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  1. I did see on the Today Show that mis-matched patterns are IN this year, so maybe you’re on to something!

  2. This is great performance art! It’s like a statement about socio-economic classism and how america’s people and its government are at odds. Socialistic peace represented by tie-dye versus capitalistic war mongering represented by camo… and…um… suburbia is the ugg boots?

    Or maybe it’s just sisters being silly.

  3. So HOT! IT’s sizzling my bacon! YUM, Love me some bacon, Also I have those ;) for Real…my friends resent me…. :) LOVE YA, and YOUR VIDEOS!

  4. you guys are just young basalistes! how could you not be hot! (im gay so I really dont see how my opion counts…)

  5. you guys are just young basalistes! how could you not be hot! (im gay so I really dont see how my opion counts?)

  6. “I’m a vlogger! Of course I can fly!”
    “Is it just me, or is gravity not working today?” “this is a hilarious caption”

  7. PLEASE i really want the camera i will eat my grandma’s hair or my dogs hair (i wounder if he has fleas? i hope not) if i dont get that camera!! oh i love you’re show you’re very funny and creative!! KKKKKKK Happy 4rth of July!!

  8. sweet site justine I like your videos and I think your pretty cool I would say your hot but you look like my aunt from massachusetts and you also kind of remind me of her and it is kind of weird but I still like you even though you remind me of my aunt. funny I thought your site only had a home page I was going to say why only a home page but your other pages are in your sidebar. I am a web designer if you like my work and ever want me to design your site for you I can check out my site pixalpocketmedia. I would like to have camera but I don’t think you will give me one I never win anything.

  9. love your vids, the first video i saw about you was i want a pizza, lol i laughed so hard and a still do today! by the way nice oufit!

  10. Hey, I have 2 Questions for Ask IJ-
    1. What Is your Favourite Chocolate?
    2. I am coming over to California very soon, so what store should i go to for the food shopping as i have never been to california before.

    Thanks xxx

    Btw i LOVE IJUSTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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