No white iPhone 4 for preorder or store pick up


I waited up all night to pre-order my iPhone. I fell asleep on my laptop and awoke this morning to the horror — no white iPhone on June 24th. I’m so mad. They don’t even say online when it will actually be ready.

Apple, you are such a tease. Looks like I’ll be stuck with the black iPhone because I’m not patient enough to wait for the white one.

63 thoughts on “No white iPhone 4 for preorder or store pick up

  1. I’m also so disappointed, it’s not even funny. First, I’m unable to preorder, because the store seems to be on overload. And second, there’s no white iPhone?! :( I guess black it is.

  2. I KNOWW!!!! Im from the UK and I was so flippin excited to get a white iphone next thursday, then i go onto apple to pre-order n theyre all like “white iphone is unavailable to preorder”, n i was like “LIEEESSS”, what u gonna do get the black or wait for the white??

  3. I KNOWW!!!! Im from the UK and I was so flippin excited to get a white iphone next thursday, then i go onto apple to pre-order n they’re all like “white iphone is unavailable to preorder”, n i was like “LIES”, I’m worried about getting the black one then the next day they’ll put on their website “white iphone available to buy” :S

  4. awwww that stinks but i wouldn’t get the iphone because of ATandT if they would switch to verizon i would soooooo buy it. :)

  5. @iJustine Strangely when I went to try to pre-order my iPhone 4 through my AT&T account online it gave me the option to choose the white or black one. I only couldn’t go any further for another reason. But I would check into that if I were you. :)

  6. I was able to preorder a white one through Best Buy this morning.

    We’ll see if I actually get it on launch day, though…

  7. I never believed that I would say this but… Steve Jobs is a biatch!
    After he presented the new iPhone I was like: “OMG It would look so sexy in white” and now I’m really sad:(
    Maybe I’ll buy the black one and when the white version comes out I will trade it:d

  8. THE WHITE VERSION IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!! I called the AT&T store and he said they do sell the white one there!

  9. Well, I don’t really like the iPhone 4 in White… I like the back in white but the white front bothers me.

    The good thing about black is that it hides the front camera, the sensors and the screen borders (since those are also black) and when the screen is off it looks all black, with white you end up with a black screen and to stripes of white…

    All in all I think black looks more sleek, so maybe is not that bad getting the black one! ;)

  10. I was a little mad too. My 3G is black and I’ve been stuck with it for 2 years. I was excited to get a white iPhone 4 but the world does not want to have one.

    I’ll settle for a black though. It looks more professional, not as cheap, and less toyish. Still a little upsetting though.

    I want an i4 on launch day so I am not waiting for God knows how long just to have a different color.

  11. I went to Best Buy to pre-order my iPhone 4, and they told me the white will come in mid August. =o

  12. Today was a disaster even for those who wanted the black one. I finally got mine approved just now at 5PM.

    And yeah, where the hell is the white one? Is that available on the 24th for last minute people or what?

  13. My mom is so pissed at at&t she is screaming over the phone and my dad is just sitting there laughing. Thank you at&t your service has been amazing as usual.

  14. ahh i want the iphone, but i have Verizon. hopefully Verizon might get the iphone. do you know anything about that?

  15. Oh wow after my 25th try in a row I finally got through because here on the East Coast our at&t systems have been down so no one was able to get the phone. I finally got through and made my order thank you apple!

  16. Ya im very upset also! I saw on a rumor site the night before that customers would only be able to buy a black, so i called AT&T and Apple and they both said that is just a rumor we will have the iphone 4 in white tomorrow. Tomorrow came and no white iPhone 4. Guess I am going to wait it out. hopefully it doesn’t take as long as it did for tethering.

  17. That sucks. My neighbor just pre-ordered the white one today! i dont know why you couldnt! BTW Im a HUGE fan. oh and i have a question. im confused do you live in pittsburg or san francisco??? also i live in vegas and when you took that trip a long time ago i was trying to find where you were! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

  18. AHHHH!!! I’ve been wanting an iPhone FOREVER, but wouldn’t settle for the 3GS when I heard about the 4G. So after painfully counting down for AGES, Steve Jobs repays me with more waiting for the white iPhone. URGH! … I’ll settle for the black one ;) .

