RIP Steve Jobs



1955 – 2011

Photo from outside the 3rd St Apple Store in Santa Monica.


11 thoughts on “RIP Steve Jobs

  1. I’m sorry but that is just beautiful…..I’m here if you need a friend, Justine. My heart goes out to Steve and his family, he was an inspiration to us all. He will be missed.

  2. Right on, Daniel!
    Justine, what Daniel Miller said goes for me, too. You are loved more than you know.
    I too, would be honored to be your friend.
    If you need a shoulder, I’ve got two of them. Take your pick.
    If you need a hug, I can send you a virtual one.

  3. jutsine ! i feel sad about steve jobs’s death . it was all of a sudden:/ i used to love hiimmm !!! i found out about this tragedy in class today ! :| ii lloovvee you steve ! rest in peace ! <3

  4. A man I know who was spiritual
    For he never believes in any rituals
    A man I know had seen ups and downs
    For his every down was a new dawn
    A man I know who respected time
    For his life was gone since he lived up his time
    A man I know thought it was his duty
    To make stuff with something called beauty
    A man I know so profound
    That people line up even when he is around
    A man I know so adamant
    For his thinking was so different
    For whenever he used to be in his black turtle neck
    The world got something incredible in the world of tech
    For this poem is just like the shore
    Hidden with greatness deep down the ocean floor
    One will rightly guess this man as Steve Jobs
    Who will always be remembered as the world sobs

  5. I thank a alot my divercities to this man. He has inspired me in many ways through my challenges and decision makings in my life. I am forever Apple and thank Steve for everything he has done for us. RIP Steve.


  6. Found out late last night- devastated. The world lost a great thinker yesterday, he will be missed.

    Been thinking of you also today Justine, know how much he means to you. Look after yourself chick xx

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