iJustine Minecraft Portrait


Look at this! @mikekrisza made this on my Minecraft server a few weeks ago. Wanted to share it with you guys because it’s pretty sweet :)

10 thoughts on “iJustine Minecraft Portrait

  1. Hi iJustine I love your videos, in fact I wanted to make something like this but I am offline I don’t want to pay so I can’t get it. ;(

  2. hey ij my cousin loves minecraft and when she saw these she was like wow plz add her on xbox her name is AniyahB she would love to play with u

  3. Gamer here too, haven’t gotten into the minecraft thing but my so is OBSESSED! Love your energy and passion!

  4. I Think That Is AMAZING! But Where Is The Cake When Needed?! XD Anyway MikeyJay Did An EPIC JOB! I Hope He Does More! :D

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