iJustine’s Minecraft Server


This is my Minecraft server! So so excited.. it’s been so much fun playing with you guys online!

The server address is: play.ijminecraft.com

You can join our forum here as well: http://ijminecraft.com

Looking forward to seeing what kind of cool stuff you guys build!

119 thoughts on “iJustine’s Minecraft Server

  1. This might just be me being stupid, but I don’t know how to get onto iJustine’s server, can someone please help me?

  2. i got kick for no reason i didn’t curse or grief no one if fact i been give food to everyone i pass by

  3. I CHALLENGE THE TO A 1V1 @iJu5tine
    i may not be michelle rodriguez but you should be afraid justine! -Black0ut SHaDOW send and xbox 360 msg tough guy!

  4. I was banned for border hopping and the guy that banned me had like a knockback or something and he kept putting me back in the safe zone so I left then he banned me D: please unbar me IGN is tigerboy1

  5. To get on the server go to multiplayer/add server/in server name put iJustine’s Minecraft Server/in server address put play.ijminecraft.com/ and then it should work

  6. I have attempted to join the server correctly and it says it is outdated?? Is this because I have 1.3

  7. Hi there all new players of minecraft!
    To get on the server, launch minecraft, then click ‘Multiplayer’ (you need the real minecraft, the one you pay for) press ‘add server’ then name it whatever you want, i prefer ‘iJ’s Minecraft Server’ then in the ‘server address’ box put play.ijminecraft.com then click Done, you’re ready to play! (the server is currently outdated, put it will be up soon again, i hope)

  8. Excuse me, I just joined the server right now, 10:52 PM Eeastern time. I immedietley got banned for no reason as well as my cousin. Our usernames are TGH_Kierr12 and TGH_Cece1011. Please unban us, We didn’t do anything wrong.

  9. Excuse me, I just joined the server right now, 10:52 PM Eeastern time. I immedietley got banned for no reason as well as my cousin. Our usernames are TGH_Kierr12 and TGH_Cece1011. Please unban us, We didn’t do anything wrong, please please unban us.

  10. i don’t know why but I’ve been banned, as far as i know i dint know i did anything wrong, can someone help me?

  11. I Just want to let you know that the mods you have on you’re minecraft server are useless. I’ve asked for help with a problem 8 times and nobody has even told me sorry cant help you. My problem is that i’m trying to travel as far away from spawn as possible. I’m pretty far right now but i’m stuck on an island because when I go into water my hearts go down. (My hunger is full and i’m not drowning.) My IGN is VideoGameZombie if you could help I would love it

  12. can you add me to the minecraft server list ive been wanting to play minecraft in your server for a while and it wont lemme in…i wanna the porttrait up close :) …my username is xG4Lx Firesoul…that name is also for xbox 360

  13. Can You Please Unban Me!?!!? I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong !!! It Says That I’m Banned For Griefing Someones House ; But The Truth Is, Is That I Was Just Looking Inside Their House Because I Was Lost !!!!!!!!!! Please Unban Me!!! My Username Is Ringleaderxx

  14. I was banned for spamming, I was sleeping in a bed and I started typing ‘z’ to represent I was sleeping. Anyway my friend said it was a Perma-Ban, so is there anyway you can unban me or I can get unbanned?

  15. How do you accept the TOS?
    Went to the site and tried using “/tosaccept”. Just says chat message cannot be sent.

    Please help.

  16. um i got banned for grifing and i didnt grief the closest thing i did was take over a faction THATS NOT GRIEFING

  17. i cant get on the minecraft server because of the dumb tos thing and i cant find how to accept it so can you please change it or put a link in your next minecraft vid it would be helpful

  18. Hi, i tryed getting on ur server and i typed the ip in correct and its jut not working! its play.ijminecraft.com right?? i tryed and it said “cant resolve hostname” whats about that email me back pls! really wanna see ur server! I watched the vid of the cake house so FUNNY .

  19. Hey iJustine i tried joining your server but it says they dont recognise my username D: Do i have to register somewhere or something ? :/

  20. hello justine taylor here and you mean selfish admins banned because i accidentally used caps!!!! and i would like to be unbanned. please read this and do something

    best wishes,

  21. Ok, Kate was on the server and I was pretty excited I was spamming to try and get her to answer my attention and I got banned. It didn’t flood the chat it just put [x10] next to my sentence. Please unban me? :)

  22. hi everyone. if u wanna get on her server its play.ijminecraft.com
    i was also wondering y no one is on it. i went on and there was no one. plus i couldnt build. is there a command to get where everyone is.

