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I know the iPad has been out for awhile and I haven’t actually done any sort of review on it. Thought it was well over due!

I really can’t say enough awesome things about this little device. It’s so perfect for traveling.. watching shows on the plane, reading books and gaming. The battery life is good enough for an entire trip across the US and back.

As for the big issue of not supporting Flash.. I know.. it does suck but I honestly think it’s for the better. Granted there are many times I get a little frustrated that I can’t view something on some websites, most of the time it’s not an issue.

One point I meant to bring up in this video is when Steve Jobs first announced that they would no longer be shipping the G4 towers with Floppy Drives. I was initially upset because I really thought that was a terrible idea. I went out and bought the external drive and ended up NEVER USING IT.

Now, this is a little bit different of a case but it’s not too far off. Steve is usually a bit early at adopting things he’s usually right.

Most of the content that I do watch is on youtube, ABC and Netflix application. I’m looking forward to other TV networks and/or hulu launching an app to allow us to watch all of our favorite shows.

I’ll be posting a few reviews on some of my favorite apps soon, but in the mean time here’s a list of everything that I currently have on my iPad! Share your lists/screenshots with me :)

Here’s the list of apps I currently have installed. Most are iPad only:

ABC PlayerAccordeonAIMAir Mouse,Air Sharing HDAir VideoAnalyticsAncient Frog HDTwitterrifcArtStudioBrushesBumpBump FourCamera- ACreeps HDFlight Control HDDark NebulaDiner DashDoodle Bowling HDFacebookFoursquareiBanner HDiBooksIMDB,Jumpline Lite (my sister download this one lol), KidarLabyrinth 2 HDiFish PondI Am T -PainGame of LifeGleeDoodleJumpMagic PianoMinigore HDHotshot HDNetflixOddblobPAC-MANPagesParapanic HDPanultimatePlants VSZombies HDPocket AntsReal Racing HDThe Penal zone, The Sims 3ShazamRemoteGodfingerSketchbookSneezies HDSouthwestStar WalkStick itSystemTabToolKitTaxi MagicTV GuideTweetdeckTweetieiJustine UnofficialWakeLight HDWSJWe RuleWeather HDYelpZombies attack 2nd wavePinball HDWords with Friends HDSquare,stachetastic HDgowalla HDVirtuosoC AquariumPianoManSmiles HDSiriTouch PetsPeggleGobble Gator HDSheep Dog, (this game sucks.. don’t get it) Photogene

[big thanks to @KyleWeaverr and @michaeljerrytv for hyperlinking all these!!]

I’ve also had a few questions about cases and what I recommend. Since I got my iPad, I’ve been using the standard Apple case. It works great for protecting the iPad, it’s light weight and can also double as a stand!

I also saw this awesome looking case called the dodo case. It’s a little expensive but looks just like a Moleskine notebook. I haven’t tried it out yet, but would love to see what they look like in real life! If you’ve seen one, let me know what you think of it.

Also if you have any cases you recommend, let me know!

If you were thinking about getting the dock or the keyboard accessory for your iPad, I’d say save your money. I bought the dock thinking it’d be great to set my iPad up on my desk but it’s extremely annoying taking the iPad out of it’s case and only being able to stand it up vertical in the dock. You might notice my dock usually just sits right next to my iPad unused.

It does look a lot nicer standing up on my desk on the dock.. but it’s not really worth ripping my iPad out of it’s case every time.

As for the keyboard, I tested out the keyboard/dock combo in the store and it just felt a little awkward. Unless you’re going to be using it sitting at a desk where there isn’t any movement, it could be useful. Let me know if you have tried it out and what your thoughts are! I can’t really say I’ve used it more than the few minutes in the store, but didn’t seem like something I’d really use that often.

..and if you were wondering, that is the puffer fish making a little cameo in my photos :)

Leave me some comments about what you think of the iPad, case/app recommendations, iPad screen shots, and if you’ve tried out the keyboard accessory!

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  1. It’s not steve jobs place to say what is good for the future of the internet content. Flash isn’t that bad if the people who are programming flash don’t over load it. For a real EXPERIENCE the ipad should have flash instead of limiting people like apple does. Apple wants to put there hand in everyones kool-aid (inside joke) limiting what users can and can not do.

