New iPhone 5


I have lots of iPhone 5 videos for you. This first one is the unboxing.. I didn’t have any scissors, so I had to burn it open. Oops. Didn’t even realize that was a little weird until I started seeing you guys leave me comments that I’m strange.

..and this vlog, to be completely honest with you.. I’m trolling. I’m excited but this is obviously slightly overreacting. It’s hilarious that people honestly think I’m THIS crazy ;)

This is probably my favorite video of the day.. it’s a test video using the front facing camera! It’s so much better! What do you think?

11 thoughts on “New iPhone 5

  1. Omg. Justine, just saw your video on youtube, it justed poped up after another video i saw. And girl, you are hillarious! Never stop doing what you do.. don’t have a name for it. Love you! LOL. // Hugs from Sweden!

  2. Justine can i have your old iphone 4s!!!! please because my mom is a single mom and right now she has alot of bells to do . And i never got a iphone before. if you intersted please email me ,
    An if you dont have time to send it to me or if your not interstead then thats fine:)
    By the way nice iphone 5;) lol

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