iJustine Minecraft server craziness


I made a minecraft server.. I was dug into a hole in 10 seconds by 50 people. Crashed server. I upped it to hold 100 people and then this happen and then the server never recovered yet :) hahaha.

I need some serious pro Minecraft help. Won’t have time to do much with it until after Comic Con but I look forward to hopefully fixing it up and all of us making really cool things together!

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  1. Hey iJustine, I would really like to join your server, but for some reason the IP that you gave us is broken and I don’t know actually why it doesn’t work. Please iJustine, respond to this because i am your HUGE fan and I really wish to play with you Minecraft (of course the PC version).

    P.S. Love your vids ?

  2. I was there XD, spiderman dude, I just watched in horror as they crowded you like bees. I feel bad for your experience :( I’d love to help im pretty good at minecraft, you saw me like 30 seconds into your video behind ironman. The whole time after that I was just gathering trees from the swamp to make tools and such like a normal minecraft player, but all the others wanted to see themselves on the video and take advantage of you :(

  3. lol. whats the server ip? all of your fans want to know! plus,join the server thebuildcast.fragnet.net

  4. Whoa! Just watched the video, what a headache. You’re going to have to have a more trusted server. Possibly hand select fans you know who are responsible and keep your server IP under wraps. If that sounds too crazy then I definitely think playing on Xbox with close friends and family would be painless. Hope this helps!

  5. Hey there!

    Probably not the best place to send a message but hopefully you get this.

    I count my self as very experienced when it comes to Minecraft servers. I can assist you with having more advanced ranks, ensuring that the server is at all time maintained by having a dedicated staff team that I can run by you to see if your ok with them. A tip for you right now is to add a feature called “Whitelist”. In your server.properties file, enable whitelist by simply turning this to “true”. If you do this you will have to “whitelist” players you trust. Alternatively I can assist you doing this :) . I’m pretty much offering my self for helping you manage your Minecraft server so you don’t get stressed when playing on it.

    Hope you read this message!



  6. Hey IJ!
    Love you! Watched your vids for years and love minecraft!!! :D i would love to build some epic stuff on your server and have some sweet ideas!

  7. can i please play on your server for minecraft and can i talk to you on skype please.


  8. tell me th ip i build awesome things on a singleplayer creative world i made big ben just send a comment (or private video) on my channel my youtube name is michael bostock and my minecraft name is greenassassin03

  9. My husband got me into minecraft.. It’s insane! I would love you play with you. I also don’t dig people into holes… (:

  10. Hey, I’ve been playing Minecraft since it came out. If you want me to play with you and like teach you stuff I know pretty much everything about Minecraft :) Glad you started playing this game it’s AWESOME. Just email me if your interested.

  11. Hey Justine, love your videos. They are so funny! Not that you didn’t already know that… love you! BTW, you rock at playing games!

  12. Hey IJ I have been on your server for a while (my name is Atlas456) and It has become white-listed, so i was wondering if you could whitelist me? Please?

  13. hey whats the server info password and stuff im new to minecraft but would like to play on ur server

  14. Hey Justine! I would loooooove to play on MineCraft with you! Could you please please tell me/us the IP Address? Pleeeeeeeeeeease :) ) <3

  15. WHAT??!!! The Server is FULL???? Please make the maximum number of people bigger somehow.. I NEED TO BE THERE AHHHH I am like spazzin out.

  16. Hey IJ Im ur biggest fan!!! I watch all of your mincraft videos and i guess all of you minecraft fans r way crazy 4 u;) and i really want to play with u on mincraft and ur ip is broken. But i will help u on minecraft i know how to make different stuff with wood,stone,wool, and many other things. :) And im glad ur into the game its really COOL xD

  17. i was scrolling through the comments and apparently we all want the same thing…. what’s your server ip!?

  18. Hi Justine! i just downloaded minecraft on my laptop, i’m new but i already know how to do things, except how to connect to you’re server. what’s you’re server, and how can i connect to it? Thanks!

  19. hi justine! just downloaded minecraft, i understand how it all works on ‘singleplayer’ but i dont know how to connect to your server please can you make a video showing us how to! thanks x

  20. is this on computer or xbox? sorry if i sound dumb but i wanna get mine craft and join this server but i dunno what one to get, please help me justine! i know nothing about mine craft but i really wanna play!!

  21. I just went on the server, there was nobody! :( forever alone :D
    There where some griefed houses and a griefed desert temple and sheeps everywhere!
    No pigs or cows, nothing to eat at all actually (only apples), so I died :p

  22. ijustine can u please make me white-listed cuz i can join and I REALLY WANT TO JOIN so please answer back if u can

  23. Hey IJustine,
    I just wanna say what a great server you have, but i also wanna say that i was banned from your server for no reason. Are you able you unban me please because i love to play on your server. thankyou. MWConrad96 / Matt Conrad

  24. I love your minecraft server i used to play on it all the time! But now i’m banned for something i didn’t do, whenever i log on it say i griefed when i didn’t and i really want to play on server! my username is madzie16 and i was wondering if you could unban me. if you do thankyou

  25. i kept on looking up IJ’s server ip and i got 1 its IJ’s server i’m pretty sure, its whitelisted though well i just wanna play on IJ’s server i played on Ij’s older server so ya…
    P.S. im not 1 of those people who try to take advantage of you and your vids

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