    I’ve never had a problem with flash.

  2. Are they still making ipads and iphones? I thought they were getting sued for using other peoples technology? ;)

  3. ABC Player –

    Accordeon –

    AIM –

    Air Mouse –

    Air Sharing HD –

    Air Video –

    Analytics HD –

    Ancient Frog HD –

    Twitterific –

    Art Studio –

    Brushes –

    Bump –

    BumpFour –

    Camera-A –

    Creeps HD –

    Flight Control HD –

    Dark Nebula –

    Diner Dash HD –

    Doodle Bowl –

    Facebook –

    Foursquare –

    iBanner HD –

    iBooks –

    IMDB –

    KidArt –

    Labyrinth 2 HD –

    iFish Pond –

    I am T-pain –

    Game of Life –

    Glee –

    DoodleJump –

    Magic Piano –

    That’s half of them, wait few minutes :)
    I know how can you repeat the favour justine :)

    Go to my dailybooth :D <3

  4. Minigore HD –

    Hotshot HD –

    Netflix –

    Oddblob –

    PAC-MAN –

    Parapanic HD –

    Penultimate –

    Plants VS Zombies HD –

    Pocket Ants –

    RealRacing HD –

    The Penal zone –

    The Sims 3 –

    Shazam –

    Remote –

    GodFinger –

  5. Justine, you are video producer! How are we supposed to watch your iPad review on our iPad without flash? Point to me to a place and I’ll be much happier. :)

  6. I am a big apple fan, love their stuff but I still havnt bought the i pad as yet…
    with apple waiting is the key..
    their inventions are cool but the successive generations of their products are cooler than the original thing…infact they are so much different that the previous generation becomes kind of obsolete…. we saw it with the i pods compare the first generation i pod and todays i pod nano… same story with the i phone so i am very excited and am waiting for the next generation i pad.. I am sure it will make it bigger than this :)

  7. “As for the big issue of not supporting Flash”
    Hey iJ, you’ve hit on a very, very big point. This is not just big. It is HUGE!
    The big battle between Apple and Adobe (including Flash) will be interesting to watch. I think that this sort of mass-market hardware and software bundle should be open to all sorts of software, including Flash, otherwise it is only going to hurt itself. Jobs is trying to make a stand against the proprietary nature of Adobe development tools and software, by controlling the software on the iPad – hmmm, is this a double standard? Closing the road to many developers for the iPad that rely on Adobe will limit the software available, and the overall usefulness of the iPad. No problem, Google will soon launch an equivalent product to cover the market-gap using open source software, such as Android, based on Linux.

    Want to see an iPhone killer?

    So, as a YouTuber, you can’t watch YouTube on the iPad, I assume, since YT appears to use Flash exclusively for videos…. Maybe the iPad will be as useless as the imaginary Mac iWheel

    Another interesting piece of info:
    “Adobe Flash Player plug-in is one of the most common pieces of software installed on personal computers and accounts for almost 75% of online video material.[65]” from

    Want more info on Flash and iPad, here is a developer’s view point, which brings up the point that NEW ways of developing Flash is necessary for touch-enabled devices, with an embedded youtube video at the bottom.

    I myself use Microsoft for work (as much as corporate America, for now), and dabble in Linux for personal stuff.

    Take care!

  8. I have my i-touch and I know I can’t live without it. I love going on the internet, reading and watching videos at the palm of my hand and if I wasn’t stuck in a contract I would love an i-phone but I have no wish to get an i-pad. It’s like an i-touch but you can’t put it in your pocket…

  9. Jobs, or rather Apple, is perfectly within their right to make a product work with or without supporting any technology they want. The market will decide if he has the power. So far it looks like they may.
    Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Apple isn’t trying to dictate what the world can do. Just what can be done on their products.

  10. @john i think they’ve already proved we can live without it. The iPhone has been out for over 3 years and we’ve managed being flashless. Guess we’ll see how it goes with the iPad.. Lots of angry flash developers for sure!

