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Woo! Starting to post iJ Likes on my ijustinereviews channel starting next week. Leave me some comments below letting me know what things you ‘like’ :) or.. love!

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  1. i think you should make some tutorials! like for example what plug ins you use in final cut or motion or something like that! i think that’d be awesome! i really want to find out what plug ins you use for your effects in your music videos and that kind of stuff!

  2. Here are some product companies that I like for you to check out:

    Also would be interested in your thoughts on Parrot Drones. I’m thinking about getting one; they’re quite expensive but I suspect they are easier to fly than those little helicopters.

  3. Hey ok! I absolutely ADORE you! So I was wondering what’s ur favorite hair care product ?

  4. What program did you use to make this website and where did you get the design? I like the retro, text bubble look to it!


  5. “Wen’ shampoo by Chaz Dean. Immediate results after my first wash, you should definitely try it. :)

  6. Hey IJ! I am a huge fan of yours and I am from ARGENTINA. I love you :D and I drink a lot of yerba mate! The grocery’s vlogs are perfect to me because i really like watchin what food american people eat!!!

  7. Bey ij I think you should do a video on what hair products or face products you use. Also what server do you use on minecraft?

  8. Hey Justine! :)
    You should make a video where you like to get your things like clothing, to grocery shopping! I watch a TON of your videos and love your outfits so, I wanna know where you get them? :) Thanks bunches!!! :)

  9. There are a couple of new couple apps out there. I got a beta invite to one called @kahnoodle. It lets you give your bf/gf “kudos” and badges for doing sweet things and you unlock rewards and discounts for going on dates, etc. Its really cool you should check it out! http://www.kahnoodle.com.

  10. Ijustine,

    Love your videos. You are very pretty, classy and stylish sweetie! I am big fan of yours.

    I love your review on gold glitter french manicure. I think it looks great on your hands.

    Could I do following request for video: could you do a review on french pedicure or on black or pink tip pedicure for feet. I would love to see you do video on pedicures and your opinion would mean the world to me. Would also love to see comments of other viewers.

    Maybe you can also suggest wich shoes to wear with a sexy pedicure. If you have a nice pedicure you wanna show it off.

    Maybe then I will be persuaded to try for example a pink tip ped myself.

    Kind regards and hope you will do the review. Love you,


  11. Hey:
    I volunteer for the American Red Cross and we are trying to promote 2 free apps for smart phones. One is for first aid and the 2nd is for disaster prep. Is this something you would be willing to talk about on this channel?
    Long time fan,
    John Maloney

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