  23. how do i apply for player on the server? im guest but i come on everyday. i dont want to be guest anymore so how do i become player?

  24. Can I please get unbanned my computer started to glitch spamed a few time my username is:

  25. Hey Justine, On your minecraft server i cant build anything I know it sounds really dumb but i just wanted to know if i could be able to build and all that my username is mewborn1.

    Thank you for your time.

  26. Can i get unbanned my computer lagged out and spammed i didn’t mean to! everyone on this server doesn’t listen!!!!!!!

  27. when i type in the server and hit connect it just says out dated

    does she have a new minecraft server and if she does what is it

  28. hi! i tried to join your minecraft server, i couldn’t because i didn’t have the right info, but then i tried again. but then it went off of the regester page, and i had no idea if i joined or not. i tried to log in, but it said that i wasn’t on there, so i said that i forgot my password, but it said that something was like, wrong. so i don’t know what happened, but i’d like you to help in anyway possible. i don’t really know what happened!

  29. Hey iJustine,
    Whenever i try to get on the server, it says it has expired. It would be AWESOME if you could update it and make a video so everyone. I know it will take some work but i cant get on the server and it would mean so much if I can.


  30. I just got banned for telling my FRIEND my server ip cause i needed her to test it and i got no other way of contacting her!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i want 2 become player i told my friend whoi showed me this site and said 2 sign up here now how do i

  32. SAme as comment above… What the heck? i wasnt advertising please fix my ban

    “I just got banned for telling my FRIEND my server ip cause i needed her to test it and i got no other way of contacting her!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. iJustine can u plzzzzzzz make server cracked plzzzzz im your biggest fan and want to join sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much just plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. I cant get on IJustin’s server because when i type in play.ijminecraft.com it says I cant connect to it. How do I fix it so I can play?

  35. Hello :)
    I have problems connecting to the server :( i would just like to know if it is my laptop or if the server is full up…
    thank you

  36. Every time i add the server or try to direct connect it says *cant resolve host name* Is it like gone or something

  37. HI IJUSTINE i wanted to know if i could be opped on your server so i could help you because i know you are pretty new to minecraft and i have been playing for a while so if you need any help i am always available so ask me! i can always help you ijustine!! btw my ign is deathninjakitty

  38. I got banned for griefing for pretty much no reason. My friend and I were in our house when the server lagged and i pressed the wrong button and it used my flint and steel instead of disconnectin . I am joshwin01.

  39. I’ve been kicked for no absolute reason, Why? for once i found a perfect server now they kicked me? while i was applying for player applications on the forums!? that’s arctic stone cold, justine

  40. ijustine can you please help me i got banned for no reason i logged on took one step and then someone banned me and i didnt curse, grief or region hop please help me

  41. What Paynestar said happened to me! The same exact thing happened to me ijustine!!!!!! D: I took ONE step and i got banned. :( i really love your server and i didn’t grief, swear or even region hop! Please help.

  42. whenever i try to log in it says unknown host or connection timed out and i need to get back to my faction!!!

  43. I remember that server was the first time I played minecraft. I learned how to play and everything. And I was there when it was shut down, and my friend and i were booted off. We didn’t know that it was shutting down, please don’t shut down forever!!!

  44. the server is gone… idk if its comeing back but ijustine said that its over and shes thankful for all the good times on twitter, so i assume its gone, frankly im kind of glad because i was banned for no reason, but just a heads up for you guys who are wondering

  45. This is just to let those who are asking, Or wondering know that they can no longer join or connect to IJMinecraft as it has been Shutdown.

  46. I know that the server got shut down and all but I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!! even though all I did was walk around and look at stuff but I still loved it!!!!!! I know that it Is VERY unlikely that anyone on the staff will read this, let alone iJ, but it’s worth a try!!!!!!!!
    PLESE PLEASE PLEASE PLSE PLEASE bring back the server as best as you can just like the way it was when it first opened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BEGGING YOU=(
    I love yuu ijustine!!!

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