  11. I ordered my custom iPad case from about a month ago, and I’m waiting to receive it within the next two weeks. I have a Vaja case for my iPhone and I love it dearly. The best part is that you can choose the style and colors of the leather that they’ll use to make it, hence the 35 day handcrafting process. Check it out… they’re a bit pricey but what can you expect with high quality Argentinian leather?

  12. I have yet to use the iPad Keyboard Dock, however I use the Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard on a regular basis. And I must say, that it is extremely easy and comfortable to type on. The reason I’ve decided not to purchase the iPad Dock Keyboard is because it lacks the support of typing in Landscape Mode which is essential for me, also it lacks the flexibility of adjusting the iPad away from the keyboard hence the iPad is too close. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is everything the iPad Dock Keyboard lacks. So if your in the market for a iPad Keyboard, I would definitely choose the Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard which retails for $69.99. Hope this helped ^_^

  13. Yes, I love netflix for there instant play :)

    and i didnt know you can do that on the iPad. thats super Cool!

  14. Sketchbook –

    Sneezies HD –

    Southwest –

    Star Walk –

    Stick It –

    TabTooKit –

    Taxi Magic –

    TV Guide –

    TweetDeck –

    tweetie –

    iJustine unofficial –

    WakeLight HD –

    WSJ –

    We Rule –

    Weather HD –

    Yelp –

    Zombie Attack! Second Wave XL –

    Pinball HD –

    Words With Friends HD –

    Square –

    stachetastic HD –

    Virtuoso –

    PianoMan –

    Smiles HD –

    Siri –

    Touch Pets –

    Peggle –

    Photogene –

    JUSTINE I DIED!! I can’t feel my fingers :( Right That’s it ! I couldn’t find 3 or 4, sorry :) i hope you dont mind :D

    Omg i can’t feel my fingers..
    I love you!
    Michael :) <3

    Amazing Blog entry!! :)
    i enjoy reading your blog :) <3

  15. not to bad, its to bad apple wont take the wifi version back and give you a discount on a 3g

  16. @ijustine Personally I like Flash, I agree with you it is frustrating not being able access some sites because you haven’t got flash installed. But you can get around this by installing a buildin Flash player for your browser. Sorry, what’s a tweetdick? LOL Sorry I will get my mind out of the gutter one day!! xD

  17. I think it can be hard for some people to agree with your opinions on the iPad because you’re a self proclaimed Apple fangirl lol. I own an iPad myself (and iPhone but not a Mac) and I think it’s probably one of the best non-essential devices I’ve ever owned,and that’s after dismissing the product as a big iPod touch that I don’t really need :-)

    The iPad feels so much more personable then a iPhone because of the bigger screen size and I just looove reading ebooks and webpages on this thing while lying on my bed!

    The 2 must have iPad apps imo would probably be Air Video and Instapaper. Air Video can either let me stream all my videos on my pc instantly or let me convert them into itunes (so I can store all my content directly into my iPad). Instapaper lets me read any webpage later on my iPad without having to deal with bookmarking clutter. You can also read the articles inside the app itself which provides a much nicer experience then what safari offers in some cases (like reading with white text on a black background during the night with the lights off) :)

    Lately I’ve been saving news stories and articles on instapaper because it feels much nicer to read them on my iPad right before I go to bed :D

  18. good review! I am not a huge fan of flash, although I think it should still be an option. But the thing is, a lot of flash sites and utilities are not meant for touch input, so that makes things a little complicated. Also, I can definitely see myself cutting out the laptop altogether! I think a desktop/imac would be perfect for creating/designing etc. and then the ipad there for media/surfing. Of course I don’t exactly have thousands of dollars right now, so maybe sometime in the future…

  19. ARGG :( “Michael” beat me to it!

    plz follow me on TWITTER ij! <3
    p.s. i really did get 10 done :)
    i'm still proud of myself for that :)

    PlZ PLZ

    Great work!
    you are gorg, and you convinced me to get an iPad, when it comes out in CA :(

  20. Whoever put without flash your in the dark

    Seriously educate yourself, it has youtube and embedded video files work exactly the same , you press play and they play. Also go make a flash app, I have, they are utterly terrible and I can see why apple are blocking it.


