Start school! Vlog University!


I just started this new fun show called Vlog University. It’s still super early so I really have no idea what it will become down the road. My plans are to start off slow and have challenges (homework) every week and I’ll feature some of the submissions in the following episode.

I’d also love to have guest “professors” to teach you guys things..


? A professional video editor to teach you some tips and tricks!
? An actor/actress to give you some tips on better camera presence!
??A popular youtuber sharing some of their secrets.
? ________________________ ??? What do you want to learn?!

Let me know what you think! For the first homework assignment, I made it an easy one. Just color/draw me a picture! You can submit it as a video response or as a dailybooth photo comment using this link here:

If you need some images of the Vlog University logo.. I have made a page HERE that you can download large png images to use in your videos / photos if you need it.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing what you guys create :)

91 thoughts on “Start school! Vlog University!

  1. Would you add the caption to the YouTube video? It is great to take advantage of new YouTube/Google technology. It is a surefire way to boost viewership and have the transcript file optimize your video in search engine.

    There are 26 millions deaf people in USA. You could have this competitive advantage. And, people can choose to have the video translate into different language.

    It is easy and I think it will be great for the “students” to learn and use this to their advantage.

  2. This show is GREAT!
    Hmm, i am uploding my video response.. i think i would like to learn how to edit videos on PC. Because i can’t afford a mac at the moment.. :(

  3. Really great show idea! and thanks for having an easy homework assignment this week. I’m not good with homework…

    Oh, here’s my comment I posted on your video. *hint *hint*
    “I want a vlog? university t-shirt! My parents would be so proud. gimme. please?!!!”

    Really, I already told my parent I’m going back to school. They are so proud, they are already sending me out the door. Is that a good thing or bad?

    And what I want to learn (since it is VLOGer school) is how to get over the fear of TALKING to a camera. Especially in public. I’m scared. I always back out becasue 1. people stare 2. People talk about you. 3. My camera runs out of batteries.

    I usually don’t care about people’s opinions, but it just feels…odd. Help a guy out iJ. I’m like a baby without a bottle. A bike without wheels. A crab without it’s shell.

    Will I graduate being a great vlogger? or will I fail and stay at the bottom of this well? I’m kidding, I’m actually not in a well…

    I’m pumped!

  4. I really want a vlog university t-shirt! I’m not from the US but you know… some international exposure… :)

  5. iJustine, I want a VLog University t-shirt in the comments section below.

    Oh, maybe I didn’t need to say that much but I just got so excited! You’re like the best vloggggger ever!

  6. iJustine I want a Vlog University t-shirt, please! :D

    I really like this idea. It’ll definitely inspire me to create a vlog. I’ve never been able to think of anything to do one on but I’ll be doing it on your ‘university assignments’ now. :)

  7. This is greatness Justine. We are writing a book on “teaching with video” let us know if you want us to be a guest.

    After all we got you your first Emmy :-)

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  10. You do some reviews of good vlogging cameras! That would be super helpful. Oh and maybe teach some editing tips? Thanks, I love you iJ!

  11. Hello iJustine!

    I am from Estonia ( and I “discovered” you last year. You are funny and interesting, so please NEVER stop vlogging :) Oh, and the t-shirt – I would really like to wear it in my little country, because I am pretty sure people will be asking me about it and then I can pass the “news” about vlogging and etc.

    PS I have seen only ONE vlogger here, ONE!

    All the best,

  12. i think this is such a great idea ijustine helping others to learn more about vlogging etc its gonna be something worth being part of i’m so in!! and ijustine can i please have a vlog university t-shirt i think ur so creative and fun to watch and hilarious!! :D

  13. Hi Justine, Can I have a Vlog university t-shiiiiiiiiiiirt pleeeeeeaaaaase?? Luv u! U make me want to vlog too!!

  14. OMG this was awesome…I tried to use this to fulfill my dreams of owning an ipad and it just stole about 40 dollars of mine:( but this made me much happier! Thanks ijustine

  15. I think it’s time for Justine to start applying for trademark protection. Justine is a mainstream celebrity now. Most other celebs have sent trademark applications that covers pretty much any tangible thing. I’m seeing too many people stealing Justine’s name for their own gain, and I don’t think it will go away soon.

