Las Vegas boobs and creeps


Just a little video inspired by this past weekend :)

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas boobs and creeps

  1. Great video. Vegas card flippers. That was an experience on its own and they are littered all over the ground. But by the next morning the cards magically disappear off the ground and are totally clean. :-V.

  2. hey omg i love your videos i seriouslly cry with laughter ! at all of them !!!!!! please can u put me in one of your ak ij ?????? if u like unicorns i highly suggest wtching pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbow !!!< 3<3 <3

  3. One of the many reasons I totally HATE Las Vegas and having to go there all the time for work. They always try to promote themselves as “family friendly” which is completely false. :/

  4. Ijustine maybe you should get real…we are animals…boobs are just animal organs. I think what you are confused about is how culture turns boobs into something evil. Why should a kiddie be be corrupted by a picture of boobs more than by a picture of a nose. Please help us enter the modern world of honesty!

  5. I have lived in the land of the creepster for 41 yrs. (LV). Formerly from outside of Pittsburgh. I must say I enjoy your videos & sense of humor. On top of that you are so gorgeous. Why oh why do you not have a big time TV show (ala Chelsea Lately) with a little more craziness? You need a better agent girlfriend.

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