    “This is an opt-in experiment for HTML5 support on YouTube. If you are using a supported browser, you can choose to use the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player for most videos…”

  22. I can see that the iPad has benefits, but isn’t it almost exactly like an enlarged iPod Touch? I don’t have an iPad, but I spent some time using one at the Apple store and I couldn’t tell much difference between it and my iPhone, set aside the size and the fact that the iPad isn’t a phone..

  23. @ijustine in your ipad blog….i noticed a type you put “tweetdick” it’s “tweetdeck” LOL just trying to help you out HA! LOVE YOU IJ!!! HOPE I helped you out a little!

  24. Flash is dead, it’s obsolete. Flash websites are becoming extinct, Flash video is becoming html5 and Flash games, well, I’ve never cared for them anyways.

    The new Microsoft Explorer 9 will not support Flash in Windows. Google is on the bandwagon of excluding Flash in future products. Apple was the first but definitely not the last and in 5 years Flash will be something of the past.

    I love Adobe and all their products and Flash was great but it’s just time to move on or Flash has to change drastically really fast but I don’t see that happening.

  25. I have an ipad and i like it a lot and responce to a comment above, not everybody needs to have flash if you are the kind of person who needs it bc you surf a lot online then get microsoft and dont comment about apple products. For each their own so yeah. iJustine, i been looking for a case like that but i dont want the apple one, do you have any other suggestions from other webs where i can get one. Responce to another comment above, apple it isnt getting sue, they are suing bc of stilling of ideas in apple products.

  26. Hey Rob, this is the guy that wrote with no Flash you’re in the dark. First, don’t get upset, you should read my article and also read the links I provide, the last one by Daniel Eran Dilger is pro-iPad, explaining that it is a myth to think there is a need for Flash at all, let alone the iPad. I think my references are quite well rounded.

    At the same time as your post, I indicated in a second post the alternative of HTML 5 in YouTube – since I don’t have an iPad and don’t foresee getting one, and don’t really know if it support YouTube or not, regardless of not having Flash (maybe you can explain how it actually does this, is it HTML 5, etc?)

    Anyway, a very important issue here is that Apple (and Job’s letter) emphasizes different points:
    2-Full Web
    3-reliability, security and perf
    4-battery life

    where OPEN is listed as number one, and TOUCH as last (after battery life!). If I were them, I would simply take OPEN off the list, and move TOUCH to number 1 – since the experience of Flash without a mouse pointer is pretty much unsolvable (unless the develop a finger hover vs a finger touch on the iPad).

    You can’t go around talking about OPEN, and then specifically PROHIBIT options. Let the developers decide on their own, develop in a soon to die platform (Flash) or move on quickly.

    Now, I bet you that your iPad will be old and replaced by the next version of hardware by the time Flash is truly dead and gone, so Apple?s move appears to have another agenda in prohibiting it?s use . This more a case of business ethics, and not technology. Still in the dark? Shed some Flash on it?

    Take care!

  27. Nice video as always.

    Here’s a question: “How do you not have the magic mouse?”

    It makes things so much easier with editing!

  28. Dear Justine,

    I F*****g LOVE my iPad!! My poor iPhone has been used to keep it off of tabletops so it won’t get scratched. I love it. Couldn’t live without it. And i see the unofficial ij app ;-]

  29. @Rick,

    I’ve given up on Apple mice and now use a logitech two-button mouse. The bluetooth apple mice just look connection too often and frequently make it difficult to right-click in things like FinalCut Pro we’re “ctrl-click” is just to confusing.

    I have two, very new condition Apple might mouse (wireless) if someone wants them.

  30. To mr flash in the dark, I shall call you this :P

    I wasn’t upset just merely pointing out that youtube is actually built into the device from the begnning and also in safari and this is why all embedded videos display just fine. The youtube app plays the native h.264 files off youtube’s server that I believe the flash video player is just added to.

    Open as in Flash isn’t open CS5 is needed to make this web content, obviously iPhones not open either all Apple prohibits is not allowing a plug in to be installed, just like it needs to be installed on Windows or Mac. Its not open.

  31. Nice review. I think the battery life is actually one of the best features of the iPad. I feel like this is the first mobile device I’ve ever used that I don’t need to constantly monitor the battery remaining.

