16 thoughts on “No teeth!!

  1. Great job :) Probably the most entertaining ask IJ you’ve ever done. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I was wondering if you get all of your background music from istockphoto’s audio section? Or is there a better site? I remember you making a post about it a few years ago, but don’t know if anything new or not has come out. Thanks!

  2. here’s my question. what do you think of your bare face.
    i meen i wanna see your face without makeup

  3. Oh my goodness I love cavalier king too!! I have two of them and you are kind of amazingly awesome and when I say kind of, I mean INSAINLY!!!!
    I love you.

  4. Please Put me in your next ij!!! other people are lucky and i wish i could be in one. Ive always commented and never got to be. Not trying to make myself buthurt but can you please put me in one?

  5. What would you answer if the cop from the “Terminator 2″ aproached you asking for Jonh Connor?

    a) “Hasta La Vista, baby!”
    b) “You got to watch the Terminator 4″.
    c) “i got no drugs, no bodies, no hookers, no prostitutes….”.
    d) “Fus Ro Da!”.
    e) none of the previous ones.

  6. IJ I love you! been my lifelong DREAM to meet you in person just wanna let you know, I’m gonna go dance in an apple store now… as a tribute to you. keep making vids, you’re amazing, my inspiration xxxxx

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