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I waste a lot of money on purses that I think are going to be THE perfect purse to lug around my gadgets day to day. The biggest thing for me is I want enough separate pockets for my digital camera(s), video camcorder, iPhone, sunglasses, mifi card, makeup and somewhere to hook my keys so I won’t lose them. Now that the iPad is out, I often find myself adding it to my purse collection.

All of these things are odd sizes so normally you’d end up with a abnormally large purse to shove it all in. Not to mention, it would all be just smashed together in one large compartment. I found this purse the other day at GUESS and it’s absolutely a perfect fit for the iPad! It has a ton of different pockets and I can easily fit everything into it’s own little space and the bag still manages to be small enough to not be annoying to carry around. My friends have often been surprised to find out I’m hoarding an iPad in my purse because you can’t even tell.

iPad Purse

There are 3 separate zipper compartments in the top which is awesome because I can have one for my iPad, one for my camera and the other for things that normal people would carry in their purse. Also a plus, being someone that will rarely leave home without sunglasses, there is also a perfect zippered section in the front for those.

I’m a big fan of GUESS and was very excited to find this purse because it fits everything so perfect. Pretty much my entire wardrobe comes from this store.

If you want more info, check it out on their site! Hope you might find a use for this :) I know I did!!!

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  1. Great gift idea if you don’t have a iPad. Looks like they are fabric, not leather? And pretty light weight? very helpful tweet iJ. Thx

  2. “There are 3 separate zipper compartments in the top which is awesome because I can have one for my iPad, one for my camera and the other for things that normal people would carry in their purse.”

    Wait…I’m not normal??!!!

  3. Hi Justine,
    Love the purse. What kind of cover to you have on your iPad???? I?ve been looking for one like that.

  4. omg! it sounds like the perfect purse for you! Was looking into getting a new purse myself…maybe i should stop by the guess store to check it out!

  5. There are times I wish I was a girl. This would be one of those times. I would love to own something like that, but it’s not the “social convention”. =/ But, as much as I love messing with social conventions, carrying a purse, isn’t one I’ll mess with. =P If they offered something similar but in a backpack or something with less tassels on it, I would buy it! =)

    On a side note, keep doing what you are doing Justine! There are few women online that not only know what they are doing, but can articulate themselves so everyone can learn from them. Plus, you are able to make fun of yourself and have fun doing what you love. =)

  6. Hey
    love the bags there awesome
    I know youve probably answered this a thousand times before but I see you have the new canon hd camcorder and wondered exactly which one you and phil and everyone are using I am looking into getting a good one and it seems to take amazing video!
    thanks justine!!

  7. I cannot believe that you *STILL have not* discovered Scottevest products.

    Here [Justine]. Check them out, buy them, and stop wearing extra backpacks, purses, and stuff, for all your gadgets:

  8. I got this purse on this recommendation. OMG! It is perfect for my ipad! Super cute and keeps my ipad in it’s own seperate pocket to stay clean and pretty. I got it in black, which is basically a dark grey. I’m thinkinig about getting another as a backup!

  9. Love the purse for its multiple compartments, but it is a bit pricey for my liking. I am still debating whether or not I should get it though.

  10. I SO want this, but they are out of stock EVERYWHERE!! :(
    I can’t find anything better than this purse.
    I want something cute, yet with tons of space!

    If you find any other purse, you should post it up here. :)


  11. 2 years later I find this post…
    Does anyone know the model/name of this purse?
    Much appreciated!

  12. wishing I could find this bag! no search online finds it! arghhh :(
    but i had this link saved in my pinterest account . waaa!

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