21 thoughts on “iJustine live show!

  1. How would one come about meeting you?? You’re a very interesting individual and very inspiring.

  2. Umm I was wondering when is your next live show I really badly want to watch it, but usually miss it by 20 minutes?

  3. I want to play on Ijustine’s server so bad, but I can’t join because it says user not premium ): does anyone know how to help?

  4. wat place on minecraft do you go with your face and stuf i wont to go there i justine plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz aser :D

  5. ij i rely need you to reply haw do you spell ij minecraft.com is it like that? i need to know i wont to play there plizzzzzzz :D

  6. hey justine on your minecraft server set up it asks me the head admis can you tell me what it is please t

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