    It makes for a more relaxed experience when you’re out browsing at a coffee shop or elsewhere.

    Here’s a shot of my home screen:

    Photogene is pretty amazing – like a mini photoshop for editing photos on the go.

  32. I understand now why you usually don’t write so much text… you wouldn’t have anything to say anymore in your video’s !?! =D

    It’s nice to be reading you for a change, instead of hearing you ! LOL.

  33. Wow impressive video/review… you sure had a lot of stuff to still say about it ! =D

    I appreciate it very much because I will probably never ever have an IPAD even if it was the best device on the planet I still wouldn’t have it ! :)

    But at least I can experience it a little bit thanks to you and your “sharing” of it ! ;) =D

    So thanks and make many more video’s of it… I find it quite interesting…

    Like watching Aliens or UFO’s =D

  34. Hey iJ i just got my iPad today (WOO!) can you recamend any good apps? (i have the wifi version) thanks!

    your vids are awsome!

  35. Hey iJ, I actually just saw your video – previously I only read your review! top marks in both.

    I also saw a few videos from a guy who is a tech reviewer, and LOVES the iPad

    A few pros/cons (depends on your point of view) to consider before buying the iPad, that I gather include:

    1) it currently uses the iPhone Operating System, and although it can multitask, it is not allowed for several reasons.
    2) touch interface is not well thought out yet for more complex development of content (mouse-overs, right-clicks, etc, etc.)
    3) sorry Rob – no Flash support, and this is a legacy thing that is going to take some time. Apple needs to learn change-management to go from old to new steadily, especially if web browsing is a major use of the iPad. My old flash site isn’t going anywhere for a while…. and few sites will specifically spend money on newer technology, afterall, how many have mobile versions of their websites, and what limitations do they have? a full PC with all legacy software is assumed, including Flash. Developers are still supporting Win XP, from 2002, Flash compatibility will be assumed by everybody for a long while. Only those whose business depends on delivering online video streaming (YouTube, games, etc) as the only service will be among the early adopters of Flash-less media on the web. Online web-sites/brochures will not worry about it.
    4) the iPad has the same angle for typing and the screen – there is no hinge that a netbook/notebook/laptop has, allowing for an upright screen and flat keyboard; yeah, okay, so you can pack the stand and external keyboard and mouse (is there an external mouse, actually?)
    5) related to 4, the missing built-in camera would be looking up your nose, more or less, when typing on the screen – does make for flattering angles!

    Okay, in essence, the iPad’s use is for those who would like a bigger iPhone (yes, I am being simplistic), but with no actual calling features (3G versions should have it, no?), and who really don’t create much content other than simple e-mails and very brief comments on iJ’s website. ;-) I would like to see how you can copy/paste from different sources to a document on the iPad….

    It’s definitely more similar to an iPhone than a Netbook (including the MacBook Air). It is definitely a great machine for simply consuming content from various sources, mainly the internet (can you imagine an iPad without the “i”?), but without Flash… ok Rob, I’ll stop now.

    All in good fun.

    Take care!

  36. Nice review. How come you’re not a tech reporter on NBC, ABC, or CNN? Yikes, I can’t believe you dropped the iPad like that! Poor little guy, now his glass face is all scratched. What happened to your old iPad?

    I hate Flash because most flash content has crappy usability. Flash works if it’s created well. Steve Jobs wants Flash gone because it’s a competing platform for his iPhonPad Apps. Technically, you can make some iPhonPad games/apps in Flash. It’s true that Flash is dying because browsers will be implementing hardware-based 3D graphics rendering (IE9). However, Flash is not dead yet! Last weekend, I was away from a PC and it took me forever to figure out how to play YouTube videos on my iPhone G1, so that I could watch Joe Nation kick IJayJay’s tushy. It’s lame how I can’t watch Flash YouTube on I had to use Cydia or whatever to download a special app.

