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Okay so you guys know that I’m such a huge fan of toys so this is pretty much the coolest thing ever! It’s a Barbie with a built-in video camera in her necklace. She can also double as a webcam when you plug her in with the USB cord to your computer. Surprisingly she’s only $50 which is pretty good considering normal webcam is usually more than that.

Here is what she looks like and a close up of the camera. The video quality is surprisingly pretty good for being so tiny! I got a lot of questions from youtube asking about the audio and it’s also pretty clear. I’ll post a video from the doll in an update on this post when I get a chance!

I got a chance to check out the Video Girl Barbie editing software that is a free download from her site (it’s coming soon!!). It’s only for PC but it’s a lot like iMovie 06 for Mac. The good thing is that most of us Mac users already have editing software on our computers but it’s a lot harder for PC users to find a simple easy editor on their machines. Problem solved for the kids!

One of the coolest features that I saw when I was testing out the software at Mattel is they have a magic editor button that you can click and will take all of your clips you’ve shot and turn them into a short little movie. I think this will be so cool for young kids who are just learning how to use the software.

Here is a close up of her LCD screen. It’s in the middle of playing a clip of me filming my eye from my youtube video above!

Oh, and yes.. Barbie is on the various social networks :)

? Twitter:
? Facebook:

You can also buy her online here!


I received a video girl Barbie from Mattel and Mattel sponsored to create this video.

15 thoughts on “Video girl Barbie

  1. Wow, Thats actually pretty cool!

    I Might get one. for my sister. haha.

    You should post the barbie vids you made with her on Youtube :)

  2. Windows XP came with “Windows Movie Maker,” which was a great software. Unfortunately, it was replaced in Windows 7 with “Windows Movie Maker Live Beta” which is terrible.

    I’m still on a PC, but I’m gearing up to buy my first Mac.

    But the Barbie is pretty cool.

  3. I stopped playing with Barbies a long time ago but if I got that I think I would start playing with them again!

  4. They Should Name that Barbie After You.

    like a Mini iJustine!

    and when you Squeeze her hand she’ll sing “I Was a Life Caster”

    lol ;)

  5. I agree with Brads1star. You should sue and get a cut of the money! LOL! That doll looks just like you!

  6. WOW. Makes me wonder what kind of Barbie I will be getting my daughter when I have one in the future! A flying Barbie with a mini jetpack or hot air balloon? A Gardeding Barbie that will do it all for me? Or maybe a cooking Barbie that will cook and bake me a life-size,real, delicious cake for my birthday. Or even a therapist-baking Barbie! Tell all your problems to Barbie, she will listen and bake you a cake!

    Great vid! The haird process looks painful though :/

  7. I think that would something pretty cool to buy my niece. Thing is she doesn’t play with dolls at all but is instead learning how to launch model rockets.

    She did enjoy shooting some video with my iPod Nano though.

    Oh, and she’s 7 years old!

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  9. Hey let me say a huge thank you ! I loved this post and I cant wait for much more concerning the exact same subject! Hopefully you might compose much more about this !?!

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