iJustine book is finally out now!

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    Mike Bates

    This book was amazing. Already listened to it all on audible. So cool getting to know more of your life on and off the internet. You are amazing Justine :)

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    Paige Davis

    Any book stops in Nashville, TN?

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    Adam Moreno

    It was such a GREAT BOOK. I read it in less than 8 hours. Your my role model, big inspiration, and I admire you SO MUCH.

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    Joshua Chong

    I'm left handed too !! And I also find it hard to write fast, which makes my handwriting like the worst a human can ever have (literally, if you have a chance to see me write something)

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    Zane Simmons

    Hahaha nice

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    Ty Johnson

    Oh My Geeez!!!

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YouTube Phenom iJustine’s Advice: ‘Get a Tough Skin or Don’t Do It’

  • Ryan Gomez profile image
    Ryan Gomez

    Wow, this was so awesome. It's entirely true - you really can't do what you do expecting everyone to like you. I think reading your book and things like this has reaffirmed my belief that it's important to just do what makes you happy and that the right ...

  • Adam Moreno profile image
    Adam Moreno

    Love this article. I read your book in less than 8 hours non-stop. While I was reading it I listened to it on audible just because it was you reading it. It was so inspirational. I look up to you like a HUGE role model to me. I admire ...

  • Jairo Martinez profile image
    Jairo Martinez only interviews those who have paved the way for others to come through. I hope your article appears in their monthly magazine. This was an excellent read and I love the quote and can definitely relate to it.

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