Start With Sharpie Challenge


Wow wow wow wow wow wow! I submitted 3 of my Sharpie drawings for the Start With Sharpie Challenge!

What do you think of these fabulous pieces of “art”? You can watch me draw them in the video above!

I’m also giving them away to you guys.. just leave a comment here or on the actual video for a chance – just tell me who inspires you :)

The Start With Sharpie Challenge is as follows:

Create a piece of artwork using Sharpie and upload it to their gallery by August 6th for a chance to have your piece incorporated into a music video Sharpie ad that will air on Sept 6th at the VMAs!

…and here are the official details that I pulled from their site just in case you wanted more:

• Through August 6th, fans can enter the Start with Sharpie Challenge by sharing their artwork via Sharpie’s Facebook page for an opportunity to be featured in Sharpie’s first-ever music video.
• The music video will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6th as a 60-second ad. It will feature the music of California Wives and their new release, “Purple.”
• Immediately following the VMA debut, fans can head to Sharpie’s Facebook page to create their own customized version, adding their Sharpie artwork and “tagging” their creations before sharing with friends.
• Sharpie’s Facebook page will be the hub throughout. Fans can listen to the song “Purple” and view artwork and other Sharpie inspirations.

19 thoughts on “Start With Sharpie Challenge

  1. I know this sounds kinda cheesy, but you actually inspire me. I am currently in a video production class at school, so i do have experiences with good cameras. I have always wanted to tell people about my everyday life, but i just find journals or diaries too hard to understand! LOL! Anyways, you actually inspire me to be myself and follow my dreams. :)

  2. Hello iJustine. I just watched that video about the sharpie paintings and all I want to say is that I want one of them :-)
    About the question of who inspires me it is you. You inspire me to be more whimsical and crazy and out there. I am more shy and interverted. I am also trying to get more views on YouTube so that’s not working. Hope to get one of the paintings :-)

  3. The one who inspires me is actually you, since you wear the dinosaur hoddie and such fun things:) Also old kids-tv inspires me.. So much color and fantasy!:D

  4. who inspires me!? hmm let me think… ther truth is that youtube inspired me to do all of thee kinds of wacky stuff, And guess what YOUR one of them! Youtube is what inspires me because I found YOU

  5. U know actually u inspire me and I love u soo much well I hope I get the one of the paintings but even if I don’t u should know this I love u

  6. Hi Justine let me just say you have a wonderful talent and that is making people laugh there heads off . K let’s cut 2 the chase you inspire piggielette insipires me friends inspires me and so do burritos thanks Justine love

  7. ijustine, i was honestly so suprised when i first saw your videos because of how you manage to be both rediculously pretty AND so friendly at the same time! most people i know are either one or the other and you’re somehow both. your videos are so full of life and you dont seem to be afraid to do anything. And even though you have sooo many fans, you still seem to care about them enough to do all sorts of things to make them happy like giveaways and live ask ij’s, and that caring-ness (probably not a word) is why you inspire me. And that dinotastic masterpiece also inspired me to comment on something of yours for the first time ever, because it would mean so much to me if you gave me the honor of owning it!

  8. Yeah like everyone else is saying you do inspire me hope you read this and maybe you could autograph those photos and give them away it would e a true honor!

  9. My father in-law and God inspires me cause they are the one’s who taught me forgiveness and how to love again people who have hurt me.I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them showing me the light to a better life for me and my son.Life is to short to let the world and others get the best of us.Your video’s me and my son watch all the time he loved your lego ijustine he now wants to make a life size Andrew lol.I also wanted to thank you for making your videos kid appropriate so me and my son can enjoy them together. God bless ijustne =)

  10. My bestfriend inspires me the most, she has a really horrible home life, abusive parents one being an alchoholic the other being addicted to cocaine, and she struggles with her own self harm and depression dissorders and yet, she still wakes up everyday and puts a smile on her face. No matter what is going on she is always laughing and smilling at school even if she doesnt have a place to sleep that night. She finds something beautiful in every situation and she truly inspires me. She has things so much worse than i do and yet even on my best day im not half of the person she is. I wish that i could see things in the light that she does. :)

  11. Listen I love you so much but dont take this the wrong way but my Best Friend actually inspires me. I am usually shy and scared to do things but my bestie changed that. I knew her since she was born and we have been best friends ever since. We are mostly like sisters!!!! She has got me to not be so shy around people and the world and she also has got me to try TONS of new things!!!! She has always been there for me and I have for her! We would love to have a sharpie drawing of yours so thanks!!!!

  12. Hi Justine! I love your videos on youtube. I’m a gamer girl – and I play various MMO’s like SWTOR, DDO, W101, etc. Check out my channel at thedivinecaster! I’d love it if you did, it’d mean the world to me =)

  13. I have an awesome neighbor who skipped all of highschool and started college at the age 14. She inspires me so much that I have taken the SAT and have an SAT DS game :P :D

  14. The fact that you take the time out of your busy schedule to make videos for us inspires me to think of other people more often, instead of always thinking about myself!

  15. HI justine,this is actually my first comment on your site :) Not because of the challenge tho,but because i wanted to tell you that my inspiration are Audrey hepburn,for her kindness,you,for making people laugh and smile,making them happy and also,my inspiration is my hardworking,fun to bi with family. I want to thank you for making me laugh on not-so-fun schooldays,and on any other day. Also,I like to draw so I promise you,when I get good at portraits,which is not my best side of drawing right now lol , I will draw you dancing in an apple store,kisses from Croatia,N

  16. Hello just wanted to say that justine must inspire so many people I’m emerald inspired by her and piddleass(kaitlin witcher, syndicates girlfriend) and now thanks to them I am going to start vlogging

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