  16. Ijustine!!!! I want a vlog university tshirt! Plllllllzzzz oh pretty pretty pretty plz with like a gabillion cherries and chocolate chips and sprinkle and caramel (that’s care uh mel btw) I will love tshirt with all my <3 and only wash it on delicates an tumble dry it! And I solmenly sware to send you a pic n the the tee Iof awesomeness if u would be so kind.. As to send me one! Love you! U make LOL hardcore chica! Xoxoxo:Moni

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  18. Its me again my B-day is coming on the 21 this month and that is what i am going to do and Ijustine May i pretty Plz with sugar on top Have a VLOG UNIVERSITY SHIRT!!!! I love U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Hi Justine, I love all your videos you rock hard!!!! your AWESOME!!!
    Question: do u put ANY thing in her hair do keep it so pretty???

  20. Hi Justine, so i messed up a little

    Question: do u put ANY thing in your hair to keep it so shinny and pretty??

  21. hi justine as i live in the uk(scotland) i cant get a tshirt, jumper because they only sell in the us ah understandble cause u live in the us but every1 in my class i am in primary school(if u dont know what it is look it up) wants 1 our last hope is amazon i whish we had zappos and better weather sigh i am not oh BRING tHE TSHIRTS IN THE UK OR ANYTHING no i am just saying it would be nice and another thing see people who write sad comments on your spoofs which are tots (totally haha)funny just ingore them they need a brain scan or they are having a rage hour ya so i amgoing to look on amazonuk but if they have none then i cant get1 cry cry cry

  22. Hi! I have a few videos on my youtube channel but they are mainly “home-made” music videos. Is that vlogging? If I want to vlog do I need a camera? I noticed that on your channel you walk around and talk to the camera, is that what vlogging is?
    Hahaha, sorry for asking but I’m just curious C:
    Also how do you think germans would react to someone walking around talking to their camera?

  23. May I PLEASE have a tshirt? I love your vlogs!! I am interested in starting this Vlog University! What a creative idea! :D I am a currently starting my major in Digital Film Making & Video Production! By watching your Vlogs I am soo inspired! Thank you & please keep up the awesome work!

  24. Hi Justine!
    i have been following you for the last year and became a really fan of yours…
    could you send me one of your shirts of the Vlog University…
    You are AWESOME!
    take good care

  25. Hello ijustine im a huge fan and ur really hot.i love all of ur videos and u,shane,fredand many more ppl inspired me 2 start making videos.i recently just got a green screen.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i realy want a shirt im 13 nd yea

  26. Hey Justine! I’m a huge fan of you and your videos, your my favourite celebrity!! Are you still giving out those Vlog University tshirts? If you are, could i have one?!
    Sofie :) Keep vlogging!!

  27. HEY!!!!
    waz up?(annoying orange) i want a vlog university t shirt so bad!!1 u r my fav YouTube channel person but nigahiga is my first fav! but i love u!! in a freiend way. . .
    ~shortyjordy peace out

  28. i would like a tee shirt i listen to ur songs everyday and when i am ollder i’m going to be just like you( well not exacly the same ) and i would like one and people in my class and my teacher listen to ur music!

  29. Im starting vlogging pretty soon….. Id like a tshirt, even tho i bet its probably wayyyyyyyyy long gone……

    I watch your vids allllllllllll the time and love them soooooo much…….

  30. hi ij, I would love if you would put a new page for the names of the vlog university episodes, because everytime i wanna see vlog university it is really COMPLICATED!
    Carminho from Portugal!

  31. Hey, ijustine I’d really like a vlog university t-shirt! You, CTFXC, and the Shaytards are my youtube idols!

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  33. i love justines vids i wish she was my neighbor and blt thumbs up if you know what im talking about also toby t

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