Junior Mints Attack Again


When Junior Mints attack.. it’s never a pretty thing. The typical scenario is a box that accidentally finds it’s way open into to your purse. Yes, guys.. I’m sure you have this problem all the time!

Anyways, this isn’t the first attack that I’ve had. If you remember back in January, this video is the result of one of these attacks.

No only did it ruin one pair of earbuds.. but 2!!

42 thoughts on “Junior Mints Attack Again

  1. It’s obvious the Junior Mints and the earbuds both feel threatened by the other. They both desire your affection. Junior Mints just fought dirty. That’ll teach the earbuds though to not try and strangle the Junior Mints.

    Look at it this way, now you can spend $80 and get the In-Ear headphones with both a woofer and tweeter driver in each bud. Just don’t put them in the purse with the Junior Mints again.

  2. Oh well…

    At least you have an excuse to get a nice new pair of earbuds? :D

    I say next time put the Junior Mints box in a ziploc bag, and then put them in your purse. That way they are poop free!!!

  3. Last week I discovered some earbuds in a load of clothes I was taking out of the dryer. Husband must have left them in a pocket. The earbuds survived the washer and dryer and work perfectly still.

  4. Look.. you are going to gave to get your Junior Mint addiction under control. Who is the next victim? The Flip? The Ostrich? Gizmo? or gasp * the iphone * ???

  5. oops… that should read – Look.. you are going to have to get your Junior Mint addiction under control. Who is the next victim? The Flip? The Ostrich? Gizmo? or gasp * the iphone * ???

  6. I had a similar accident we have least mints called After Eights they are square with like a mint flavoured paste inside – well I had a small box of them in my bag and they got crushed – I ended up with my camera covered in After Eight – I didn’t take a photo (i could have taken one with my phone.) I cleaned my camera and it’s working but its not happy it keeps taking pictures even when i don’t press the button :(

  7. You have to be the clumsiest person ever. Honestly, who drops their phone so much and then gets chocolate all over their earbuds. You have to TRY to do something like that.

  8. Have you heard of a lunch pail, and don’t you have a Junior Mints Lunch Bucket? Try out some JujiFruits, they are no so messy. You could soak those in hot soapy water and let dry for a few days in the hot sunshine to dry them out so you don’t get electrocuted, gosh girl, slow down. Better yet, get some Mint Diapers.

  9. those junior mints did you a favor. now go get some real headphones. not even really fancy ones but anything is better than apple stock earbuds.

  10. You could just use an empty Altoids can. It is very unlikely that will open in your purse or pocket.

    Also, its a fun joke to play on those trying to steal your Altiods, they’ll get Jr. Mints instead… HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  11. Hey…..

    When is iJustine.com launching exactly……????

    Soon, but when!!! lol… nice work on those jr. mint earbuds.
    ..or is it earbuds’ since its plural …. w/e I’m no english teacher.

    I hope you can see my question about iJustine.com tho.

  12. LOL! This EXACT thing happened to me…. but with a huge bag of Reese’s Pieces. The bag opened and BAM! Melted chocolate ALL OVER my earbuds! It was a gnarley melting to… as I live in Phoenix, AZ!

  13. Perhaps its time that your Junior Mints have a separate bag from your electronic devices. I’d die if I had chocolate damage my skullcandy earbuds.

  14. hey justine i accidentally bought another pair of headphones cuz i thought i lost mine so you could have them if you want!

  15. I guess, like so many have said, I guess this is an excuse to go shopping! Also, try not to take your frustrations out by eating too many boxes of Junior Mints. You have to leave some for another day. :-)

  16. Really Justine, I would have thought that after the first time you really would have learned NOT to have those sweets inside your bag unless they were inside a waterproof case or something.

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