  19. So it makes me kinda happy that there is no availability in switzerland yet. so i still can hope there’ll be a white one initially here (even though i doubt it).

    there’s a much bigger problem: i can’t decide yet *aaahhh*

  20. You look pissed on that picture like you’re about to punch someone. Maybe it’s just PMS, LOL. It’s just a phone! If you want the white one, just wait for it. Patience is a virtue! When I was teen and my mom bought me a car, I waited months for VDub to ship me my silver colored car. I wouldn’t settle for less. I wait for “everything”, if you know what I mean. Yep, I wait for the bus and sometimes Pizza Hut! -ha-ha

  21. That’s funny because my neighbor just pre-ordered the white yesterday morning! Btw I’m a huge fan! I live in vegas and when you took your trip a while back ibwas trying to see where you were!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!

  22. I’m so stupid I sent a message just like that one ^ last night but when I checked it this morning.. It wasn’t there. And now when finish submitting the other one it magically appears!! What a retard I am!! So now you have two comments that are almost exactly the same.. Sorry!

  23. I know so annoying i get it from o2 anyway i love the new white front to it plus must get the blue bumper but will it fit in the ipod dock stereo things in bumber?

  24. white is so much more style :)
    i love my white 3gs and i am a guy and most PPL here in Holland say damn mos white iphone is for woman

    so what i like white

    BTW damn that new one is cheap in your country PFFFFFFFFFFFFF (crying)

  25. HI! I Absulutly Love ur videos ur awesome! Nut i dont think i would get a white iphone cuzz if u drop it and it scratches, its more visible than like the black one! even tho its prettier!!! im also followin u ob twitter, im tryin to look for u on facebook, and im suscribin ur youtube channel!

  26. What a tease… I wanted to get the white iphone 4 also!

    btw, I was watching a google tutorial video on their newest product Google TV and they did a bit of advertising of you!! Check it out!! you’re at the :57 mark :)

  27. Wow! I can’t believe how cheap they are! Or is that expensive in American currency? $199 is cheap for any good phone in Australia!
    PS. That AT&T company sounds like it sucks the big one. Really glad we don’t have that here!

  28. Wow, thats so dumb! Why isnt there a white version for the iphone 4 yet?! Whats up apple? You need a little tap on your head and wake up and smell the coffee!!

  29. hi ijustine, i discovered u on youtube when i was completely obsessed with the iphone, ive wanted one EVERY year but this year. i BOUGHT THE EVO 4g, plz buy it like u were going to with the dumb pre( i had it, and it sucked) i had a 3gs and my evo blows it out of the water, plz try the evo i’d love to see what u think, im a huge fan and i watch u everyday….mind following me?? austin09a?? thank u,


  30. Ok when will Verizon get the iphone. Come on this has been going on for years. They are getting and they are not.

  31. I think the white one looks better than the black one. I’m in Canada so I have to wait even longer until I can even get one.

  32. oh im stuck waiting for my white iphone as well =( im being paitent so i just downloaded the iOS 4 its pretty cool but agh i want my phono

  33. in canada the white i phone comes out on june 27th!! Come to canada i justine and get the phone!!, Lmaotv100~ youtube XD

  34. Duuuuude! I KNOW!! WTCrap! I’ll be patient for you… I’m not settling for the black! I CAN’T DO IT! and I have the 3G which won’t get MULTI-TASKING at all! Why has this suffering been splat upon me… noooo! I shall meet my white iPhone soon enuf!

  35. I want the white iPhone too. I’ve looked everywhere for it, but for some reason its just not available right now. I can’t find any information why. Apple doesn’t say why and i’ve checked several apple news websites like apple insider and they have no information either. I’m waiting for the white one though. I’m not going to settle for the black. lol :P

  36. my dady says I buyying a iphone 4 for you when he was home he says here it is and it was a ipod touch 4!!!!!! not an iphone 4!!!!


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