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While sitting at the airport on my way back home to Pittsburgh, I get a call from one of my sisters suggesting we go get Christmas photos taken at WalMart! Now, there was no way I was about to get off a flight and go get picture taken, so the next day.. we dressed up in our finest sweaters that we could find, and headed to the mart for our wonderful photos.

Sadly, they promised us we’d have our prints today in time for Christmas.. but FedEx didn’t deliver them! Good thing for digital photos.. they saved Christmas.

Check our this festive little collage they made us..

When I pulled out my iPhone for my single photo, the guy was like “Are you serious…?” — “Don’t ask..” I replied.

Merry Christmas!

87 thoughts on “WalMart Christmas Photos

  1. Merry Christmas to Justine and her lovely sisters… Re: the iPhone, I would have expected nothing else…:-)

    Jon (in wet, miserable Sydney, Australia)

  2. Aw! Justine! This is too precious! The cheesy christmas sweaters!!!! I remember those days! Well..last year actually…
    Thank GOODNESS we didn’t have time to take them this year phew!
    I always have to wear the sweater with the jolly looking santa!!! Its not as APPEALING as it sounds!

    You guys look really great!
    Of course, the iPhone :)

    Once again, amazing shot!
    Sister power!
    Merry Christmas Justine!

    Warm Peppermint Hot Cocoa Huggz!

    Katmandu Herself

  3. P.s. When I take mine next year, I’ll share it with you..and aren’t you glad I didn’t say…. “FIIIIIIIIIRST!” Hahaha.


  4. Simply stunning. My jaw dropped. Your sisters are as beautiful as you are.

    With that, have an awesome and tech-y Christmas! Hope you get everything your heart desires, and a great time with your family.

  5. LOL! Thanks for the holiday cheer, Justine.

    May I borrow your sweater? I need some warmer clothes for Macworld. I hope to see you there.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. An iPhone in your single photo shot?!?

    Justine, my dear, I’d expect nothing less from you. Awesome pics! Who knew Wal-Mart had such quality work?

    Wishing you and your fam the best this holiday season!
    = Ken =

  7. Seeing you next to your two sisters may be the first time I’ve ever thought, “Justine looks pale.”

    Happy Christmassssssssssssssssucka!!!

  8. This made my day! hahaha

    Those are the best sweaters ever. I think my grandma use to wear similar ones… hmmmmm….

  9. This made my day! hahaha

    Those are the best sweaters ever. I think my grandma use to wear similar ones… hmmmmm….

  10. haha! your sisters are like “well there’s our sister Techie coming in… Get ready to hear the latest Apple news…”

    loved the pics though!

  11. your sister with the brown hair – on the right is much hotter then you. and middle sister needs to lay off the fake n bake otherwise she’ll look 80 at 30.

  12. Talk about depressing…they should not allow pretty girls to be techy I have decided…too much..I like girls that pretend they are dumb…I actually have to try to read the stories without the pictures..

  13. LOL. I was laughing myself. At first I thought that you used the TAAZ website to do those.

    Are you girls triplets – It seems like it except the hair – a blondie, brunette , and a dark brown almost black – interesting hehe.

  14. boy ..there’s trouble times three if i ever saw it !!!!!!!!!!! :) very cute , girls ….. hehe ……. Merry Christmas xo

  15. nice pics. also just curious are you and your family catholic? looks like it has you or your family seems to be very close. has I for one like see that allot.

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