    I’m not drinking the Apple Kool-Aid no mo! I’m gonna do like Gossip Girl/Smallville and stay with Windows! My iPod and iPhone are my last Apple devices. For me, I’ll find an iPad useful when I go to the bathroom during number 2 :) Yeah, don’t lie you know you’ve used the iPad during the good times… number 1 and 2 for your kind. -ha-ha

  37. Justine, you forgot to talk about iPhone/iPod apps running on the iPad and how horrible they look on the larger screen. Apps that aren’t made to run in the native iPad resolution look garbage on it! So maybe make a vlog about that too? ;)

  38. I bought a $3.50 easel from walmart so I could watch netflix in landscape mode. Works great, perfect size. They even had a $1 one but it seemed kind of flimsy.

  39. Love you Justine, but Apple is making big mistake with Flash. I’m very anti Apple, I just can’t stand the closed system mentality. Apple limits it’s customers and charges more for their computers. Just purchased a Droid Incredible phone and it blows away the iphone in every way, I left AT&T because the only good smartphone they have is the iphone which they cram down everyone’s throat, but the droid os will soon catch up as it is available on far more devices and carriers, yet another example of Apple closing it’s self off. Oh well, always a fan of you, even it you’re a big Apple girl.

  40. Hey Justine Its riggster remember me from before christmas when I was going threw some tough times with My Girlfriend well now she’s an ex Lada dee!

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    Loves ya The Riggster

  41. Hey Justine Its riggster remember me from before christmas when I was going threw some tough times with My Girlfriend well now she?s an ex Lada dee!
    Anyway?s I just wanted to let you know that everyone Up here in Canada Loves ya.
    And My show on YouTube Riggster?s World would like some help if you can and If my show is a little to wierd for ya please colaberate with me and I am shure I could change some things. I would realy like to promote stuff like you do. But I don?t realy Know ware to start. Maybe you could Point me in the right direction.
    Loves ya The Riggster

  42. The whole Apple vs Adobe things stems back from when Microsoft insisted that everyone should use WIN32 API and Adobe went along with it. Now Jobs is being a sulking kid about it. Flash in itself is not a problem. Lousy Flash developers are. But to say those are inherent to Flash alone would be insane–how about lousy Objective C developers? I’m sure we could find at least a few.

  43. Why the iPad DOES need flash.

    A lot of people are unaware of an industry called eLearning which depends heavily on flash for its instructional learning objects created in flash, it takes less that 5 mins to create a drag and drop interactive assembly in flash. Something impossible to do in Apple dev tools, leave alone HTML5.

    The iPad is a learning aid (Books, Podcasts, itunes U) forget all the web sites and games made with flash, eLearning is a serious industry and needs flash on a device like the iPad.

    Also, for an interactive assembly, the file size for the above example would be less than 10kb, impossible to match with Apple dev tools + interactivity in HTML5 is a pain, rapid prototyping is nutts!!

    my 2 cents…

  44. Wow Awesome :D . But ipad is not yet available in my country and when it will be available, it will cost 2x more like in America, so keep dreaming me T.T

  45. Okay, iJ, you may want to rebrand this to “iPad – the Flash debate”

    I’ve been reading up, and I think we need to clear a few things up. Rob says “The new Microsoft Explorer 9 will not support Flash in Windows.”, However, it is important to note that IE never really supported Flash, since it always needed (and will need) the Flash add-in.

    More info:

    With more reading, the whole “standard” for video over the internet seems to be the center point of a huge upcoming battle for browser dominance.

    Yup, that’s my conclusion. Apple doesn?t want Flash, since no Flash will make Firefox useless on its Mac OS X platform, leaving Safari with most if not all the market share on Mac OS (until Chrome enters the battle).

    Google who owns YouTube has decided that the H.264 format (vs Flash, Ogg, etc.) will be the standard for YouTube with HTML5 in the near future – which is “already” supported with Chrome. The next Microsoft browser, IE9, will support H.264 natively, without add-ins (such as Flash requires), perhaps in an attempt to keep its market share against Google’s Chrome browser. Apple’s Safari will do the same, supporting H.264 on (all?) its devices.

    However, Mozilla’s Firefox wont, actually *can’t* include native support for the new video format of H.264, given Firefox’s origins as being an open source application, and being free (as in free beer and open source). Why, you ask? H.264 is patented and has huge license fees, clashing with Firefox’s principles and model. So, as Firefox will lose ground in the new YouTube H.264-only version, Firefox will burn and die. Flash is okay on Firefox since it is royalty-free, even if it is closed. I am sure that YouTube’s owners at Google will love the chance to capture Firefox’s market share in the Windows and Linux platforms ? and even Mac (launched as of Dec. 2009).

