So, I usually never write anything negative things about anyone but I’ve received SO many emails about this super shady quibids company blatantly stealing my image (without my permission) and running this ad all over the internet!

Now, when I tried to contact them via their website, I obviously had no luck since they’ve continued to use it.

So, here is my open letter to quibids. Let’s hope they have google alerts on so they’ll see my post :)

Dear Quibids,

179 thoughts on “QUIBIDS SUCKS!!!!!!!

  1. PWNED!! They are going to have to be buying over 1 million people an iPad. Haha :D
    You don’t even look like a mom I don’t get it…

  2. It is horrible that they used your image without your permission.

    By the way where can I get an iPad for $23 dollars, that’s a really good deal.

  3. Hopefully they willl buy us an ipad! hahaha even though i have one.. love you iJ!!!!! (www.youtube.com/mackenzieandpaulshow please check it out, it would mean the world.)

  4. First, how did they get your picture? Second, why do they think anyone will fall for a scam like that? Third, you should sue them for copyright infringement. Ha!

  5. Can’t believe people actually believe those ads. At least this is hardcore proof that they aren’t real. You should be mad they used your picture in a false ad, some people who don’t read your blog regularly will think you support a site like that.

  6. i love this letter so much.

    Quibids, I hope you buy me a $23.74 iPad, kthanks.

    Justine, you’re the most awesome person ever!

  7. Well, Justine, you should just get an attorney and let them do the work for you. The nice approach which this is will probably not work. You are a professional although you do not appear as such on Youtube and that is fine but legal representation needs to be done here and very soon. It is like trying to tell a Frat house not to have such loud parties nicely. They will have them and calling the cops is only thing that really works. Good luck! :)

  8. Haha Sweet ! You Just Owned Them Justine !
    What Dummys, They Thought You Wouldn’t Find Out With Your BILLIONS Of Fans ? Pshhhh.


  9. Hola iJustine! ?como est?s?
    I didn?t see this before, but be sure they will remove your picture from that advertisement. You could post this in youtube to, so as to ask your followers to send them e-mails to.
    Hope you the best luck!
    kisses from Argentina.

  10. hahah :D DDD you just made my day :D yeah you’re right that’s not right a all .. I hope they take off this sshiizzle

  11. Send them a bill for use of your likeness in in a commercial ad. If you know the photographer have him/her send a bill for professional services and usage rights. If they don’t pay have your lawyer send them his bill.

  12. Justine YOU ARE THE MAN! Hahaha I actually love you for this. Lol
    How in the world is that a mom, she looks like a 17 year old, silly people.

  13. Wow, That is truly lame, I hope they finally get the message, and i think a 23 dollar Ipad for all of us followers is a pretty fair return… Including the removal of the picture also of course

  14. Wow!! How annoying is this. I hope that you can settle this. If not, do you plan on taking any legal action? Just curious.

  15. Wow that is really rude of them… I hope they take it down in a heart beat… what were they thinking? And I wouldn?t mind a free iPad :) haha Love you Justine :D <33

  16. i’m liking the filename of the picture. :D hahah.
    if i could buy an ipad for $23.74 i’d buy 20 and go give them out to random people.

  17. If you are not a mom, where come from our son Justine? You lie to me all these years? :o p

  18. What the hell? Mom wins an ipad ? We shouldn’t buy their iPads, we should buy them glasses so they can see you don’t look like a mom.
    Really, you should sue them. Stealing someone’s image is totally illegal. And I really hope they’ll buy us ipad haha.

  19. I would pay a lawyer to get a cease and desist order. If they don’t take it down the lawyer can contact the hosting company. If they don’t take it down they are liable. i hate fucking scammers. fuckem over iJ

  20. I knew those guys where up to something. I did not see that pic anywhere, but what they were promising in their other adds just isn’t possible.

  21. I would just sue them for use of your image and defamation of character. Might stop them next time they think about doing that.

  22. They’re not only guilty of photo copyright infringement, but also false advertising, not cool.
    Love you iJ! :)

  23. Hah, I love the letter! They damn well better buy us all iPads. And it better not be fancy schmancy $23.74 cardboard iPads.
    Though edible cardboard may make up for it(no, I’m not crazy. They have restaurants with edible, flavored paper in the shape of real food. Gee..what would iPad taste like…?)

  24. sue these cheap shady people the add is probably misleading and they would probably con you some how though no one is ever stupid enough to click on those adds

  25. Quibids…. How can you be SO stupid to use such a great persons photo without permission. iJustine we are all looking forward to our new iPads :-)

    Thank you!!!

    Be awesome and support iJustine taking on Quibids!!!

  26. LMAO im sorry i hate to laugh but i just cant picture you as a mom. Also, what’s the point of saying you won it for 23.74? First of all that is a contradiction and second of all its just a con job anyway so why not say its free? I just don’t get people sometimes.

