YouTube Video :). Im waiting for it :).

  • Adit Garg profile image
    Adit Garg

    I NEED EM ALL #ijTHINGYS ... i love all tech thingys !! #ijGOcoco

  • Daniel Campbell profile image
    Daniel Campbell

    This a really cool format to hold a contest like this, i will definitely read your new book, I'm excited and thankful that your doing cool things like this;)

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  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    That seemed like so much fun. I wish I was there but to bad I'm still in school. Hope you had fun. Great video. And all those people were probably so happy to meet you. Just like how happy I was when I met you. Congrats on the book ...

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INDY 500 CAR RIDE!!!!!!

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    That is so awsome how you got to ride in the car. It seemed like so much fun. Great video. Congrats on the book🎊🎉🎈📕

  • kayla wills profile image
    kayla wills

    i live in indy and i surprisingly havent been to see a race. but im glad you got to go!

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