iJustine Apple Store Million Subscriber Dance!


Ah! Thank you guys all sooo much for the support over the years. I’ve just hit a million subscribers on youtube and couldn’t have done it without you all :)

Here’s a little dance and terrible lipsync video for you! Woo hoo! lol

22 thoughts on “iJustine Apple Store Million Subscriber Dance!

  1. I have a fun idea for a video for you:

    I noticed how you spoke an american/english dialect in one of your video’s.

    As a foreigner I didn’t really realize that americans have dialects too and I found it quite funny.

    I, for one, would also find it quite interesting to see at least one video where you completely talk in this strange american dialect !? ;)

    Will you consider making such a fun video ;) :) =D

  2. What a fitting 1 million sub video. I started watching you when you had about 25,000-30,000 subs. So far it has been entertaining and hope it stays that way for years to come.

  3. From a 1 in a million subscriber to you, ijustin.
    Hi ijustine,
    First of all, congratz for your 1M subs, you deserve them and you should get a flower ( a realy good one) for each subs you have, but what realy inspired me to write this was your vidcons videos. While I was watching it was a mix of feelings, first I felt exited because all the dynamic of vidcon looked awesome, but then when the video ended I started to feel depressed and sad cause I just remembered that I would never be able to go to a vidcon. I went to to or PAT (Portuguese aerial transportations) website to see how much would cost a flight to LA and I just felt even worst. I would need more than 2000? just to go there, and I?m only 17 I don?t have that money, it was a huge slap in the face. After this I went to my bed and I started to think about how cool it would be to live in the USA that is the main topic of my text.
    We don?t choose where we are born but, from what I have experienced, if I was able to choose I would choose to be born in the USA. I know that are lots of people on the USA that live bad and are poor, but the idea we (the Portuguese) have from the USA is that it?s a country where everything is possible and everyone is happy. Let?s face it, every cool event happen in the USA and every time I see a vlogish type of video, either from you or any other, I just wish I would be there. For example, the gaming community in the USA includes both girls and guys, and that is very cool and its even cooler when there are cute good looking girls playing (Spoiler: you), but here is rare to find a girl that enjoys gaming and that sucks cause I would like to have a girlfriend that would enjoy gaming as much as I do. In the USA, as far as I know, there is always a feeling of progress in the air and a good feeling of being a part of a community that I would like to feel, cause right now I feel lonely, alone and sad and I just wanted to share my feeling with you cause when I look at you I feel good(cause the image you pass by the computer is someone very happy and a friend of their friends) and your friends are lucky to know you.
    I hope you are thankful for living in America and I hope we meet up someday, maybe when I have a job and I have some savings.
    I have some questions for you:
    Q: what you think about Portugal and would you like to live here? Or just go on vacations?
    Q: Do you like to live in the USA or would you like to live elsewhere? Where and why?

    If you read all of this I would be already happy but if you just skipped to the end I hope you live a happy live and happy 1Million subs

    Ps: I know that are people that live in places worse than where I live like Africa and are happy with what they have, and I just want to say that I like where I live and I?m thankful for it but I would like to live in the USA ? maybe one day who knows .

  4. It takes some real nerve to pull off a flow and choreography of that caliber in the middle of the Apple store. Much props to you iJustine! Teach me some moves! :)

  5. haha, check out the apple store employees in the background all huddled in a group going “hey, is that chick ok? y’think we shud call security?” hahaha.

    and how come nobody recognizes you? what’s wrong with them? if i saw u at my local apple store (in waikiki) i’d totally come and say “wuts up ij?”.

    btw, i think u rap and dance pretty good… awrite, its a lil geeky but hey, wutevs. peace.

  6. Hi Justine
    Every Oscars season reminds me of when I came to interview you in SantaMon for Sky News: you were very friendly and sociable with our team – and the coffee shop you chose was great. We go there every time we’re over in LA! Well done on reaching the big million – REALLY love your spoof video of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. So funny, so clever – and so much better than the real thing!
    See you again some time.

  7. That video was F U N N Y! you sure have allotofnerves….. congrats on all your subscribers you pop girl you! KEEP ON TRUCKIN!

  8. Greetings from Mexico congratulations for your million fans i?m a huge fan of your videos especially the apple?s ones i hope i can watch new videos soon.

  9. Justine.. you?re officially HILARIOUS!
    I love this video, lmao, litterally laughed out loud as the people were watchng you and you just carried on dancing!
    on a real though, I find you inspiring with what you?re doing (the reporting etc), as someone who?s just got started on my blog and on youtube, I admire people like yourself! :L
    Much love,
    Sara xx
    p.s yes, I totally accidently commented on the wrong post earlier… maa’ baad.

  10. Justine,
    Congratulations on hitting A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on youtube. I am happy to be one out of the million.
    Lets make it 2 million!

  11. hey i just met you (not relly) and think ur crazy but ur really awesome and a great dancer(maybe)
    hi i luv u 2! i just really admire u and i was just wondering what is ur carrer? maybe when i grow up i can be just like u

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