  27. Great letter. They somehow must not realize how much deep shut they are about to be swimming in. You are too good for those idiots.

  28. Nice letter, you stayed polite and made your point very, very clear! Too bad I don’t do Tweets, but yeah: all your FB-friends would be too much :p

  29. Wow ther stupid as a pc hell, tell them that IM IJUSTINE AND I OWN :) and they better give you atleasst 7653276542425477 iPad for this cause just you, your probably worth 500,000$

  30. unbelievable! justine, i know you aren’t really this type of person but…you do have a lawsuit here on your hands. it’s something to think about. ps- that would be fantastic to have an ipad over this! lol, but that, as we all know is wishful thinking. tell them, if you ever get ahold of them, that you will settle outta court for new ipads for us! haha.

  31. u can legally charge them its around a couple thousand dollar fine cept its a company so i think itl be couple hundred thousand

  32. This is soooo messed up! They need to have some sort of law in place sooo these people can be prosecuted! I have often wondered if my daughter would end up on a ad board in Hong Kong because of all the tourists that hVe taken her photo at Disneyland! Good job Justine! Go after em! I want another iPad , one with wifi!

  33. Arg!! People like them anger me… lol and I wouldn’t mind an iPad! Thanks iJustine! You’ve got my full support on hammering these guys down! :)


  35. iJustine knick there @$$. how do they think they could get away with this. You have so many followers theres no way you could find out. I want to tweet these people angryly

  36. I personally like the “I will not forgive you” part. It has certain je ne sais quoi. Nice. I hope it works out for you hun.

  37. there is no denying your are getting on a bit…

    I received spam a few days ago on youtube that tried to associate it self with you some hip hop producer claiming to be a friend of yours.

    “Not to be creepy but I just saw your post on ijustines vid! i heard her and novi novak were working together on something very soon.. at least thats what tons of people are saying on blog sites! I thought id let people know about it Novi Novak hes my favorite everything :)


  38. Lol. Don’t they know that everyone on the internets knows who you are… and that your not a mom….and we all saw you waiting in line for the ipad……stupid company. noone will trust them anymore.

  39. Oh wow that’s stupid of them. You could always sue them if they don’t respond to your letter.
    And I hope they do give all of your followers an iPad for that amount. I’d be a very happy person! Haha :)

  40. They better be buying us all iPads! pfft how about a iMac to go along with it, it probably “only costs $200″ in their worlds. I wanna punch them in the face. grrr


    I wish you loads of luck!!!!!

  41. Wow, unbelievable. If you don’t have a lawyer to send them a legal letter then let me know and I will hook you up.

    I hereby ask all other bloggers to boycott QUIBIDS. Put a copy of iJustine’s letter on all your blog sites, websites and anywhere else you can think to post.

  42. OH BTW, everyone should also send a copy of iJustine’s letter to QUIBIDS directly.

    Here is their address:
    QuiBids LLC
    4 NE 10th St., Ste 242
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104

  43. are we really getting ipads? that would be cool! there are really stupid if they think they can pull that off without making someone upset

  44. It’s obnoxious how some people think they can just do that without consequence. Using your picture at that! You’re well known, so that’s a dumb move on their part.

    Hopefully they do send us ipads, I could use one ;)

  45. Justine you are awesome! i’d be super stoked to get an ipad knowing it was from your ingeniousness. BUT you could totally sue them by the way, they’re using private images without consent! LOVE YOU JUSTINEEEEE

  46. I wonder if they kind of planned this. Maybe they singled you out because they figured you would call them out. Even with the negative publicity they are getting their name our. I wonder if any of your followers is a lawyer who could quickly whip up a formal complaint for damages and send it their way. Even if you don’t want the money you could donate it to some special charity.


  47. Justine – send a DMCA takedown notice to their hosting provider. Maybe if they go away then these stupid ” Mom lost pounds following weird rules!” ads will go away.

  48. those ppl are shady alright :| why would they say u were a mom and its kinda stupid person to use for that (not that ur stupid) because everyone knows who u are.

  49. Why’d they evem think you were a mom? And how can they just take a persons picture and say that they got for ex: an iPad for a certain price????

  50. well damn… someone needs to go back hand those people in the FACE! and they had better send us ipads!!! plus… nice smiley face in the bottom left corner of this webpage btw ! :D

  51. True! I’ve seen this advert Few times and it is really annoying.. They need a permission to use a picture. They didn’t ask you for it. Probably they thought that you’re not going to find out. Well you did..
    This is so unprofessional.

