Iron Man 2


I just got back from seeing Iron Man 2…

It’s late.. I’m tired.. and photoshop was open.

Things happened.

Who has seen the movie?! What’d you think?

My less than a paragraph review: It was good.. a little cheesy but entertaining. Scarlett Johansson is a bad @$$ and awesome :) The end fight scene should have been a little longer.. it just sorta ended and I was sitting there waiting for something else.

Okay that’s it!!!

33 thoughts on “Iron Man 2

  1. I just saw it and it was awesome. Did you notice the Captain America reference?? (don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the story of IM2)

    That is a wicked image!

  2. I saw it about a week ago, yeah, it came out earlier in the uk and I agree! It was a good film, cheesey in parts but the fight scene needed to be longer, but I supose they didn’t want to make the film too long as it was over 2hrs!

  3. I liked the first one. I don’t think I will be seeing this one in the theater though, as it is Playoff season. Good to see it is at least entertaining.

  4. Alright Iron Lady (not a great title as it belonged to Mrs. Thatcher) – gonna see it next week. Can’t wait to be honest. I like cheesy action films :-D

  5. I enjoyed it as well, the end fight was a little short, but that seems to be the case with a fair amount of comic movies these days, there might be a lot of build up to the fight, but the fight itsself is very short. Oh well, still good.

  6. The end seen did end to early when they shot there beams ogether it ahold of made a bigger explosion and it was fast. It’s weird iron man usually doesn’t kill an hey like in other shows I’ve seen about him

  7. It was good, obviously not as good as the first one though. It will be interesting how they tie in the third Iron Man with the Avengers. If you haven’t seen it yet. Stay after the credits and watch the Easter Egg.

  8. yo yo it was good and i saw it yesterday seeing it again today i think the fight could be longer and i wonder how many times they have to rebuild that guys house like every 2 weeks or something??

  9. i saw the movie 2 days ago and it was good!!!!! the end seen was to short and should of had more action but SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they shot there beams together and it made the beam ball,when it exploded it should of made bigger boom (why does he say you lose) ???????

  10. I did stay for the ending… But didn’t get it so i had to google it :) im not really a big comic book follower so i was a bit confused!

  11. This picture made me laugh today. Neato, you watch comic book movies! I thought it was a good action flick. I agree, the final fight should have been longer and more interesting. They mentioned New Mexico… aka THOR! I also heard they showed Thor’s tool(?) at the credits… of course I bailed at the credits.

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  13. I agree about Scarlett Johansson, she was great! Can’t wait for her in future movies. Love the photoshop hands, btw, makes me want a pair of my own!

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