    Likewise, Jobs at Apple, with his Safari, will love having Firefox lose its grip on the Mac OS platform. However, we?ll how Apple fares against the new Chrome for Mac OS X. Firefox currently runs on Mc OS X:

    It appears that Apple is talking nonsense when it says Flash is not open, well, the new H.264 standard is not only CLOSED, but also has no free add-ins planned and requires hefty license fees ? leading to the demise of TRULY OPEN web browsers, such as Firefox. Furthermore, if Jobs was really concerned on using an OPEN standard for video over the internet, there is already an alternative, called Ogg, currently in use in the Linux world.

    So, the final question:
    Is Apple properly disclosing to its consumers that web browsing on its iPads doesn?t work 100% with the current content on today?s internet, and perhaps for a few years to come? Apple should allow Flash viewing on its iPad, even if the touch functionality is not compatible. Why? Well so that the **PEOPLE** who buy iPads don?t have to stay close to another PC (win/mac/linux) as an alternative to consuming web content. The whole idea of needing a YouTube app on the iPad is similar to AOL?s attempt to create a gateway to the internet ? remember that?

    For those of you who think were are bashing Apple, think again, we “critics” are actually demanding that iPad owners have a full internet experience during the life of their new machine – older and recent Flash versions will clearly outlive today’s iPads – so they may as well work 100%.

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  47. Okay, last post, promise. Most Apple owners love not worrying about the computer stuff, right? Well, here is your next Operating System and Device: Chrome OS

    All your mostly free apps and games will be on the web, including Google apps, Gmail, etc, and everything will work seamlessly. Forget about Flash, Safari and your iPad. Forget about Mac, Windows and Linux. Google, Chrome OS and YouTube are here!

  48. I use Air Sharing on my iPhone, but on the iPad I wanted to give something different a try also didn’t feel like paying 10 bucks, so I got GoodReader and guess what its pretty awesome; it will also let you open files and send them to supported apps like Keynote and stuff. I also like Dropbox and Memeo Connect. Dropbox is really cool for accessing your dropbox account and Memeo Connect is OK for Google Docs. Might be a good idea to compare and contrast these types of Apps.

  49. Great Review, as much as an iFreak you seem to be, this is a great level-headed review. Its a good extension of what Apple offers one the iTouch, on a larger screen but less portable device. However the glaring weaknesses are the keyboard and lack of third party innovation like Flash.

    I’m a netbook user, love those little notebooks, and the iPad definitely doesn’t replace one. It would however provide a great “gadget” type device that just seems less cumbersome than a netbook for some reason. I’ll probably get one if some more cool Apps come out for it.

  50. HEY HEY You need to add the option to design your own shirt so I can get ladies long sleeve and hoody tees Thanks!!!!

  51. What do you think about Justin Bieber? And why do you think many girls like him?
    Oh yeah btw Would you ever have a baby with him , a panda bear, or Justin bieber. And how would this baby look with a name :D

  52. baaaaa! baaaaa!

    Mr Jobs is certainly ahead of the game with this one, considering HTML5 wont be a finalized spec for a few years and there are many browsers which cant even use it. I don’t think Mr Jobs realizes that most developers aren’t going to change tooling and platform due to his demands. IE8 doesn’t support HTML5 and if IE6 is any indication, it will be years before we are able to build HTML5 applications without providing alternative code.

    The people who buy these toys will buy into it. The people developing cross-platform apps know better, and we have years of experience hearing about promises of x-platform HTML and the blathering of the HTML committees. The only thing that has delivered successfully on the promise has been Flash. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it works.

    I’m not against HTML5. I am anxiously awaiting for it to become finalized and adopted globally. I’ll gladly develop my apps in HTML5 when it’s ready.

    It’s a shame, the iPad and iPhone look like great devices. But Steve formalized my decision not to support them by his refusal to come up with a positive solution to the issue.