    Good luck Justine

  52. Justine,

    I did some research on Quibids and here is what I found:

    WHOIS Info

    QuiBids LLC
    Matt Beckham (support@quibids.com)
    Fax: +1.5555555555
    4 NE 10th Str
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104

    OKLAHOMA Corporation Info:

    Link – https://www.sos.ok.gov/corp/corpInformation.aspx?id=3512243257

    Filing Number:
    Name Type:
    Legal Name
    In Existence
    Corp type:
    Domestic Limited Liability Company
    Formation Date:
    6 Aug 2009

    Registered Agent Information

    6 Aug 2009
    2200 N CLASSEN APT 2002
    City, State , ZipCode:

    Other Misc Information:
    Other contact information he’s used for registration:


    Good Luck in trying to get this resolved. The site reviews for quibids.com are quite negative and some consider them a scam site. Since they are using your image without permission and damaging your online rep (which is critical for you) I would consider contacting a lawyer and have them go after Mr. Beckham.

  53. Justine, these issues can get very complex – especially when you have a company like QuiBids, who basically hides behind their web site with no real contact information.

    Since you are a celebrity who has done endorsements, you do have the right to make them remove your picture. They are trying to sell products based on your likeness. You can ask for proceeds of their sales, you know.

    Here’s the case example. Folgers coffee made a new logo and put a guy’s face on it. But nobody bothered to find out where the picture was from. And they produced millions of coffee cans. Then the guy walked into a store and saw his picture. He sued and won. A little more dramatic.

    I say we all e-mail them (support@quibids.com) and help Justine. Or, her high-powered attorney can do it and get the same result.

    Sorry for the rant. LOL.

  54. They’re using your face because your’re so pretty. And you’re nicer to them than they deserve, that’s for sure.


  56. Oh My Gosh, they thought they can do that u can sue them honestly(: THANKS i hope i get an iPad i would love that haha!!…Ok, Ijustine ur not a mom and u didnt win that sooo wats their problem?!(: WOW IJ U HAVE ALOT OF FOLLOWERS THAT MEANS ALOT OF IPADS ….I HOPE MINE COMES SOOONN HAHA THANKS(:

  57. There has got to be some way of contacting them. The are using your likeness without permission or payment to falsly represent an auction. I think technically you do have the right to persue legal action in this matter. Now if you do, I say that as part of the settlement, anyone who replied to your post should get a new iPad. Its only fair right?

  58. One more contact for you…

    Media Contact:
    Jill Farrand
    4th NE 10th, ste. 242
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
    Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=652517127&ref=search

    You will need to join LinkedIn, but here is the link to the company profile which has 11 employees listed. It does not contain contact info, but you will have some names of people to contact…


    Better Business Bureau Profile: http://www.bbb.org/oklahoma-city/business-reviews/internet-auction-service/quibidscom-in-oklahoma-city-ok-90016706

    I hope this is enough information to help you get this issues resolved.


  59. You go girl! That is so effed up! You work hard for your Apple products! That is ridic!! Don’t they have any idea WHO YOU ARE?!?

  60. Wow, this is so stupid. No one will ever buy from QuiBids ever again from this. They are so stupid. Justine, you should just sue them, you shuold really do that. I would! Stupid idiots, they really thought they could actually get away with this? You have thousands of fans, and we all know that you didnt win the ipad, you BOUGHT it, and you are NOT a mother, so at least one person is gonna see it, and tell you. So they are such idiots for doing that. THEY ARE STUPID! Why didnt they just ask you?! Im sure you would have gladly accepted if they just asked you (and didnt put win, and mother)! YAY, woohoo Im winning an ipad! You know, you should sue them. Thats what I think. I LOVE YOU JUSTINE <3!

  61. Hahaha! Great letter iJustine! I really hope they do buy me and everyone else an iPad! I been wanting one for a long time, but I’ve never had enough cash for one… :(

    You rock iJ!! ^_____^

  62. You should at LEAST get a portion of their profit off that Ad. Plus I wouldn’t mind a free iPad.

  63. Wow, that is ridiculous. Justine, while you could easily go in and sue them, I don’t think it’s worth it to start such conflict and create such turmoil. But I think we should all mail/email them your letter and have fun with our new iPads…

    Going to court would suck, but blackmailing sounds fun =P jk…sorta

    And yeah, thanks for including us in your epic letter of epicness.

  64. @David, awesome detective work!

    And I agree with everyone else, Justine you should sue their sorry asses.

    Oh, and should you ever *do* become a mom you’re going to be an awesome one!

    Geeky, and dorky at times but an awesome one :^}

  65. Not cool! Definitely NOT cool Quibids! Go get ‘em iJ! This kind of stealing of people’s images just sucks. Oh, and thank you iJ for thinking of us. I would definitely take one of those $23.95 iPads they should be giving us soon.

  66. Wow :O! What kind of idiots do this kind of stuff? They should take it down immediately because that’s YOUR face and you own it, not them. Jeez. The things people do these days – it’s freakin’ crazy. I’d be wigging if someone told me they found my face on some ad D:.

    I wish you the best of luck :) .

