Neon Green Cambridge Satchel


The other day I saw some girl in the airport with this freakin’ crazy Neon bag and I asked her where she got it. I couldn’t actually understand what she said so I had to do some googling and I found it! ..and bought it!

I loved it so much I had to photoshop out an iPad and put this in its place. WHAT’CHA THINK?

This is the Fluro style but they have a ton of others that aren’t so bright.

28 thoughts on “Neon Green Cambridge Satchel

  1. I think you need to photo shop your fingers back in that’s weird looking, if I was a female I might like that satchel, the color really stands out.

    And if I might say you look Fabulous as usual!

  2. HAHAHAAH CHARLES. You’re right. I was holding an iPad so my finger were behind it! So funny. This took my literally 3 minutes so I wasn’t really going for perfection :)

  3. You should review the bag on your review channel! I know you use it for tech, but it would be great to see you do something a little more different. :)

  4. There needs to be a bright purple one just for you Justine :) Hand on heart I had to do a double take on the photo… I thought it was someone else! hahaha! Both you and the bag look awesome btw! :P

  5. how long ago was this :) and u look good, for a second i didnt think that was u :) love u justine u think i shoud get he orange one :D

  6. I LOVE IT. I love that whole brand actually, but neon is such a big trend now and it’s only going to get bigger this fall…seriously. I need it. I think I have to go buy one now. And since green is my favorite color anyway, we will match :)

  7. one of the things i love about you is your ability to spot trends , that’s a cool item and color ! many of your choices have become big , somewhere down the road of popularity !! it must be your eye for design ..xo

  8. hi, ijustine! i didnt actually realize it was potoshopped! i just wondered what you did when you were in high school/ college because i am about to pick what subjects i take to do later on in life :) i know you are really busy so you probably wont reply so dont worry if you dont

  9. Nice Satchel You Got there! ;) I think you should actually make them then make like a contest on the next Ask IJ episode and give it away (: that would be awesome!! <3

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