  53. the codes didnt show ugh.

    i’ll post the codes to ur youtube and these emails:
    Other: justinex3(at)
    Hellos: fans(at)

  54. I own an iPad and i love it. It is so much easy to work on it. When i am travelling this is what i’m using.
    There are some really great and useful apps out there.. actually my fav is the Magic Piano App.
    It definitely won’t replace a laptop’s functionaly, but it could be very useful for any activity at some point…obviously it needs some developements..

  55. i think the ipad is great i have 1 its very good for business related work aswell

  56. Hey Justine!

    For your t-shirt, you can put on it :

    ” No… I’m not Cameron Diaz! ” or

    ” Yes, I’m like Cameron Diaz! ”

    ….ok too much cameron diaz maybe ?? :)

    btw you’re so cute, love your videos, keep going miss, love ya. Hugs from France xD

  57. Oops! clicked the wrong link to post a comment, this meant to go here, not in the 5 year youtube anniversary post! mybad! :)

    Love all your videos! An awesome game/app is Angry Birds! I honestly have run the battery down on my iTouch 20-30 times from full charge to nothing, just playing this game!

  58. great simple overview, although, don’t take this the wrong way but it seems to be another info-commercial from an affiliate who probably got the product for free.

  59. @Lennie, thx for the update – didn’t know. I just read the article you suggest, and I LOVE the fact that VP8 is open source (free code) and royalty free. Even if Google is a large beast living from ad-word fees, they definitely add a lot of value with open-source projects (including Chrome, etc, etc) Open Source is the future, for sure. I make a living by implementing enterprise software systems from Microsoft and Oracle, but I use Linux stuff (Fedora version, with KDE desktop) for personal stuff.

    Our techie iJ should give Linux a try, and give us her “techie” review. In fact, I can already imagine all the Linux guys needing a poster girl and celebrity – great opp for iJ. A segment that includes guys, usually with medium-high incomes, hmmm, sounds like a good following to have! Just thinkin’

    Buy the way, iJ’s site probably all runs on Linux and open source software (including the word press). Without Open Source, not even YouTube would exist!

  60. BTW, all this stuff is happening RIGHT now, and iJ’s readers are getting a first hand look at real LIVE news!

    VP8 was declared open by Google on May 19, 2010, and I “heard”, unofficially of course, that Sergey from Google, read our comments right here on iJ’s vlog, and spurred him to release VP8 the next day! ;-)

  61. All of the built-in apps on iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen and advanced capabilities of iPad. So you can do things with these apps that you can?t do on any other device.

  62. hi iJ, i just have to say i love your reviews but i want more on the ipad soon because i am getting mine on the 12th of June (my B’day), i would have had it early but i’m british.
    Also i want to be a creative person sort of like you (animator) what should i do because i am only 13

  63. @Flash in the Dark

    As far as I know, Linux already has a bit of a poster girl: nixiepixel

    Although not as well-known.

  64. Here is a suggestion for a t-shirt:
    Choose one of the following:

    I am:

    a) Cameron Diaz
    b) iJustine
    c) None of the Above



    b) i Justine


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  67. I just got my Ipad a few days ago. This post was so helpful. Thank you! Also, nice blog! Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  68. hey justine,
    im getting an ipad for christmas. i just want to know,can you use windows live messenger on the ipad? is it an app? or do you just search for it in google and download it?

  69. Sooooo wish i could get one. Instead i’m probably gonna get an ipod touch cause i only have $36 to go! Ya! But so wish i could get one. By the way im a huge fan!

  70. I?d have to grant with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  71. Can you make an update review of your iPad? Because EVERYONE had one review on the internet, when they just had the iPad (or some weeks). But not when they have the iPad for more then/than (I still need to learn the difference on school) several months.. And maybe you could be the first! It doesn’t have to be a video (but I don’t care if it is), just a review about the iPad would be lovely :) Because I want to buy a iPad. Or do you think I need to wait untill the rumors about a new iPad are confirmed by mr. Steve Jobs himself? :-)

  72. I feel this is among the such a lot important information for me. And i’m happy reading your article. But wanna statement on some normal issues, The website taste is ideal, the articles is truly excellent : D. Good job, cheers

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