iJustine on Maxim’s Hot 100 list!


Yesterday Maxim announced their 2010 Hot 100 List and I made it on to 97! I’m flattered to be listed next to such amazing list of ladies with Katy Perry being at #1.

Thanks for all your tweets! You guys were tweeting me about it before I even mentioned it!

I thought their little write-up about me was pretty funny:

“Most people who use the Internet to find fame get their notoriety the wrong way?we’re looking at you Star Wars, Numa Numa and N64 Kids. But few actually turn the world wide web into a full-time job. Internet celebrity and self-confessed “lifecaster” iJustine took her love of everything gadgets, strapped a webcam to her head, and literally and voluntarily Truman Show-ed her life. The result, catalyzed by a viral video in 2007 about her 300-page iPhone bill, is that she now has a legion of Twitter followers and Facebook pokers who witness her love of everything new and nerdy, especially anything produced according to the gospel of Steve Jobs. (Don’t even get her started on the iPad.) Add to that her model good looks, and you can understand why she’s all th@.”

lol.. don’t even get me started on the iPad — that’s a very :P

More pictures are here if you wanna check them out and the other 99 girls on the list.

23 thoughts on “iJustine on Maxim’s Hot 100 list!

  1. Remember, I followed you before you became very famous.
    Don’t forget us common people.

    You be hanging with the hot, young actors, rich playboys and big name athletes now.

    Just kidding. I don’t think you have it in you to be a snob.

    I do love it though.
    It is great that you are so adored.
    I always knew you were special.

  2. isnt katy perry that smelly, drug-addict looking rubbish singer?
    How did she even make it onto a hot woman list?

  3. 2 (well 3) comments for this and 12 for ikea something really fishy is going on on the internet … but apparently ikea trumps hot girls there now :D

    well kudos anyways

  4. Great job in making it on the hot list! Some really awesome photos – I’ll bet you could be famous one day ;-)

  5. My fav is the one with you holding the hose while water sensually flows out of the spout (i’m snickering… LOL). You can water my garden any day! First, I need to get a garden though. -ha-ha

  6. you look beautiful as always but you should of been # 1 cuz you’re just as hot as the beautiful Katy Perry

  7. super stunning IJ you should have been on the top 10 at least

    congrats delicious Ij with even being on this list
    but still i am screaming YA should have made the TOP 10

    You rock

  8. I agree with the “model good looks” part, but I also really like the short paragraph about you (even though I don’t read or even BUY Maxim. Honestly, I don’t!). your videos are freaking awesome (I myself am also a geek, lol), and I also love the iJustine episodes.

    That really huge iPhone bill was INSANE! What a waste of paper! :-P You’d THINK they could have sent you a USB-flash-drive (or even a floppy-disk) with a “Microsoft Word”-document version of your iPhone bill, or even a PDF-format version of your iPhone bill instead!, lol

    Justine, congrats on the article and photos! :-D

  9. Congrats…really nice pics, you look amazing as always! But why they don’t put you on #1?

    Greets from Germany

  10. THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME! way to go justine! but only 97? i think they’re 96 numbers too high…

    which means you SHOULD be #1! you are to me, anyways.

  11. cosidaring that your 26 and you look younger in your vedios that picture doesnt make you look young it makes you look 26 but congrats

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