Nikon Fashion 360 MTV Movie Awards


Today I got a preview of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards red carpet and a chance to check out their awesome Nikon powered 360 fashion rig. This is by far one of the coolest things ever! Tomorrow, all of the celebrities who are photographed can be found on the MTV Movie Awards site.

Depending on the 3G coverage and my iPhone’s battery life, I’ll try to qik — that’s live streaming from my iPhone, people (for those who don’t know). To get updates if I’m streaming live, follow @ijustineqik on twitter! I’ll be uploading mobile photos on flickr.

Here’s a great shot that Damon Webster got of me doing my 360 — be sure to check out his site for some great photos from today!

This is a longer behind the scenes video from the red carpet. They used 48 Nikon D700′s to make this entire process possible!

31 thoughts on “Nikon Fashion 360 MTV Movie Awards

  1. How did you get Qik on the iPhone did you jailbreak your iPhone or are you using the 3.0 software and Qik is on it?? Have fun at the MTV say hello to Adam Curry lol.

  2. My head was spinning watching it play,
    Think about the directors and the producers how much will they spin and spend…
    Speechless Spendthrifts!!!!!!!!
    Opps scientists

  3. Now all you need are slo-mo bullets whizzing past for that ‘Matrix’ look or a red cape and you’re SUPERGIRL!!

  4. Damn… I need 46 more camera’s… And that peace of software and those cables and… iJustine of course ;-)

  5. what camcorder are u using to film this video, and the other ones where u walk around filming urself? THANKSSSSSSS

  6. I wonder what it would look like if they had a circular 2-way mirror right before all the cameras… That would be cool.

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