Apple Watch: First Impressions

  • Luke Ames profile image
    Luke Ames

    How much on a scale from 1-10 how much do I need this?! Probably 1 but I'll be getting it anyway.

  • Zinedine Btr profile image
    Zinedine Btr

    Yeah 1 😂😂😂

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    I'm so happy that you did an unboxing of your Apple Watch. So now I know which Apple Watch to get.

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Apple Watch Unboxing

  • Michael Lara profile image
    Michael Lara

    Apple watch looks really nice!

  • Ryan Ciani profile image
    Ryan Ciani

    as if cell phones, I pads, I pods, laptop computers, and all the other stuff cant already get you on the internet now theres this.

  • nicole  profile image

    It looks very nice!

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  • Tim tim Moore profile image
    Tim tim Moore

    Justine you won't need the survival kit your too awesome to eat

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    Wow, I actually thought that there were useful things in a zombie survival kit but I guess I was wrong.

  • Basic Zeb profile image
    Basic Zeb

    useless things... bur funny video!! =D

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  • Howie Chen profile image
    Howie Chen

    You must of had fun Justine :D Wish my life could be like that xD

  • Dylan Desjardins profile image
    Dylan Desjardins

    If anyone should teach someone about social media it should be you hands down

  • Mike Bates profile image
    Mike Bates

    You were the perfect person to teach him all the social media ways.

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New Gold MacBook iSight Test!!

  • Ben Keyser profile image
    Ben Keyser

    I thought the laptop was WAY overpriced, but I still liked it because it was really good looking. Now that it isn't as bad as I thought in the performance category, it is the perfect machine for me because it is stylin' and a performs surprisingly well. I am ...

  • Joey Trevino profile image
    Joey Trevino

    Yay for the give away!

  • Christopher  profile image

    I must admit I thought this laptop was just going to be an over priced ipad with a keyboard but it actually seems like a good laptop for people like me that just go on the web, light photo editing, and some writing

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