  67. Dear Quibids,

    It is not cool to use Justines face. If you didn’t had pretty people for your campaign, you just photo-shop it. (Dawh, we’re living in 2010).

    Although I think you can get a big fine for that. D:
    OH OH, that’s not good!

    ps. We are waiting for our Ipads :D

  68. Normally I wouldn’t call attention to something like this, but even the negative press wouldn’t help them any. I know none of you guys would ever use it to begin with!

  69. You seem equally insulted that they said you were a mom, lol ? Sucks that they used your face without permission though.

  70. if i were in your shoes i probably wouldn’t sue them
    i’d just make a video about them, since it’s bound to be massivly popular anyways

  71. Ij let’s sue them n with the money we sue them well get ipads n if they don’t they’ll have to buy ipads for every follower

  72. I think that is just plain stupid. Who wouldn’t recognize Ijustine’s pic. I hope they take it off, and if they don’t i would get a lawyer involved.

    btw…i hope they give your followers an ipad for $23.74!

  73. iJ is about to get a million more followers on Twitter. XD

    A website stole some of my videos, I got them taken down within a day. YOU GOTTA BE FORCEFUL JUSTINE!

  74. I hate them D:
    and your right they owe everybody that is following you(1,186,237)a $23.74 ipad :D
    but most importantly they owe YOU a free ipad :) )

  75. I emailed them the following letter:

    “Quibids, I know you wont reply to this email, but you should be disgusted with yourselves. Using somebody’s image in your shady advertising campaigns without their permission. I really hopes she sue’s the hell out of you.

    Im sure your attention has already been drawn to her open letter to you, and you’ve received other complaints from people today about this, but if not, your chief exec should definitely be looking at http://ijustine.com/quibids-sucks/

    With Regards,
    Andrew Macdonald”

  76. I didn’t like QuiBids when i first saw them and their misleading bidding system. Now i like them even less.

    I’m pretty sure the use and modification of the photo doesn’t count as fair use.

  77. I’m glad you decided to bring attention to this Justine. There are so many shady sites trying to pull stunts like this, it is starting to make a big negative impact on legit sites and stores that do business the right way. You’re handling this with dignity, kudos.

  78. That’s so stupid like take a random photo off the internet, hope the person doesn’t see it, say there a mom, say they won it for $23.74 how do you win something if you pay? Me I’d get a lawyer and make them pay.

  79. Power to the People Justine… Sounds like the fans unit. We should all still flood QUIBIDS with complaints and demand a retraction of your photo and a formal appologie.

    Justine you rock our world and this just shows the power of your marvelous influence.

  80. VICTORY for Justine…

    Yeah, I just spoke to Jill at QUIBIDS and I understand Justine that you spoke to them as well and they have removed the photo.

    Must say that I thought Justine was a very nice person and was very cooperative. I asked if she would please post a message her letting the fans know that they have complied.


    PS. I LOVE U!

  82. Hello Justine. I?m Jill with QuiBids. I wanted to offer my sincere apologies for your photo being used in advertisements that promoted QuiBids. Rest assured they are taken down. We had a rogue affiliate marketer (affiliate marketers being marketers who promote products and services, but are responsible for the creation of their own marketing materials that meet the company?s guidelines) whose ads did not meet our guidelines but that apparently were used. Please accept our apology to you and your fans/followers.

  83. u rock justine if they dont take that picture of u can sue them lol or all your fans can create a angry mob lol we love u

  84. i love her vids and hope to get a twitter just to follow her

    ijustine if you are reading this please try to put this in your ask ij

    how did you become famous on youtube

    any tips

    and what should my username be cause i am just like you and want to do vlogs

    you are my hero

  85. Come on Justine, we all know that you’re secretly a mom and that you really did win your iPad for $23.74… there’s no use trying to hide it anymore. :) lol

  86. Yes! I saw this and was like…what!? Did you hide yo kids and yo husband?

    Kidding, and I’ll be waiting for my iPad, Quibids… I’m waiting for it. and I’m so excited, my ears are wiggling from the excitement and I just karate-chopped a brick!!!!. Plus, I just had a ton of caffeine, so that could be it too…

  87. why does this say 157 comments and I can only see a few… and I was wondering, do you have a lazy eye? Cause it kinda looks like it in ur dailybooth pics.. jw. maybe u were just REALLLY tired. hahah

  88. Omfg! Quibids!
    Your f***** up! iJustine Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll be waitinf for my ipad and if i dnt have it..Your going down for messing with my girl and your gonna recieve some durty words coming out of my mouth look out jill.
    Sorry ij i love youu but im pissed Quipids witch should be name “Some fucked up liars”
    Sorry for the language but i love ij and fuck Quibids

  89. I smell a lawsuit… Lawl jk :P

    But I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to use someone’s face for marketing without permission.