7 thoughts on “iJ Likes – iPhone 5 glitter cases

  1. OMG, those are awesome! I would totes get them in various colors if I actually had an iPhone 5. I want an iPhone 5. *drools*

    I follow all your videos via your blog here instead of via youtube so I don’t really care which video’s go on which channels as long as you keep posting them all here!

    Love your videos! xoxo

  2. I don’t have an iphone 5 cuz i am only 10 but if i did i would buy those cases i loooovvveeee sparkles !!!!!!

  3. Have you ever done a “What’s on my iPhone” video? You’re a crazy apple fan. That would be a cool video to see :)

  4. lol, i dont have an iPhone just a plain alcatel but i have an iMac and i LOVE apple mac its amazing!! i rlly want an iphone5

  5. Yesss! Please move iJ likes to your main channel! I loooove your reviews. First vid of yours I ever watched was the review for Plia Designs cases! :)

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